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  • The Abc's of Power Levelling (done by 123Abc, obviously)

    To Start, I wanted to make a Power level-ing guide because i didnt see one, and decided i needed to make myself immortal in forums (atleast for a while).
    What is power levelling?
    : To level up multiple times in a short period through the use of Special Abilities( SA's). Sa's arent necessary though, but using them makes it a whole lot easier and faster.

    Necessary Stats for beating master lv 20-30
    DR(damage resistance) by far the most important(250-350)
    AB(attack bonus) (100-150)
    DDI(Direct Damage increaser) Its not necessary but having this makes it easier... about 100-150% is enough though since masters dont have DR.
    Block/Dodge- Again, not necessary(100-150)
    Hp- You dont need a whole lot, but still need some anyway(1.5k-3k is usually enough)
    Stamina- Again dont need a whole lot, though dr is fueled basically on stam(about 600-800 is enough)
    Big fin(finisher) or high dmg moves- You need a pretty big fin about 700-700 dmg is enough with 100 ddi but you would need more like 1.5k with no ddi(as i said, ddi makes stuff easy)

    So basically all you want to do is to make the master himself run out of stamina since with 150 ab you wont be able to deal a whole lot of moves, if you have a 1k+ dmg fin all you need is your fin to activate with 100% ddi and you'll clean the master up. but if you have a lower dmg finisher like 600-800 dmg you could hit your fin early, not kill the master and lose all your stam(stamina) and make your dr effectless. So for these fins you would need to set them to activate at dark green or blue where they would finish the master in one hit(with ddi ofcourse) Like I said, if you have a big fin, you dont need that much dr as i mentioned since you can hit your finisher early and win....

    Enjoy The Power Levelling ;)

    PS: If your using sa's put the accuracy about 5%-8% to make them activate early, especially for your DR.. Also this is the tank way of powerlevelling, you can do block instead of dr but you'd need a whole lot more ab(200-300) and block(400 ish)

    Any help ask me. and please dont delete this Snapshot ;)
    MY first guide on this game, would love some feedback

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    Ok. So basically what you're saying is that if you want to power level you need DR and HP? My first and only question is: Why would you want to power level in the first place?


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      wow hida, isnt that pretty simple? level up fantas obviously.
      power-levelling to lv 30 give upto 3 million fe's just from levelling up, thats worth 150 entrances and also you earn 1 more star per level up... Thats a huge exp per match boost for someone who used to earn only like 5-7 exp a match prior to P/levelling. The stats I mentioned can be done by any 22 year old character who is active and builds properly and can easily power levelling using sa's. at age 22, 150 entrances is huge at age 22, undoubtedly.
      For the Hp question, as i said, you dont need a whole lot, but obviously cant make it with 500hp, that'd mean masters that high are a joke and everyone could be lv 30 first month.
      PS: you can make it with very little hp, but you'd need a whole lot of other stats like block ab dr in higher amounts