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  • Balanced Build - (Thanks to Sulmy)

    -max versatility
    TM:cradle piledriver,caribbean splash,steenalizer
    TM's:2(groggy DD,grounded Sub)

    Get rage until you have enough for your final finisher(at least 20-25),after you get your rage done,go for Might(you need DDI for damaging the opponent)and spare points put in berserker

    Max lightness and Frenzied Urge,the spare points put in Head Start

    Block(max) and the rest put in feint and escape submission

    Tireless and Thick skin(a balance between these) and the spare points on Thoughness
    Advanced Technique:-early(1-10):Increased Resistance +
    Increased Atack
    Power Blow
    -mid-level(10-20):Increased Resistance ++
    Increased Atack +
    Power Blow +
    Damage Resistance +
    -late-level(20-31)str side:Increased Resistance ++
    Block +
    Power Blow ++
    Increased Atack ++
    Power Body
    Damage Resistance +
    Low Blow +
    -late-level(20-31)tech side:Increased Resistance ++
    Block +
    Power Blow ++
    Increased Atack ++
    Power Body
    Damage Resistance +
    Mortal Submission ++
    Increased Submission +
    Good moves for Balanced(groggy,grounded,bent down)for all these moves you need Versatility + Versatility :
    -Caribbean Splash
    -Double Powerbomb
    -Back Cracker
    -Samoan Driver
    -Front Face Neckbreaker
    -Cradle Piledriver
    Here are some steps you have to follow for a basic temporary and final finisher:
    1.focus on 20 str(20 str/1 speed/1 resistance/1 technique) and put all your points in rage and might
    2.when you get 20 str make this finisher:
    required position:Grounded
    suffered position:Stunned
    atack bonus:10
    bleed bonus:1
    3.when you get your final finisher go full versatility(that means from now on all points from str keep for versatility so when you get a balance between str and other stats 25-25-25-25 you will have your versatility 25)

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    When considering what 'full versatility' means, please bear in mind that people who have *never played this game* may read this and wonder what that means. So, to make things easier on people, here's a point of contention.

    Versatility requires an equal amount of points from every stat (Strength, speed, tech, and resist) to level up. 1 in each of those stats per level. So to get level 3 versatility, you need 3 free points in ALL those skills to pay for it.

    Full Versatility generally means one of two things though. Either:
    a) Get 43 Versatility to unlock every move available to you through the class skill.
    b) Put every ounce of points you can to make Versatility go on forever.

    Since that wasn't made clear in the above post, you may just have to ask yourself if spending points in versatility outweighs the ability to unlock other moves that you may have had to overlook in order to get Versatility to 43 in the first place. Namely, a good grounded move (something the Balance Class lacks, and must borrow from other classes to cover it up). Also, moves to look forward to (and when) may also be helpful to a new player. Explaining *why* they are worth looking at may also help.

    Also, I don't quite know what the " + " for the advanced technique section mean. A legend to make more sense would have been wonderful.

    Snapshot Grade : D+
    It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.


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      I'm a busy man to go through all my builds I have recieved by members of the TWG world and change the mistakes. I just posted the build to help others. I apprieciate you spotting the mistakes and rectifying them. I just got this build from someone else as named in the name of the topic. Not my problems for these mistakes.


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        This is a decent guide, but it's hard to read.


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          Why post it if nobody can understand it? Look at this made my eyes bleed.