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  • How Finishers work

    A lot of users (specially newbies) don’t have clear ideas about how finishers work, and, because of their role in matches they are one of the most important part of the game.

    1. Adrenaline

    First of all, finishers use Adrenaline points. When you are making your finisher you can modify some parameters which make the total adrenaline cost different. There are two ways to increase your adrenaline gain during the matches.
    • Leveling up the stat “Rage” on Strength skills. Each point on this stat increases in 1 your Adrenaline Gain
    • Leveling the Advanced Technique “Inner Rage”
    • Leveling up: You get a Point on each stat.
    How does the Adrenaline Gain work? (From now Adrenaline Gain = AG)
    Each turn you hit your opponent you gain as many adrenaline points as your AG is, if you are the one who receives a hit, you get half your AG. Besides, when you execute your Taunt you receive an amount of Health Points, Stamina and AG. In your Taunt’s description you can see how many turns of Adrenaline you gain when it executes, multiply that for your AG, and those are the Adrenaline points you got.
    Once you have got the necessary Adrenaline points your finisher needs (its Adrenaline Cost), your finisher will have the chance of getting executed each time you get your opponent in its Required Position.
    • Note: A finisher won’t execute until, at least, turn 25, no matter if you got the necessary Adrenaline to execute it.
    As a recommendation, I suggest a adrenaline cost of your Adrenaline gain x20 (to get executions easier), x25 (to get a bigger damage with good executions) and x30 (for tank builds)

    2. Finisher Parameters
    • Required Position: It is the position you should get your opponent to be able to execute the finisher. The most common ones are Grounded, Groggy, Bent Down and Stunned. The first three can be got with your own moves. Stunned is a random position which depends on some factors, as you opponent’s Health Points and Stamina. Supporters can check what are the positions they have their opponents checking on Gym – Statistics, or with the following link.
    • Forced Position: Is the position your opponent gets you after getting blocked/dodged. The most common is Stunned, because you can make your Adrenaline Cost lower.
    • Damage: This will be what increases the Adrenaline Cost, with the risk of being unable to execute the finisher. I recommend giving the same minimum and maximum damage. It is important to remember that the bigger the damage is, the bigger the Stamina cost is, giving the chance of dropping colours.
    • Attack Bonus: It helps you to avoid your finisher gets Blocked/Dodged by your opponent. I suggest 15 for Strength guys, and 20 works for the rest of classes. Obviously, the decision must be done for the one who makes the finisher.
    • Bleeding/Pin/Submission Bonus: 1 is enough to give the chance of ending a match, but this bonus doesn’t get affected when the match runs, so a bigger amount of it can make bigger the chance of getting a cut, an injury or a sucessful pin attempt. As usual, everything depends on how you want to focus your build, and if it is interesting giving it a bigger value.
    3. What happens if I delete a finisher?

    You will lose a 20% of the executions done with the former finisher when you make a new one. There is an option to spend 15 TPs to recover your executions. However, in the case the Adrenaline Cost of your new finisher becomes bigger than the old’s one, you will lose executions for it. The percentage of the executions you will lose is: (Former Adrenaline Cost / New Adrenaline Cost ) x 100
    • Note: It doesn’t work on the opposite side. You won’t gain executions if the new Adrenaline Cost is lower than the old one.
    4. Finisher Description

    It doesn’t matter in the match, just add something you like
    • To add your opponent’s name, use [nome]
    • To see more times the damage (and your finisher’s name, put [mossa] on the second part of the finisher’s description
    5. Why doesn't my finisher execute?

    A frequent question. I have a finisher and it doesn’t execute. Why? It can be because of 3 factors, which can combine between them.
    • Bad Required position: There are positions where you can get your opponent with your own moves (the running and the corner ones, for example), or maybe your moveset doesn’t get too often to your required position. A possible solution is changing the required position of the finisher, or modify your moveset to get the Required position often.
    • Adrenaline: If the finisher parameters are too big, or your AG is too low, you won’t be able to get enough Adrenaline points to execute it. A solution is increasing your AG and/or reset (or delete, if the finisher is new), and make a new one with a proper Adrenaline Cost according to your AG
    • Many moves on the finisher’s Required position: When you attack, you execute one of the able moves you have per position, as your finisher. If you have too many moves on the Required Position of your finisher, the chance of executing your finisher gets lower. A solution is disable moves that may not be interesting. (Remember you need at least 3 moves per position)
    IMPORTANT: You can’t have more than a finisher in the same required position, other finishers there get automatically disabled.

    Last edited by Jake Wolfe; 06-28-2019, 12:05 PM.