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  • Athenis Ares old balance build guide

    my guide to a good balance wrestler:
    i wont get into to much detail on what the skills do, considering i feel they give a good description of what they do anyway. ill also start off by saying i believe that the balance class skill is kinda useless early game. but can be killer later on. with that said lets get started,
    first an explaination of how versatility gets raised:
    heres how versa works, in order to raise versa you are gonna need skill points in all stats,meaning for beginners you will need to train every stat at least once to go for versa. for later gamers you will need more points in each stat then you have versa to successfully lvl up versa. Versa can only go as high as your lowest stat.
    start off building versa, as much as i hate it when you get it to lvl 11 you get possibly the best standing move in the game, and also a very good tm if you choose th use it as such. i had a bad experience with using it as a tm but its always an option.
    MESSAGE:if your unsure of what a tm is ask in chat. im sure someone will be happy to explain it to you.
    now, after getting versa to lvl 11, the fun can start now. here is the best way i see to distribute your skills in each stat, being if you have some points left over after training versa or if you choose to do a non versa build like me.
    STRENGTH: max rage, rest into ab. any you may have leftover put into berserker.
    SPEED:max out lightness, rest into frenzied urge. if theres points left over go for head start.
    TECHNIQUE: Max out block, rest into feint and escape sub. ,i suggest not getting escape over lvl40. itll be partly explained later.
    RESISTANCE:put your points toward thickskin and pacification, left overs toward tireless or toughness. your choice really. I choose tireless. reason for going for paci over tireless is becuase the tireless stat skill isnt very effective. resort to the moves list to figure out what to build being that resist is pretty controversial in what to train here. i think everyone can agree to get thick skin maxed out though.
    Note: reason for building lightness,frenzied urge,feint,berserker,and pacifications is because you can only build these skills through stats. for first time gamers here you wouldnt quite understand this until you unlock advanced techniques, but these skills cannot be lvled with exp, so keeping them high through stats is very important. especially lightness. escape sub you can get through ats, even though i wouldnt suggest it, so 40 is a good place to stop in building this stats wise. reason for building to 40 and no more in all stats but the previous named 5 is because you really dont need more then 40 to get the moves alloted for that skill. theres no need to get 48 escape sub if at 40 escape you can train a different skill and unlock even more, possibly, better moves by training other skills to 40. 40 will always be the max needed to unlock a move(with the exceptiion of versa which will need 43 to unlock all those moves).
    this is a very basic setup to have and should get you to lvl 4 pretty quickly. lvl 4 (lvl 3 for supporter) is important to get to as you get personal trainer there, personal trainer being the best way to gather money, you wanna get it quick before you run out of fes training moves or stats. now, after getting versa to lvl 11, heres what id do. start training strength to lvl 20, maxing out rage, so you can have a good finisher, or, try your hardest to get to lvl 5 so you can use advanced techniques, advanced techniques will become your vital way of building a character once you hit mid to late game. it uses experience to raise your skills to new heights. now if you choose to try for lvl 5 heres what your gonna want to do. spends your experience on rage. your gonna want a good amount of rage for a finisher, which is a vital move to have in this game. in my opinion having about 40-50 ag is all you really need to make a good finisher, but its up to you if you want it higher or lower. below is a good explaination for how finishers work, just copy and paste the link.
    it will help you make a good finisher. or you can pm me and ill help as well. now, after figuring out your finisher and the direction you wanna take, id continue building stats evenly. if you have 20 strength and 10 speed, train your speed to meet strength. theres a reason for doing this which ill explain later on. now, after you achieve your finisher ag, and have finally leveled up to lvl 5 lets give some advice for other at's or advanced techniques with will be important to your character.
    increased resistance: this will be your way of getting stamina. which is important in holding your skills up and helping you dish out a better amount of attacks without getting tired. if your stamina starts to deplete so do the rest of your skills so try keeping this at a good amount. a REASONABLE WAY TO TEST TO SEE IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH STAMINA IS TO WATCH YOUR MATCH. SEE IF YOU DROP COLORS WHEN ATTACKING OR HITTING YOUR FINISHER. if so add some stamina.
    Increased dodging/increased block: as i stated earlier ONLY CHOOSE ONE to raise. whichever you choose ONLY RAISE THAT SKILL AND NOT THE OTHER THROUGH AT'S. this skill is pretty self explainitory, its the skill that helps you avoid being hit.
    increased attack: this is a pretty good skill to have as it helps you land blows on your opponent. the higher this skill the better chance you have of landing blows to the opponent.
    these will pretty much be your vital skills early on in the game. no need to get fancy yet as you are just building your core skills up. below are a few others to take into conseration, but only a bit later on in the game
    inner rage: as i said before, this can be a very important at for you, depending on how much ag you want for your character. i feel that this is actually the most important skill to have as once its where you want it, you never really have to train it again.
    power body: this is the skill that raises your hp. its a good skill to have mid to later lvls, but in the early lvls your hp should be fine just raising through stats.
    damage resistance: its a good skill to have, what it does is it basically makes your opponents hits weaker. making your damage intake less. if you choose to have this skill its very important to have the stamina and hp to back it up, along with dodge/block. having it alone wont work unless you have other skills to back it up.
    increased initiative: not really that important of a skill at all. but if you want people to stop winning the opening of the match, or any other time an initiative check may occur, its not too bad to have. also can lead to you taking control after pinfalls and submissions. Reason its not that important is because you wont need much of it, just enough to win the advantage after pins and subs. as for build wise this is a very important skill, pesky techs can really falter if you dont give them the advantage after they lock on a sub. combine with escape sub to take down pesky techs.

    Power Blow: If you dont wanna be a punching bag and get dr go for this ddi raising skill. Basically dr will help you survive in a match and become what is known as a punching bag(a person who gets hit a lot and just absorbs the blows, then hits a fin to try and end the match. yeah i know,boring.). If you dont want that go for this, and become a raging bull. Someone who can win matches quickly just by maintaing control of a match. this stat will make your moves stronger and help you do more damage with fins and tm's as well. If you go offensive go for this, if you do defensive go for the dr skill mentioned above. i feel going for both evenly is a bad thing as it eats up a lot of exp trying to even them out. while going for just one or the other will cause people to fluke you more, but man it sure is funner.
    now,its a good idea to start looking at your moves list. gather some moves you may want to have, heres the list below:
    if you need help figuring out exactly how to get the move ask in chat. someone will be willing to help you. although its not hard to figure out. you just need the two skills they offer there to equal the total ability in order to unlock the move. now, make a list of the moves you want, then start saving your tp up to 50. were gonna prepare for a stat reset. by now you should have a good amount of fes built up in your moves to do a stat reset. also if you have your stats over 40 your in good shape for a stat reset. now when picking out the moves you want make sure to take note of the skills needed for the moves. that way when you stat reset you can go for these moves. also considering your gonna reset your stats make sure to have an extra 20 tp for an at reset if needed. that way when you lose points in certain skills you can put experience into at's to make it up. by this time in the game you should know what a stat and at reset are, but if you dont heres a small explaination of these: a stat reset is basically what it sounds like. itll take all the points you have alloted towards the skills in that stat and reset each skill to 0. now considering this is gonna happen obviously all your moves will be reset as well, considering thats what you use your stats for. putting into skills and unlocking moves. at least in the later game thats what they are used primarily for. once you stat reset you can take the points for each stat and replace them over again. now for an at reset it basically does the same thing. it takes all the exp you spent on at's and resets them, so you can reapply them to whatever you want. after accomplishing this your pretty much free to do your own build. you should also have a better understanding of how things work here. but just in case heres a few extra tips.
    there are 5 basic skills you can only update through stats:LIGHTNESS,FRENZIED URGE,BERSERKER,FEINT,AND PACIFICATION. take this into consideration when you are in the later stages of the game or doing your stat reset. if you feel you dont understand something ask in chat. usually someone is here to help. if not send me a pm. and i will answer asap.also the reason you wanna build your stats evenly is just in case you wanna go back to versa. at least itll always be an option for you. only need them even til they hit lvl 43,after that its all about moves you want.
    for now this concludes my tutorial. thank you. LATER WORLD!! :p