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  • Starter finisher guide

    In this finisher guide we will answer these for main questions:

    - How should the first finisher look like? How high should the adrenaline gain be?

    - When should I create my endgame finisher?

    - Is higher AB useful on the finisher?

    - How to reset the finisher without level drops?

    So, how should the first finisher look like?

    The two deciding factors for finishers are Adrenaline Gain (AG) and Adrenaline Cost (AC). All wrestlers start with 1 AG as a base, but this can be increased through leveling Rage in the Strength category and Inner Rage which is an Advanced Technique (AT). It is recommended to get Rage to level 15-20 asap. During a match, you get adrenaline equal to your AG every time you successfully hit your opponent and adrenaline equal to half your AG every time you are hit. So how do you calculate the appropriate AC for your finisher? The most used formula is this: AG*25

    Now, because you have low AG you need to compensate by lowering the AC through use of less frequent positions as Required and Forced Position; namely Stunned. You could also do Required Position Groggy. Forced Position is the position you end up in if your finisher is blocked/dodged and your opponent will gain the offense. Required Position is the position your opponent needs to be in while you are on the offense.

    You can choose to either go with a low minimum damage - high maximum damage finisher or equal value in both fields. Attack bonus is suggested to be some 15, while sub/bleed/pin bonus should be at 1.

    When should I create my endgame finisher?

    Endgame finishers should be created when you have enough AG to support the AC. Some people like to rush the AG by spending their first thousands of experience points in Inner Rage ATs, while others prefer to take it slow and invest in other skills before Inner Rage. Therefore, the bottom line is; you decide yourself how quickly you want to get the AG to support your endgame finisher’s AC.

    A normal Endgame Finisher (aka Final Fin) has about 1000 AC and the most popular Required Postions are Groggy and Grounded. These are your most frequent positions. The most popular Forced Positions are Stunned and You are Running.

    Is higher Attack Bonus (AB) useful on the finisher?

    Attack Bonus (AB) increases the chance you have to hitting your opponent with the finisher. The cost of increasing your finisher’s attack bonus is quite high, so the recommended value is somewhere around 15-25 depending on how much AB your wrestler has.

    How to reset the finisher without level drops?

    You can spend 15 Tournament Points (TPs) to prevent the minimum loss of executions when you delete a finisher. However, this will not prevent the loss of executions if you increase the Adrenaline Cost.


    Example for a finisher from Beerbender:

    Now let's say you have 20 AG. By using the AC formula mentioned above, you figured out that 500 AC is the appropriate amount.

    Name - Test

    Required Position: Groggy (+50) - +50 means it will add 50 to your Adrenaline Cost. Groggy is a frequent position, but not that expensive (compared to Grounded) and is used a lot on finishers both early on later on.
    Forced Position: Stunned (-60) - -60 reduces the AC by 60.
    Max Damage: 60
    Min Damage: 60
    Attack Bonus: 20 - 20 is a decent in between amount. If you are a strength, you could probably lower this.
    Bleed Bonus: 1 - In my opinion, this bonus is too expensive to put higher amounts on. Especially early level!
    Adrenaline Cost: 520

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