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  • Resistance Build By Daniel Storm

    Resistance Build
    I will show you now how to spent the points in the different statistics to get the best out of your Resistance Wrestler

    Max out- Means put up the points as much as you can till you want to stop at a certain point.

    Strength : Getting Rage to Level 40 Will be a good Thing for this skill
    Speed: max out lightness then put what you have left into Frenzied Urge

    Technique: Maxing Out Feint works well with Frenzied Urge

    Spend Points on Block up to 38 and stop as you need as much as possible

    Resistance: Max out Endurance
    max out Thick Skin till 37 points in Thick Skin for Health points (HP) (Soon Enough You Can Get Big Splash Pin)
    Max out Toughness till 31 and stop spending on it from their
    Put all your points onto Tireless to Get Gorilla press slam quickly
    toughness put as much as you can on it
    add an amount of 20 points to pacification

    Advanced techniques:
    As a Resistance you should get the following
    Increased attack and Block Should be the same level equal them out.
    Increased Resistance (Stamina) is needed alot for you to survive in matches get enough as possible
    Powerbody Health points should be 1 leveled difference to Stamina (With health points you have more of a chance in not losing colour so quickly)

    Get as much Inner rage as you can get for your Adrenaline Gain.
    Damage Resistance should be a level under block and increased attack

    that’s all for At`s

    If you get 15-20 ag then x it by 25 you will get a cost for a good finisher I normally go with this
    50-50 Damage on both minimum and max
    2 on attack bonus
    Bleeding bonus 1
    Make position Groggy and Forced Position Stunned

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    I have a handful of questions about this "build".
    You talk about maxing out certain stats. How do you "max" a stat out? You also give certain numbers or stat values to shoot for: why?
    For AT's you don't bring up Power Blow( Damage Increaser), Increased Resistance (Stamina), and/or Power Body (HP). Why? All of those stats are important to all builds. Seeing how Stamina powers Damage Reducer, how can you get by without it?
    You don't bring up moves other than Gorilla Press Slam. What about Military Press and Big Splash Pin?
    This build seems flawed. It may work well for lower levels, but once you get into the 20's and 30's you need more stats.


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      i added the points to make it easier for them to know when to stop at and Put new stuff into the build and your right about what you said needing Damage Reducer because Stamina powers it up