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  • New Special Abilities compared to Avanced Techniques

    NOTE: Everything written here is from the s3 perspective, as I play only there. This means that entrances cost 20 000 fe each and retirement is optional. I assume those are only differences between server 3 and other servers that are significant from this article’s perspective. If there are other differences I am not aware of, I am happy to learn them from the comments.


    On the old engine, special abilities’ cost was increasing with each level and you had to invest not only in bonus, but also into the chance for those to trigger. It made them not a viable investment in the long run.

    Now Special Abilities are always active and each level always cost 10 000 fe. This makes it much more viable option. However, the “efficiency” attribute was also introduced which must be taken into consideration.


    Efficiency tells you how much of a bonus from Special Ability you actually receive. If you buy one level of Special Power Body, the base bonus is 100 health points, however efficiency starts at 50%, which means you only receive 50% of base, in this case 50 health points. The efficiency is designed to level up the playing field, which means the more matches you lose, the bigger your efficiency will be, to help you keep up with others. From my observations, it is much easier to gain efficiency then to lose it. Each lost match increases your efficiency by about 2%, but it took me 2 straight wins for my efficiency to drop from 100% to 99%. That means you can win 80% of your matches and still maintain 100% efficiency.

    It must be also noted that each time you level up your Special Ability, the efficiency resets back to 50%.


    I will compare Special Abilities and Advanced Techniques, using xp as a basis. The stat bonus from SAs will be calculated into the xp needed to buy the same amount of stats using ATs.
    As I said, here on s3 each entrance cost 20 000 fe. Since you need 20 entrances for 1 extra xp per match, I will use 400 000 fe investment as a base for my calculations. It’s just to make them more clear, however, as no matter the amount of fe we invest, the ratio will stay the same.

    400 000 fe buys us 40 levels of Special Ability, which translate to 200 points into a regular statistic, 1 000 stamina or 4 000 health points. 200 points from regular statistic are worth 100 000 xp, 1 000 stamina is also worth 100 000 xp and 4 000 health points is worth 200 000 xp. It clearly shows that Health Points are the best investment xp wise, however I will use the amount for other stats as people invest much more into other stats combined than solely into health points.

    Investing 400 000 fe gives us 100 000 xp worth of statistics. Same amount into entrances gives 1 extra xp per match. To get the same amount of xp via entrances you need 100 000 matches. Assuming you are active and are able to get 200 matches per day, it requires 500 days to break even. After 500 days patience starts to pay off.

    If you are on a server where entrances cost 10 000 fe, it takes only 250 days to break even with the same level of activity. If you are able to pull out more matches, the time reduces as well. The less active you are, the more tempting Special Abilities are.


    If the Special Abilities option seem tempting to you, the other thing you may consider is to switch to them completely. That means not only spending all your current money on Special Abilities, but also selling all your entrances and using that money on SAs as well.

    If you want to consider that, you must be aware that there are pros and cons for that solution. The biggest advantage is, of course, that it will give you the amount of stats worth the same xp you would have to work 500 days for. It is a very tempting possibility as you basically move 1,5 year ahead in a single moment. You can also get a shot at Private Leagues with disabled Advanced Techniques, as Special Abilities are still active on those.

    The downside, of course, is that after 500 days passes, you are no longer better off with this approach. Also, for people considering or going for retirement, no entrances means very small amount of xp to carry over to your next generation wrestler. Also, while choosing to go only for Special Abilities, you decide to make your development rate depend solely on your fe income. With Advanced Techniques your development rate grows gradually, while fe income only grows as long as you level up in ranks, as Daily Targets pay out more on higher levels. Once you reach level 21 your development rate won’t increase any more.

    The final insight must be that you can always switch from Advance Techniques to Special Abilities, instantly receiving a big boost to your stats. It doesn’t, however, work the other way. If after 500 days you would want to sell Special Abilities and invest in entrances, you would not only lose the boost from SAs, but also you would not be able to make up for xp lost due to going for 500 days without entrances.


    Choice between Special Abilities and Advance Techniques seems the same as on old engine: SAs are short term investment while AT are a long term one. However, reward on this short term investment got considerably bigger and consistent, while long term got much longer before it starts to pay off. Thanks to that it is not a simple choice anymore, like it was on old engine in my opinion.

    Personally, I will stick to ATs as I do not consider retirement as of now, always preferred long term planning and am grinding out over 220 matches daily. If I would, however, then I would still invest into Advance Techniques, but only up until I have one week until the retirement option becomes available. On that very moment I would sell all the entrances and invest all the money into Special Abilities. Thanks to that I would still gain considerable amount of xp to carry over, while on the last week I would turn into a wrestler I would be on age of 54, not 36. That way I would get a much bigger chance to advance in ranks and achieve safe top 25 position in the Hall of Fame.

    That is my insight. If anyone notices any miscalculation I made, please let me know. Also, if you noticed any inconsistencies in my reasoning, also tell me that, so I can correct the text.

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    Still trying to figure out how to make stuff work in the new engine, but thanks you very much for this! :)


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      I spent 126mil on SA's on S1 and SA's alone didn't do enough for me. Mixing a combination of both SA's and AT's I was able to advance in WS rank, but at the cost of about half my Xp gain. SA's are pretty awesome, but in the long run AT's are still the way to go.


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        I've seen My secret alt (who went ALL IN on SA's) win 20 matches in a row and not drop any efficiency in their SA's. Seriously, so many wins with no downside. It's kinda nuts.
        It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.