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  • Basic need to know on how to build..

    Dont think anyone has stressed the issue of building off of how you do in matches so im gonna stress that here for you today. Lets start off by explaining the topic a bit more in depth for any new people reading this.

    Basically im going to explain how to take the matches you fight and incorporate that to how to figure out what you need. Paying attention to your match, beyond wins and losses, is very important in learning the game and a important factor that everyone should learn and know. There's actually a few different ways to go about this but in this explaination im gonna focus on what is needed more then working your strengths. Lets begin!

    Lets start off with the beginning of the match. Since this is a faq for newer people i'll try and keep it simple rather then using my opinions about certain skills and what they do. Okay, start of the match. usually is a test of strength but in some cases it ends up like this :
    Randy Marsh gains the initiative exploiting his quickness!! for example. now this is a great way to learn about your initiative, or for a more simple term your wrestlers quickness and speed. when this happens it usually shows who has more initiative overall in their build. ( I do think other factors play a part but lets keep it simple).

    Lets move on to the next step. How can i tell if i need defense or offense? defense being block or dodge and offense being ab or the skill to connect blows. The simple answer here is to pay attention to your match stats at the end of the match, or just watching the match in general and paying attention to your blocking and hitting ratios.(but who has time to watch a whole match right?) anyway a good way to see this is using the double figure method. if you have 10 blocks in a match or higher chances are your block is fine. if you get blocked over 10 times chances are you need ab. Of course theres a few factors that play into this as well like class type. Chances are if you fight a tech they are gonna block you a lot, or a speed as well. if you fight a resist chances are you are gonna hit them a lot more then a tech. and chances are a strength is gonna hit you more then other classes. so its a good idea to mix it up and fight a few different classes to get a good measure on this.

    lets move on to stamina and hp. these two factors are shown in a match by the color of your name. first is black name, which means you pre pretty healthy. then light green which is still alright. then dark green,blue,yellow(which i think looks more brown then yellow but who am i to judge) then orange then red. red of course means you are in trouble and you could easily be beaten. now back to the point, we'll start with hp. this takes a bit of watching the match to find, but once you find it you're golden. watch for your colors to change and deplete down the color list. does it happen after you are hit a few times? chances are thats because you have low hp. and stamina? well thats the opposite. if you are hitting and you suddenly drop a color chances are you are low on stamina. actually getting this down is easier then it sounds. its differing the fact that you may need more block/dodge to protect your hp that makes it difficult. but thats explained above. remember, if they are hitting you a lot then get block/dodge before hp. if you cant stop their blows then of course you are gonna drop colors.

    alright lets move on to some other things like dr and ddi/sdi. now lets take into account that you fight a good portion of different classes and you come across a resist. you will come to find out that a resist can take a lot of hits and stay standing. how can you counter this? by simply loading up on direct damage increaser/submission damage increaser or ddi/sdi. plain and simple if you arent doing the damage you want then get some damage increasers. of course your moves play a part in deciding what to get, if you have a lot of subs get sdi. a lot of bleed moves or just damage moves then get ddi. works the reverse way too. if you are a resist and a strength is hitting you for tons of damage then get dr or damage reducer. note that dr is damage in general so it will deter some of both damage types.

    On to sb or sub bonus. sub bonus is what keeps your holds locked in. so watch your matches. the max hold you can get is the initial hold, then two additional holds after that. plain and simple, watch after your sub moves. a successful double hold looks like this:and crushes him with a
    Bear Hug
    no name keeps his
    submission hold
    no name
    keeps his
    submission hold
    note that there is the initial light damage, then two
    more holds after that. against this particular guy his sb worked fantastic. a non successful hold looks more like this: a
    Camel Clutch
    no name
    keeps his
    submission hold
    opponent escapes from the hold
    note that there is the initial hold, then another hold, but on the third hold he escapes. in this case his sb didnt work out.

    as for pin bonus and pin opposition i will let you revert to asking the server you play, as i do not have the time or patients to use them on the server i play.

    bleed bonus is something you can get if you want a better chance at making the opponent bleed, i assume that the pin skills would work out the same way. bonuses are bonuses in this case. not needed to have a functioning build but surely wont hurt to have as an added incentive.

    Rage. rage isnt really something you find out you need by fighting matches, but i guess it wont hurt to explain it a bit here. plain and simple rage is what feeds your finisher. it gives you adrenaline which builds up and once you hit your adrenaline cost of your finisher you have a chance to attempt it. if you dont hit your finisher in a match this could be one of the problems in that. revert to a finisher faq for more details on that.

    ah, almost forgot escape artist, or escape submissions. this is the counter to sb, so obviously you want to watch your opponents sub holds to see if you need this. if they lock in a lot of double holds then get some of this to help

    as for berserker pacification frenzied urge and feint i will let you figure those out, or ask questions on the respected server you play. id rather not confuse you by trying to explain them here and how they are used but i will say this. they are all quite important to have in a build. for more info ask someone on your respected server.

    sr. stamina reducer, which reducer stamina output. plain and simple you can add this instead of stamina if you choose to as it will help reduce the stamina loss you get when fighting. dont rely soley on this as a stamina replacement though as with no stamina its kinda hard to reduce the cost of stamina output right?

    well i think that just about covers it all. Hope this helps a lot of people who are new to the game, and for those of you oldies reading this and laughing post a comment of what you think or what i did wrong. This is for the newbies so lets try and perfect it the best we can :)

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    Let me start by saying it's not my intention to bash you or diminish the effort put in to your article, because taking your personal time to assist others is always commendable and makes for a more positive and enjoyable game environment for everyone.

    My first impression after reading this from start to finish was that it was at times difficult to follow as it is presented. Especially in the section describing Submission Bonus, your statement about the comparison between the two holds in the example almost disappears when just glancing over the section. It could be easier for your reader if individual skills or specific match points that you were looking at were separated and more clearly defined in their own breakups because you want to make it easier for a reader to come back and quickly access the information that they found most specifically applied to them.

    There's a few areas that didn't go into full detail or weren't covered like taunts and submissions, and how Initiative applies not just to the beginning of the match but to those as well. At the same time some were breezed over very quickly and were almost dismissive. For example DDI doesn't cover the gradual uncapping of the skill as the match progresses through the turns, and Stamina was viewed more as a 'if your color drops get more' without really covering why that's such an important thing to do. I fully appreciate the fact that wrestler status color changes when on the attack are one of the easiest ways to truly see your Stamina pool in action, I want to know why it's so important. The analogy that it's your fuel tank is a great one, but go into detail on what it's fueling and how as my stamina drops my other stats are dropping in response.

    Final critique, I saw a few instances in this article of 'ask your server' pertaining to numerous skills. In the section on Berserker, Feint, etc., you named the skills but then said you'd rather not confuse the reader so they should ask their server. The entire purpose of this section of the form is FAQs and Gameplay Tips. People are here because they are confused or because they are looking to gain some knowledge that they hadn't thought of. Never doubt the intelligence of your readers, and just try to present the information in the most clearly defined way you can. If they do get confused, then they can ask the questions whether they be to their server helpers or to you directly as the article writer. Especially on an article like this, a player could very well be here because they want to know more specifically what's causing their opponent to pull themselves back together, or what's causing them to interrupt their attack sequence. They can be quite important parts of a match report just like the blocks and submission escapes, so in that respect it would've been great to see them addressed.

    Overall I love the principle of the article as it seeks to empower the player to take more control in their own development. You see a lot of players posting a single match report followed by the question 'what AT should I get?' and this article seeks to address that by giving the player the mindset to pick apart multiple match reports of their own to make a more educated decision and have more feeling of personal control over their wrestler. In that regard, this article gets a definite thumbs up.


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      You should post your guides on the forum as well, Kuzan. I don't have knowledge of you on playing on any other servers, and people not on S3 can't access them, as the only way to do so is from your bio and to your website. They're some of the best and would definitely help out a player in several respects.


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        i Should probably note that i had a lot of trouble posting on the forum when making this. so if it does appear cut off in some places or not even finished that might be why. all comments and feedback is welcome as usual!