So you want to be a GM.

Read below for the criteria. If you think you have what it takes then fill out the application and them pm me.

We have updated the criteria for becoming a GM. Now only players with accounts that are 2 months old or older can become GMs. That is you must have an in game age on your profile of 20 or higher. An exception to this is if you can get a reference from a current or ex. GM vouching for you and your work ethic etc. In the case of an ex. GM we will only accept referrals from people we deem trustworthy and if they put on good quality shows themselves. If it's a GM who has been fired for any reason then it's probably not worth getting a referral from them.
Former GM's will have to wait for one year before being considered for a GM position again and only if you left on good terms. This will be in place for former GM's on Server 1 and Server 3. You will not be able to leave GM on one server and GM on the other server without going through the wait period.

The first thing before applying is to understand we want to see ONE quality show a week for 5 weeks from you.

By quality I mean your shows must have a significant amount of roleplays/stories/segments/commentary, whatever to make up the minimum amount of content we deem a show needs. What is the minimum you ask? Well we look to see at LEAST 200 lines of written content for the major show. If not then we issue you a caution/warning and your fed will be deleted after 3 warnings. You see a lot of rosters using pretty graphics in their shows and this is great but this is not what we judge our minimum standards by. A pretty show with none of the above standards ( roleplays/stories/segments/commentary ) is still an empty show and will still get a warning so basically I am saying content is more important than graphics. Graphics should always come second.

Now that you know what we expect to see in shows as minimum and you think you can handle that ( 10 hours a week work basically ) and you still want to apply this is the sort of thing we want to see in the applications.

Firstly some personal information about yourself. Things like your age, country of origin, languages you speak ( how well you speak English most importantly ), what you do for a living etc. that you think might help your role ( e.g. I work as a writer and always working from a PC with plenty of time to work on shows ).

Next up should be your presentation. Why do you want to be a GM? What sort of experience have you had? We don't want to see "I was a VGM" - everyone has been a VGM it seems. We want to know where did you VGM? Have you got a link to a past show you worked on? Who was your previous GM so we can talk to him/her?

Lastly anything else you can put in to help us choose you. What sort of unique idea's do you have for your roster?

Anything and everything more that you can put in that you think will help you get chosen.

Note: Grammar and the use of proper English language can help you a lot here ( even if we don't always get it right ourselves lol ).

So now you have a fairly good idea of the minimum standard we expect in our applications. Anything less will be marked red and forgotten about.
Remember we do not contact you if you weren't chosen. We either mark applications green to be considered further or red which is to be ignored entirely. In time we will start deleting the red applications so people who may have erred in their application can have another chance.

GM Leaders S1 - Buzzsaw and Jr Bonecrusher
GM Leaders S3 - Buzzsaw and Lord Vader