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  • "All-Round" Balanced Build

    Hey guys, I'm back!

    This time I have enough stats to work around, experiment, and share the results of some balanced builds.
    I'm bringing in this time, the "All-Round Balanced" concept. What does that mean? It means that, well, you'll have a balanced counter for every kind of "downgrade" they can put on your character in a match, and put on either one of the 3 (sub, bleed, high damage) or all 3 in one package.

    I'll start by giving an overlay of my statistics level, that satisfied to give me all the moves I wanted:

    That, translates into this Skills layout, that will lead us to ALL the moves that we'll need for this build:






    This skill layout will hand us a pretty awesome moveset. I went through the trouble of naming positions and the moves we'll be using on this build.

    Orange = Good choice for TM's

    Opening Move
    European Uppercut
    Knee on Head
    Throat Thrust

    Pepsi Twist
    Roundhouse Kick

    Bent Down
    Craddle Piledriver
    Double Powerbomb


    Falling Headbutt
    Fujiwara Armbar
    Rocket Launcher

    You are running
    One Arm Bulldog
    Sling Blade

    Running Opponent
    Flying X-Factor
    Polish Hammer
    Power Slam

    One Wrestler is Running
    Back Elbow Smash (default move)
    Full Nelson Bulldog
    Shoulder Block

    Both Wrestlers are Running
    Half Nelson Bulldog
    Rolling Elbow Smash (default move)

    Out of the ring (grounded)
    Flying Headbutt from Apron
    Neckbreaker on the Ground
    Splash from Ring

    Out of the ring (standing)
    Multiple Elbow Drop
    Spine Buster on the Concrete
    Turnbuckle Stretch

    To the Ropes (grounded)
    Rear Naked Choke
    Irregular Pin
    Suicide Leg Drop

    To the Ropes (standing)
    Chop at ropes
    Eye rake on ropes
    Walk on the rope

    To the Turnbuckle (grounded)
    Foot Choke
    Low Dropkick
    Rolling Wheel Kick

    To the Turnbuckle (standing)
    Acid Bomb
    Jumping Armbar Takedown

    Caribbean Splash
    Diving Thrust Kick
    Skytwister Press

    Advanced Techniques

    As we're going for an "All-Round" balanced build, we should try and keep balance in our at's too. Paying attention to your stats on profile is sometimes vital, if you really go into a balanced way. Keeping Attack Bonus, Block, Submission Bonus and Damage Increaser, Direct Damage Increaser all balanced between themselves is a good idea. Has been working with my current builld and I see no downfalls to it. The only skills that stand out from my AT set is stamina. That's by far the one I "un-evenly" level to have a lot of stamina to keep up to finishers and longer matches, and also trying to beat the level master.

    The At's basicly are:


    Well, to conclude this one guide, made by yours truly, I'll leave the word that this works, and well. At least it helps me on S3 beat up some guys with no sweat, and results in almost Ko's / a lot of screams. The patience to garner exp for this build is a must have, and with my 230k I can already see some nice tweakings that can be done later on. The moveset works flawlessly if used well. And the TM's will depend on your finisher positions. Good choices are Fuji Armbar/Rocket Launcher and Cradde Piledriver.

    Open for critics and suggestions, and topic suitable to edits as more ideas/tweaks/improvements come to my mind.

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    Hi Gus,

    Overall I pretty much like this build, and I am thinking why not give this one a shot on nordic server, just a query though

    If I also add DR to this build, how much would it effect in matches and overall?




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      Hey Leo.
      I still haven't given this one an update since I first posted it.
      But the dr adding that you mean is for full tanky? If not, it's in the natural flow of the at stacking - to have dr to survive later levels and bigger matches.


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        Looks like a nice little Versa build to me. Power Body would be the first thing I'd add from the side AT list. I see HP affecting stats way more than Stamina.


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          Where the Turkish version?


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            Originally posted by OguzhanEren View Post
            Where the Turkish version?
            I don't speak turkish, but as soon as I update, if someone that speaks turkish can translate and put it on a hidden spoiler, it'd be great :)


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              Nice build. I would miss out Unstoppable Blow, Might, Head Start, Elasticity, Power Grappling, Roughless Grasp, Toughness and Thick Skin though until I have all my Versatility moves as the main skill includes all of them as standard so no need for them unless you don't want all round but instead someone with more stats over other stats which isn't all round as you would then have higher numbers than others on the stats.

              I would switch from the main stat to those single versions after I reached my stats goal of 86 Versatility though to make sure if there are any moves that only those normal versions unlock that I want but with Versatilility you do get those stats as standard in the package so I don't see why I should upgrade the nomal editions for a well rounded build until I have all my special Versatility versions moves.

              Thats my tip to add to the thread of an all rounder as I swear that I got a few Power and Roughless exclusive moves through the Versatility stat anyway so I think you can get them through that version anyway meaning that you probably never have to touch the normal editions at all if I'm correct on that which means you are saving more stats points as well as you don't have to spend them on all those normal editions plus an all rounder is what I'm going with as my Speed build was fail.

              As for Advanced Tech's and Special Abilitity's I can't wait to afford some and upgrade them at least once on everything and so on in this new build.
              Last edited by TEOL; 06-22-2014, 01:33 PM.


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                Do you have any good finishers for the balanced class?


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                    great build, but is there a way in which you could make the photos bigger ?


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                      Why not put points on Thick Skin? because using ats wont effect in globals