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  • Damage Balanced

    What is a Damage Balanced? A Damage Balanced (also known as DDI Balanced or Offensive Balanced) is a build where we aim to have High Damage Dealt every game. This guide should render you strong enough to defeat everyone in your level (50-50 for techs). There'll be some pin moves used and some pin stats upgraded, this is because after the next engine change, pin bonus will be somewhat better than before.

    Prioritise Rage until Adrenaline Gain is 43 AG. - so we can have a decent finisher to hit. We will have two finishers not one.
    Distribute the remaining points evenly to Might and Unstoppable Blow - these two are very important for this build. We need the Might to make our hits hit harder. We also need the Unstoppable Blow so we have some AB.
    Put the remaining points into Berserker - we need this so we can get 2% to complete our attack sequence. Our offensive stats will need high so we can hit more and if we hit more, we will hit harder to altogether.

    Proritise Lightness - this is important because reduced stamina means more reserve stamina for you, which means MORE STAMINA, MORE POWER!)
    Put all remaining points into Head Start and Elasticity - Head Start helps us gain more initiative. Elasticity will help us get some pin bonus, it'll also unlock some good moves for us.
    Level up Frenzied Urge for 5 levels when your character reaches level 10 - this is important because we need to attack the opponent a lot (if he has low pacification, this is an advantage to us)

    Prioritise Block - if somehow you already raise Dodge before this, then stick with prioritising dodge, and giving Feint the priority in the Technique stat)
    Distribute the remaining points to Feint - this will help us in interrupting our opponent's attack sequence.
    Remains go to Escape Artist.

    Prioritise Tireless - the stamina we get here will be very important, in helping us survive.
    Give Toughness and Thick Skin the second priority - the Toughness will help us in limiting the opponent's damage, and the Thick Skin will give us more HP, meaning we can survive a bit longer.
    Level up Pacification for 5 levels when your character reaches level 10 - this helps us because it decreases the amount of attacks in a row.

    Most important of all, PRIORITSE VERSATILITY - over everything!
    To those who don't know how to upgrade Versatility:
    Your statistics need to be the same level as the level of versatility they want to raise it to:
    EG. I want to have Versatility 11, so all my Stats must be at least 11

    Versatility takes unspent skill points from every Stat section in the gym (Speed, Resistance and etc.):
    EG. For Versatility 11 you need 11 free skill points to spend in every stat in the gym section.

    If you do follow the above you should be able to get these good and important moves. In positions with more 3 moves, only pick 3 moves. Not all moves are necessary:
    European Uppercut - 0 Bleed Bonus - Rage + Berserker = 20
    Knee on Head - 3 Bleed Bonus - Tireless + Thick Skin = 5
    Punch - 1 Bleed Bonus - Might + Rage = 2

    Uraken - 3 Bleed Bonus - Versatility = 21
    Neckbreaker Cutter - 0 Bleed Bonus - Versatility = 23
    Mule Kick - 0 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Elasticity = 25

    Bent Down
    Cradle Piledriver - 3 Bleed Bonus - Versatility = 41

    Double Powerbomb - 0 Bleed Bonus - Versatility = 33
    Piledrive - 10 Bleed Bonus - Might + Rage = 73

    Steenalizer - 0 Bleed Bonus - Versatility = 43
    Bisontennial - 0 Bleed Bonus - Versatility = 43
    C-4 - 0 Bleed Bonus - Versatility = 42
    Front Face Neckbreaker - 15 Bleed Bonus - Versatility = 41
    Jumping Twisting DDT - 20 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Elasticity = 74
    Briding Belly to Back Suplex - Pin - Block + Escape Artist = 68

    Rocket Launcher - 10 Bleed Bonus - Unstoppable Blow + Stiff Blow = 40
    Leg Drop - 0 Bleed Bonus - Rage + Unstoppable Blow = 80
    Headbutt to Groin - 0 Bleed Bonus - Unstoppable Blow + Berserker = 67

    Double Knee Drop From Turnbuckle - 25 Bleed Bonus - Unstoppable Blow + Berserker = 80
    Spear - 0 Bleed Bonus - Rage + Berserker = 73
    Diving Knee Drop - 20 Bleed Bonus - Lightness + Elasticity = 63

    Now onto the trademark, this'll be the hardest and longest Trademark to get, as it requires 43 Versatility, which would would take over a month. But the move is worth it. So on the way you are going to need a temporary trademark:
    Samoan Drop
    Damage: 4 - 30
    Attack Bonus: 11
    Required Position: Groggy
    Obtained Position: Grounded
    Forced Position: Bent down
    1st Abilty: Might
    2nd Ability: Unstoppable Blow
    Total ability: 0
    I know it, looks lame - but its one of the best starting trademarks out there. It also gets good as you upgrade it, it also hits quite a lot. If you wish to change TM, Sliced Bread 3 (20 Versa; 0 Bleed Bonus) is a good TM as well as Arabian DDT (25 Versa; 7 Bleed Bonus). Then when you hit 43 Versa, reset the Trademark to get Steenalizer.

    In order to execute this build perfectly, we will need three finishers - this'll allow us to customise its damage and its position, which'll help us in matches. We will need the high damage to run our build perfectly.
    The finisher positions will be Grounded and Bent Down and Stunned. It might seem weird, but three finishers actually worked out for this build. I have set up a 20AG finisher - which'll be our temporary finisher until we get our 43AG.
    Temporary Finishers:
    Pin Finisher: Positions - Stunned, Stunned; Damage 85-85; Attack Bonus - 20; Pin Bonus - 1.
    Direct Damage Finisher: Positions - Grounded, Stunned; Damage 43-43; Attack Bonus - 20; Bleed Bonus - 1
    End-Game Finishers:
    Pin Finisher: Positions - Stunned, Stunned; Damage 184-184; Attack Bonus - 20;Pin Bonus - 1
    Direct Damage Finisher: Positions - Grounded, Groggy; Damage 120-120; Attack Bonus - 20; Bleed Bonus - 1
    Direct Damage Finisher: Positions - Bent Down, Stunned; Damage 162-162; Attack Bonus - 20; Bleed Bonus - 1

    Advanced Techniques - inorder of importance
    Top Priority: Damage Reducer, Stamina, Health Points, Block
    Low Priority:

    Thanks for Reading,
    Last edited by Anne; 04-04-2015, 10:48 PM.

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    I hope you understand that Skills from stats become meaningless as you progress into the game. Except certain ones which cannot be raised through ATs, such as Lightness, Paci etc. Agreed, prioritise Versa. But where do you get so many points from? I don't see the need to increase Rage after 40 from stats. If you need it, then ATs are the way to go. Buy a few levels of AG ATs, and make a monster finisher ASAP. Then there's might. So that comes up to 4 stats raised in addition to Versa. Although I don't like Init much, Speed is fine, agreed. Dodge isn't exactly ideal for anyone to level, because that means sacrificing very important points which would have gone into Lightness. I'll leave Tech out of this discussion, nothing much to do there. Again, you recommend increasing 4 stats in Resi. Again, where do the points come from? Toughness(DR) is primarily useless unless you have a lot of it, and not recommended to be increased through stats for non Versas. Tireless only works if you have a big stamina base, but that's correct. Thick Skin and Tireless should be given importance. Paci to be increased in multiples of 5 to 30/35.

    As for the moves, you've listed the moves which are very difficult to get as a complete moveset. After leveling stats continuously for a year, I don't think anyone could gather enough points to get them.

    Ah, the takes more than 6 months if I'm not wrong, unlocking it. Samoan Drop is a good option, Uraken and Knee Stomp are pretty neat as well. We have a lot of great Standing to Grounded moves, so I prefer sticking with a grounded TM/Fin initially. Now come the finishers. I disagree entirely. Three finishers? They'll eat up all the executions a normal, one finisher could have gained. Hence leveling at a rate of ~1/3.

    I'm not sure if you're suggesting we should give top priority to HP or not, but you can see Power Body's actual boost in later levels only. It's effects are barely detected in the earlier levels.


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      Johnnie, we get the points from the leftovers. As the level of the statistics goes up, the higher points left over. I agree on the Toughness.

      Some of the moves can be earned while upgrading Versa. Also, I'll be making an alternative moveset - for easier moves.

      Sometimes, three finishers does work. (eg. if you asked Hida he'd tell you the same, it does work. Its helped me time and time again).

      I leave it to the reader to decide what ATs they give the highest priority to.


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        Well, let me give you an example. After getting your stats leveled to 43, you unlock Versa. Then, you level your strength up to 51. 43 levels of Versa, 40 levels of Rage and AB. For Leg Drop and Rocket Launcher. Then 43 as you suggest...and in addition, more stat points to unlock Piledriver and headbutt to groin? It just isn't viable, and at this point you'll have to start spamming Speed for Lightness! Not certain a lot of "leftovers" are left, as the level of the statistics go up, you'll have to put more points into various skills.

        Do you think three finishers should be recommended in a basics guide? I doubt they're more beneficial than a single finisher anyway.

        You need to explain the AT distribution as will, no? Since this is meant for newbies, they'd be wondering where to put their experience. :)


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          I'll explain the ATs abit more.

          Well, Me and Hida have tried 3 finishers and to my surprise. It has worked.

          Also, I've put like 5 moves so they could choose it - they don't have to do them.


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            Worked... As in?

            Please do specify if and which moves are viable and easy to get! Thanks for the updates. :)