This build has been designed to take advantage of a speed's best moves which can be found in grounded and Stunned!
It's not a fully fleshed out build, as i hate doing 5000 people have the EXACT SAME build. So feel free to add your opinion and experiments down below

1.Get a nice set of bleed-oriented ATs. I'm talking about Attack Bonus, Stamina, Direct Damage Increaser. If you want you can get some dodge too, but if you have enough AB you will make them bleed out before they can touch you! Plus, you have the dodge from the Speed stat! That should come in handy.


3.A pin finisher in stunned!

4. The moveset!

Opening: Punch and Knee on Head

Standing: Forearm on leg and Club to the neck

Bent Down: Jumping Half Nelson Facebuster and Half Nelson Facebuster

Groggy:Jumping Twisting DDT and Twisting DDT (or Complete Shot DDT or Air Raid Siren)

Grounded:Springboard Moonsault and Springboard Senton Splash

Stunned: Diving Knee Drop and Diamond Dust (or missile dropkick)

Other Miscellaneous Positions: Best moves in terms of bleed chance and damage!

Unlocking some moves

Punch 02 Might/ Rage

Knee on Head 02 Might/Unstoppable Blow

Forearm On Leg 23 Head Start/ Elasticity

Club to the Neck 12 Thick Skin/Pacification

Half Nelson Face Buster 73 Improved Reflexes/Frenzied Urge

Jumping Half Nelson Face Buster 74 Head Start/ Frenzied Urge

Twisting DDT 74 Quickness/Head Start

Jumping Twisting DDT 74 Head Start/ Elasticity

Complete Shot DDT 62 Lightness/ Elasticity

Springboard Moonsault 72 Lightness/ Quickness

Missile Dropkick 74 Head Start/ Improved Reflexes

Diamond Dust 69 Improved Reflexes/ Frenzied Urge

Diving Knee Drop 63 Lightness/ Elasticity

Springboard Senton Splash 74 Quickness/Elasticity

Knee Drop 36 Stiff Blow/Berserker

Rocket Launcher 40 Unstoppable Blow/Stiff Blow