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  • Big Red Monster Build


    Now, how we distribute primarily in the balance statistics class start points; all your stats go up to 41, which in turn all, that "I increase my others before and after the 15 artificial power" or "especially when we look at whether 30 the following technical bi" Do not say anything. Go all in order. And all at the same level when it comes to directly go to the Sports Hall of increasing the versatility of the options under one of the power class. If so, increase or several increases.

    Let's solve it, we will provide the balance that we have what our points except versatility.

    Now that the priority again for versatility, versatility not avoid something points to a higher level, then increase the versatility to deploy to other places before eating because of the versatility of all the statistics point. It also writes in detail in other places besides the following motion.

    I balance Sub-bleed (submission + wings) I'm going to a builder. My movement is made up of predominantly wing movement, which is a bonus and submission of the motion. It is necessary to make movements were buildin, damage, writes the positions and what they want.

    Skewed ( you guys should know what this is by the moves )

    Jumping Half Nelson Face Buster> Damage: 10 - 60 (the cross: 20)> Crazy Impulse Initiative + = 74 (Initiative: 34 Crazy Impulse: 40)

    Cradle Piledriver> Damage: 19 - 57 (the cross: 10)> Versatility + Versatility = 82 (Versatility: 41)

    Inverted DDT> Damage: 10 - 40 (Wing Views: 25)> Cruel Grip Tight Grip + = 59 (Tight Grip: 30, ruthless Clutch: 29)

    Dizzy ( you guys should know what this is by the moves )

    Front Face neckbreaker> Damage: 13-52 (the cross: 15)> Versatility + Versatility = 82 (Versatility: 41)

    Jumping Piledriver> Damage: 8 - 41 (Wing Views: 15)> Force + Berserker = 52 (Force 12, Berserker: 40)

    Two Handed Choke Lift> Damage: 3 - 15> = 69 Tireless + Thick Leather (Tireless: 34 Thick Leather: 35)

    On the ground

    Rocket Launcher> Damage: 4-32 (the cross: 10)> Unstoppable Cetin Stroke Stroke + = 40 (it opens automatically when you open other movements) (see Super DDT)

    Fujiwara Armbar> Damage: 3 - 15> + Crazy posture with agility impulse = 63 (posture with agility: 33 Crazy Impulse: 30 {then} 40 will do)

    Knee Drop> Damage: 6-22 (the cross: 10)> Cetin Stroke + Berserker = 36 (Other movements that opens automatically when you open) (see Super DDT)

    Vulnerable ( you guys should know what this is by the moves )

    Super DDT> Damage: 9 - 45 (Wing Views: 20)> Cetin Stroke + Berserker = 65 (Cetin Hit: 25, Berserker: 40)

    Diving Elbow Smash> Damage: 7-30 (Wing Views: 10)> Greed + Berserker = 49 (Greed at least 30, it opens automatically when you open other movements) (see Super DDT)

    Diving headbutt> Damage: 7-27 (Wing Views: 15)> Cruel Deception Clutch + = 39 (it opens automatically when you open other movements) (see: Inverted DDT)

    This movement buildin famous Cradle Piledriver in terms of being Bleed, the Fujiwara Armbar in terms of being in the Submission. These two are enough, 3 no need for a famous motion.

    Advanced techniques that you need to build on this as a priority;

    Advanced Block

    Advanced Attack

    Direct Damage Enhancement

    Advanced Exercise

    Submission to the purpose that we give weight to the sub-bleed;

    Deadly Submission

    Advanced Submission

    If you want to add to the defense;

    Defense Advanced Submission

    Extra Health

    "This advanced technology will get how much?" if you say, you build a lot of game experience and a builder who wants to score. So I can not say too much contamination ever take the time to play.

    Even in this detailed build me "you write that I should give to what other statistics?" asking people can be very strange. For our friends with such a level of intelligence that I need to give to what is still to every movement, even as I wrote that you should give up what properties are. All you have to open these movements most optimistic estimate to be to receive your month 6-7, and because your talents build'i you gave to open act largely complete and advanced techniques to complement build the rest of the shortcomings of the above, one by one, for I wrote colorful letters "you turn these movements then I have to give to what? " A question remains, will automatically

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    World : Big Red Monster K a n e ( not active
    s1:Big Red Monster Kane ( regular )
    s2:The Big Red Monster K A N E ( mostly active )
    s3:Big Red Monster K a n e ( not active )

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    Can you please include what we need to put in what statistic? eg. what we need in Strength, Speed etc.