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  • Johnnie's Damage Dealing Monster of Awesomeness

    First things first, it takes patience for a balanced wrestler to bloom. Nightmare difficulty waiting for that 43 Versa, chaps.

    Almost all of my knowledge about the balanced class is owed to S3 Legends, to name a few, The Pacifist, Noob (y u no gimme kissy :( ), who's guides I read repeatedly to understand the essence of Versatility and the kick-assery which comes with it. He had written a similar guide, explaining all the aspects of the balanced class, but that guide is gone. *cricricri* :((((

    I remember most of it though. Of course this stuff is in my own language, and I've made suitable modifications, just the stuff I find better to my tastes. I am assuming you know the basics of the balanced class! Of course you do! Best class there is!

    Okay, so something I need to clarify first. Stats = Your moves, Lightness and other stats you can't raise through ATs.

    ATs = Your build.

    Always go for the strongest moves you can get, efficiently too. In accordance with what your build is of course. It all comes down to Exp in the end.

    Also, after a certain period of time and levels, your finisher will be a big factor in determining who loses and who wins. So get your final finisher ASAP. Because if you reset for a higher AG, that proportion thingy in the finisher creation area will steal your executions from you. So first off, make a few temporary finishers, being hard-hitters is not a must. Invest, and go for the executions. Dear ol' Subby recommends 85 AG in the least for a final finisher. I agree with him!

    Quick Finisher and TM tip:

    Knee Stomp is the ideal beginner TM.

    Pin fins are the way to go, with 0 PB and 25-30 AB. Same min and max damage to fit your AG accordingly.

    Just needed to get that out there. So on with the build.

    It's our right as balanced wrestlers to get that Versa and roll like playa's. So max it out, folks! Depending on Versa moves wherever possible. We have amazing Standing, Groggy and Bent Down moves, but no Grounded moves. :(

    But we're balanced wrestlers! So we'll work our way around that. :) This is just a basic introduction, and till you complete this guide (I mean actually implement it on your wrestler), you'll be experienced enough to know what you're doing.

    Stat Distribution

    Versatility to be maxed, rest of the points...

    Strength: 20 Stiff Blow and 20 Unstoppable Blow ASAP for Rocket Launcher. Amazing grounded move, with bleed, decent damage and AB, plus lands your opponent in a groggy position. Rocket Launcher TM + Groggy finisher = Combo of Doom. You'll get it around the level 30s of your stats. Increase Rage to 20 first off, though. That 21 AG will also allow you to make a temporary finisher to mess around and get the executions.

    Speed: Lightness all the way. This is one skill which is...uh...too great. I won't go into the explanation here, I bet it's already been done in other guides. So max it up. Rest of the points go into Furge, or even Initiative if you feel like it. I recommend pumping Init through ATs later on though. Great for an offensive build.

    Tech: Block being your primary and only defense should be given the utmost importance. To be maxed! I've always found Escape Artist useless, especially in the earlier levels. Remaining points to be put into Feint.

    Resistance: Bunch of great skills in here, but the ones I roll with are HP, Stam and Paci. DR only if you have a lot of it...and a lot of Stamina and HP. People say Tireless is great if you have loads and loads of stamina, but not that good if you have some of it. So they don't recommend increasing it in the early levels. But we're DDI, and we require all the stamina we can get. Keep that Tech class in mind too, ready to suck your precious stamina. So HP and Stam given the same importance, and Paci raised in multiples of 5 till it's 20 or 25. Increase the rest upon requirement.

    After you have all your moves and stuff, I recommend spamming the Speed class, and raising Lightness to it's cap. Yep, it's that...great.

    So after figuring all this out, let's talk about the moves, I'll list the main positions, I don't want to hand everything out to you...(though I already have, lol.)


    European Uppercut
    Knee on Head
    Throat Thrust

    Roundhouse Kick
    Mule Kick or Neckbreaker Cutter.
    I prefer Neckbreaker Cutter. I like to keep all my stuff in Groggy and Grounded.

    The 4 big Versa moves.
    Front Face Neckbreaker

    Steenalizer for sure. Now it's up to you to select two of the remaining three. Do you want high minimum damage? High max damage? Or a bleed move? Up to you and your preference.

    Rocket Launcher
    Leg Drop
    Fire Spin or Headbutt to Groin

    After you get 43 Versa, get Strength to 51 and do a reset. Get rid of the points in Stiff. Get 40 AG and AB. That shall get you Rocket Launcher and Leg Drop.You should make your final finisher around this time, as suggested above.

    Bent Down
    Cradle Piledriver
    Overdrive and Jumping Half Nelson Facebuster (Have to increase Init through stats, though.)
    Double Powerbomb and Shellshock for the Versa route.

    Since I concentrate on Groggy and Grounded only, I'd want to put points into Lightness and Furge instead, hence having DP and SS in bent down. It's up to you in the end.

    Advanced Techniques

    Pretty basic for this build. AB, DDI, Stam and Block till they're all 10. Get some AG for your fin too as per requirement, then there's always stuff like Init and HP you'll require later on in the game.

    I hope this was a good read, folks. Please do let me know if I should add or edit anything.


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    This is an excellent and well thought out guide! Good work!


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      Some of it are from my old bio.. no jz, still no kiss from me.

      JHNFB is worth the init spam in speed, even if it requires elasticity it worth getting.. awesome awesome bleed move.. Unless you really dont want bleeding, then emerald fusion is a good alternative, the only bent -> groggy move.


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        I've not given bleed moves much importance in my guide. Since Mule Kick is not worked into this, and 2 out of 3 standing moves lead to grounded, and 1 to groggy, I really don't need the bent down. The big 3 moves of Versa, and Leg Drop, Rocket Launcer and Fire Spin/HTG are sufficient.

        JHNFB is a sweet move, but honestly I'd prefer to put my points into Lightness as soon as I get them. Rest go into Init or Furge, depending on your position.