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  • Desmond
    started a topic Sparring vs. Private League

    Sparring vs. Private League

    - Sparring Partner: You have a daily free training session when you are supporter and the use of it is great for your move levels and reset value (which you need to build up more entrances to gain more exp per match) Once you have learned some of your best class moves it might be time to buy a bigger, or maybe even the highest lvl sparring partner. He gives you a lot of free exectuions to ALL of your moves AND some real good exps (up to 250 for one session) which is worth like an extra 200+ matches according to your current exp gain in a single match. It is up to you how many Sparring partner you are going to buy/ how many you can efford as there are a lot of other different ways to spend your TP's for. For a better overview you can find that list in your Wrestlers Profile when you click on 'Tournament points - click here to use it'

    - Private Leagues: The better you are, the higher will be your gain once again. In those you mostly compete against 29 other guys and score up a lot of move executions and exps for spending 5 TP's and 100 - 1000 Fe's to join. It's all up to you when you start to use this option and how you can efford it, but here is some math to figure out on your own whether it's useful to use or not:
    Sparring partner lvl 32 costs 64 TP's and gives you 15 Training sessions. so you spend about 4 TPs a day to gain between 46-317 exps and 2-60 executions in each training. Concentrating on the exps you gain about 180 exps average. 180 * 15 = 2700 exps gained with one Sparring partner.
    Private leagues give you 29 matches * your current exps ( + sometimes a few more exps for the extra long matches and higher chances to cut/injure your opponent) That means for 180 exps (one session) you need at least a gain of 7 Exps per match to reach the gain of the Lvl 32 Sparring partner and the move executions will be gained according to the Strenght of your opponents, of course.

    Conclusion: For 64 TP you gain around 2700 exps within 15 training session via Sparring partner - To reach 2700 exps via PLs you need at least 7 Exps each match and 13 PLs to join.
    All in all you can see when you focus on the exp income you should gain at least 7 exps per match to start joining PLs instead of using Sparring partner.

  • Gamic
    Actually Desmond, there is no *instead* here. From what you said about having at least 7xp per match to start joining pls and the doing 13 pls over sparring partner, the tp price is nearly the same anyway. 65tps for the pls, and 64 for the sparring partner. On top of that, 2700 xp gained is an estimate I know, but it is highly likely that you'll get closer to 3k with that sparring partner, where you would get about 2700-2800 with the pl. Also, you have the execs factor, where you gain more execs over more moves using sparring partner, which helps increase your reset value at a faster rate. Sparring outdoes pl's. But you did say if you were just focusing on xp.

    Now I say do both as often as you can, all the time, but if you have to choose one, then, let's say you're gaining close to 3k per 15 sessions with top sparring partner. Then when you are gaining 100xp per match, then sparring should become secondary.

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  • Matt Thrower
    For me i always recommend people wait until they are hitting at least 20 exp per match before using private leagues, you can use them earlier but i think it is worth the wait for the higher return in exp. Most leagues you will be facing the top level guys, so you won't be gaining much in the way of executions, so you want to at least make the experience return worth while.

    Early on players are receiving a lot of free tps, from targets and achievements and some other things, so they tend to think they have to spend them, but i think it is definitely important to get newer players to save those tps for later.

    The sparring partner though can be tricky, i mean you really want as many moves purchased and disabled to make the most fo them, so again waiting until a few months into your wrestlers career is a good suggestion, however it can be argued (and i agree with this) that using them early on even without a lot of moves can be beneficial because it will level your Finisher, Trademark and Taunt, which is always good, plus the exp you get from each session is pretty neat early on and can help you a lot

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