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  • Terry's SUPER Simple Guide to Fatties

    *Disclaimer : This is intended to be a guide, not necessarily a cheat sheet. So if it seems incomplete to some veterans, it is intentionally so.*

    My name is Terry.. and I’m a fatty! And no.. I’m not talking about my weight.. I’m referring to my class.. the Fatty Class! ...

    *can hear someone in the background yelling something*

    Pff.. Whatever! Resistance... Resist... Fatty.. Call us want you want just don’t call us late for dinner ;)


    Below, you will find my Super Simple Fatty Guide! I have included tested/proven sample moves, that this build naturally leads to, at the bottom. Hope it helps!! ::)

    First Thing is First!! -

    Note 1 : There are only a few numbers that REALLY matter to the fatty. First, opponent’s DDI vs. your DR. Then, your DR vs opponent’s DR. And, finally, your STAM vs their STAM/HP. id put stam reducer on here, but anyone around your skill level usually has a pretty similar number there.

    Note 2 : If you want to max efficiency, you will want 21 rage as soon as comfortably possible. Meaning : get to 21 rage ASAP, but recognize that you still need to fulfill your desired move set. If its going to take 12 hours for strength to level up, but 1 hour for resist.. you’re not getting to 21 rage ‘comfortably.‘

    Once you’re at 21, time to take a break for your class skills, and speed! After you see yourself gaining levels easily, you will want to go back to rage until you have met the rage goal I set in this build.


    I would recommend taking rage all the way to 40, unstoppable blow to 25, bleed to 18. It’s not the worst idea in the world to level berserker and might sparingly, but dont take berserker any higher than 5 or 10 for this build, and ddi is just gratuitous overkill until your level progresses up into the mid-high teens.

    Then strength is done for a long time! Provided : A) you dont focus on ddi (which you will only need for level sitting, should you ever wish to do that), and B) if you find the need to add more ab if your fin stops hitting.

    If you’re following this build for a reset, go ahead and spend your remaining points on berserker (to level 5 or 10) and then might

    AB NOTE : You only want enough ab for your fin to hit. Mine is 86 at level 16. Those are really just numbers when given out of context like this, but the point is you dont wanna be hitting all the time on regular moves when your opponents are black through blue (100% - 55%). Once they’re blue you’ll start hitting and you will still be in black usually. Even at light or dark green you’re probably about to run wild on em, brother!

    SPEED -

    In speed you want enough pin bonus to get forearm on leg. Max lightness obvi. And maybe a cpl points in INI cuz ive noticed i use weapons a lot more often now that its up to 5 for me. Oh yeah.. and NO DODGE!!

    After lightness is at 90.. take your pick!! I would recommend pin bonus over ini, because you dont need to go first for most of the match, and when you do, your opponent is usually pooped out anyway.

    Block/Dodge Note : Much like you dont want a crap-ton of AB, you dont want any block/dodge, because you want your opponent to wear him/herself out getting all their stuff out on you. Especially since the first 50 moves see a DDI/SDI cap..

    Why not let THEM waste all THEIR stamina during that time period!? Otherwise, you’re doing all the work! And thats... well.. thats too much work!! When there is a cap to their damage multiplier... put that on them! More often than not you will only end up landing in the neighborhood of 15 attacks, with this build, yet tripling your opponent in damage (who may have landed 80-100 attacks of their own on you). And, im not talking ‘if you have more ddi than them.‘ you will out damage them 2 or 3 fold whether you have 0 ddi or 800ddi. Especially if you have a solid fin.


    Everything im about to say about this category is assuming you have all of your moves already. Eventually you’re gonna want everything to 40. except the class skill obvi, you want to max that. when it gets to 81, then you go back and forth between a level in that, or a level in toughness and thick skin, depending on which is cheaper. i keep stam a little higher than the dr and hp one, but the class skill is highest!


    Tech is more or less useless for a fatty unless you want some different moves. max feint, and sub bonus. and screw escape sub! if you want escape sub max that.. and put the remainder into feint. you will end up resetting and going the other way though, promise. and for heaven’s sake NO BLOCK! again.. see the earlier block/dodge note.

    Ats -

    DR, STAM, HP.. in that order. everything else is irrelevant lol. unless you’re trying to level sit.. then you want all DDI and STAM with much lower hps. but who’s got time for all that? dr stam and hp are what are going to make you a tank, and thats what we all want as a fatty!

    I generally keep DR and Stam abt a level, or two, higher than HP, but hey.. different strokes for different folks. You can’t go wrong leveling them equally.

    Suggested Move List -
    Opening :

    Euro Uppercut

    Knee on Head

    Throat Thrust

    Standing :

    Forearm on Leg

    Standing Clothesline

    Three Point Stance Charge

    Bent Down :

    Sit Down Powerbomb

    Triple Powerbomb Pin

    Groggy :

    Full Nelson Bomb

    Gorilla Press Slam

    Rack Pancake

    Grounded :

    Big Splash Pin

    Groin Knee Drop

    Rocket Launcher

    The rest are just up to your preference. Again, these are only suggestions.

    One thing that is NOT a suggestion, however, is for you to select your standing moves in a manner that 2 of the 3 of them lead to your finisher’s Required Position. I have a grounded finisher, so, as you see, 2 of my 3 standing moves lead to grounded.

    My stunned advice would be Banzai Drop, and the highest attack bonus wounding moves that you have the patience to wait for =P. As far as the other positions, look for high attack bonus and wounding, if not, just high AB.
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    Well done, Terry! Great guide for all fatties out there.


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      Nice one Terry :)