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  • How to use your Bounty Bag

    For completing the first Storyline of your career you will a receive a Bounty Bag that offers you a lot of cool features. You can gain the Stats Trainer (100 TP's worth), Exp Trainer (50 TP), Sparring Partner Sessions, Energy Drinks, a TP pack and a lot of executions for nearly all your moves. Now seeing all these useful bag contents the question about the right time to use your Bag comes up.

    You'll find the Bounty Bag here:

    Now here are some Tips to think about at which time it might be very useful to actually use the Bounty Bag and go for it's free advantages:

    - With all the moves executions the bag gives you, you have to make sure to buy every possible move and of course disable most of them if they don't suit your moveset. Why would you do that? Well every sparring session trains ALL of your learned moves, no matter if they are abled or disabled. That way you gain a much higher reset value, for much more entrances and much more exp.

    - Same goes for your Sparring partner. Make sure to buy one BEFORE you open the bounty bag as you will gain extra sessions added to your existing sessions. If you can afford it (and with all those Target and early achievement TP's you can easily spend those on the highest possible Sparring partner for a maximum executions gain for all of your moves.

    - This means the more moves you learned, the better your reward will be. So the longer you wait to open the bounty bag, the better will be your reward again.

    - The only 'problem' you might face is the randomness of the game with your possible Stats Trainer reward. The stats trainer is a big advantage building up your statistics in a much shorter time and really worth to go for. It might be worth waiting to buy the Stats Trainer and hope you might have it in your bag. You will have 100 TP's to spend elsewhere, but you might waste quite a few hours of Stats training time if you don't. The first steps of your career could have gone further. Now it's up to you. Buy the Trainer or wait for a lucky opening!