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  • Game Mechanics Q&A: Updated

    This is a topic to ask your questions about game mechanics, and we (managers and admins) will try to answer them if we can (& if it is possible). We will provide no numbers or exact equations, but rather vague idea of how a statistic affects another.

    IMOPRTANT: Please slow down on the questions if you see a lot of unanswered questions already. I will just have to ignore most of them if I get flooded!!!

    And Last, this is just a test, so if this topic goes disappearing, you should know that it was a bad idea to reveal a lot of the game to the public, and it was shut down.

    Q: How is the increase on executions per level work for finishers, moves .. etc ?
    A: Each level up will require 10 more executions.
    i.e: Level one requires 100 executions, Level 2 requires 110, Lv30 will require 400, and so on.

    Q: Is there a ceiling/cap for any skill on the game ?
    A: DDI and SDI are capped at x4, DR is capped at /5 (80% reduction), and Stamina reducer at 90%.

    Q: What causes me to drop colors during a match ?
    A: Your wrestler overall status is based on his stamina + health points ratios. If during a match you lose 50% stamina but no health points, Your status will be: [100% (health points) + 50% (Stamina)] / 2 = 75% (Light Green)

    Q: How do allowed & denied attacks work?
    A: Your opponent's Denied attacks are directly deducted from your allowed attacks, and the result is the maximum moves you can execute
    during an attack sequence. However, The lowest an attack sequence can be is 3 attacks no matter how much pacification you have, while the maximum attacks allowed is 7.

    Q: How do Feint and Berserker work ?
    A: after the 3 first attacks of an attack sequence, the difference between your feint and your opponent's berserker determine your chance of interrupting his attack. Your chance of interrupting the attack sequence will then increase by 5% (no cap applied) each turn until you stop the attack sequence or dodge/block a move.
    Attacker: 10 allowed attacks (20%) & Wrestler 2: 3 Denied (50%)
    - The maximum number of moves the attacker can have per attack sequence is 7. Where the first 3 are guaranteed to hit.
    - The fourth attack then will have a default chance of 95% to hit (if say they had 0% Berserker & Feint). After adding the attackers berserker, and deducting his opponent's feint, his chance of attacking successfully is 65% (95% + 20% - 50%). 5th turn will have a percentage of 60%, 6th = 55% .. and so on.

    Q: At which turn a finisher can trigger ? (How soon can I hit my finisher during a match?)
    A: Finishers can only hit after the 25th turn.

    Q: What determines which tag team/champion wins by the Judge decision?
    A: There are a lot of factors incorporated in the judge decision. It compares experience points gained during the match by each team, and adds the number of Blocks and dodges executed by each team, and last the team with the better variety of taunts, finishers, and taunts are most likely to win if the experience gain difference is insgnificant.

    Q: Why a wrestler reaches for the ropes, instead of tapping out ?
    A: This occurs when a wrestler fails to escape using his escape submission bonus, that he uses this extra hidden skill as a last resort before tapping out. This is available to every class regardless of their build or level.

    Q: How can you tell which moves that cause "To The Turnbuckle/Rope"? *NEW*
    A: these positions are random. Every time you execute a move, there is a slight chance it might be near the ropes or turnbuckle, but whether you will be standing or grounded depend on your obtained position. To make it clear, If you hit your opponent with an opening move, it will either lead to "standing" (which is the normal course of things) or to "To the turnbuckle standing/To the ropes standing" (when it randomly activates/which happens rarely)

    Q: What determines Bleed & Injuries ?
    A: A percentage chance of injury/wound is randomized everytime your opponent hits 20 damage or more.

    Q: How to Counter Bleed & Injuries ?
    A: There is no direct counter to Bleed or injuries. Your best bet is to have enough health points/stamina and DR to reduce your opponent damage to avoid triggering injuries/Bleed, and have escape artist and Block/Dodge to avoid getting hit often in the first place.

    Q: How do Bleed/injuries affect my wrestler ?
    A: Wounding will cost you 1% Health points per turn per Wound Level, and Injuries will cost you 0.5% stamina per turn per Injury Level. (These values might be subject to revision during the next series of patches we will run in the near future.)

    Q: Is Direct Damage Increaser/Submission Damage Increaser Capped ?
    A: DDI & SDI are capped early in the match to avoid squash matches, but they get uncapped gradually until it is totally uncapped after turn 50.


    Q: Do submission moves have a submission bonus?
    A: No. Submission moves don't have a submission bonus. Only finishers use a submission bonus.
    If submission moves don't have a dedicated bonus, how do they work?
    A: Submission moves are totally based on the submission bonus from your statistics. i.e: If you have a submission bonus of 100, all of your submission moves can hit a maximum of 100 submission value.

    Q: Does DDI modifies submission moves damage ?
    A: No. The only damage modifier that affects submission maneuvers is SDI.

    Q: What do SDI and SB do?
    A: SDI is the damage increaser for submission moves, and SB is simply the equivalent of attack bonus for submission moves.

    Q: Does SDI interfere with injuries ?
    A: Yes. Like DDI does with Bleed, the more damage your submission move causes the higher is the chance to injure your opponent.


    Q: What happens if I lose all my stamina points during a match?
    A: Once you have no stamina left, all of your start will suffer a -80% penalty, and you will start losing health points much faster.

    Q: How low can DR decrease my damage?
    A: The lowest damage you can hit is 20% of your base damage.

    Q: What is the minimum your statistics can get when your stamina reaches 0?
    A: 0 Stamina can cause up to -80% of your original stats. In other words, you can only use 20% of your statistics when your stamina reaches 0.
    Your stamina is calculated as a percentage in relation to your statistics, so when you have 50% Stamina left, your statistics efficiency will drop to 50% .. and so on.


    Q: What can help increase the chance of making my opponent Bleed ?
    A: The higher the move damage, and your bleed bonus, the better are your chances to make your opponent Bleed. Health points can decrease this chance indirectly, where stamina has no role in countering wounds.


    Q: Does Stamina reducer affect your stamina loss when you are getting hit ?
    A: Yes, It does. Suffering hits will cost you 25% of the move stamina cost. When you drop to 0 health points, you will start losing as much stamina as your attacker.

    Q: Do Pin moves drain Stamina ?
    A: Pin moves drain as much stamina during executions as normal moves do. The pinfall count, however, does not drain any stamina points.

    Q: How do initiative checks work after pin & submission maneuvers ?
    A: Initiative checks are simply based on who hits the highest initiative bonus. The one who (randomly) rolls the highest initiative bonus gets the momentum.
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