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  • Anti Mage's Speed Build

    right i have been playing this game on and off for a few years under some different names and have found the funnest class is speed in my opinion. i am for a high damage/bleed speed which is the most common speed you will find. so lets get started.

    Stats and what they do?
    strength stats:
    might - adds 1% onto your direct damage increase (DDI), this will improve the strength of your moves, however you shouldn't focus on this as a speed unless its for moves as it can be obtained via the advanced techniques.
    rage - adds 1 point to your adrenaline gain which is what is needed to hit your finisher (your game changer in most instances). Can be obtained via advanced techniques but i do not recommend it.
    unstoppable blow - adds 1 point to your attack bonus (AB) which is needed in order to land your moves. Can be obtained via advanced techniques.
    stiff blow - adds points to your bleed bonus (BB), although i previously stated bleed is the build focus, this stat will not be needed unless for moves as BB is not effective until you have a lot of it, which means it is better to obtain via advanced techniques.
    Berserker - adds 2% to your chance to complete your attack sequence, this means that you are more likely to complete your full amount of allowed attacks (see bio to access your max number of allowed attacks)

    speed stats:
    Improved Reflexes - adds 1 point to dodge ability, this is used to evade your opponents attacks which is vital if you do not wish to be a punching bag.
    Head Start - adds one point to your initiative bonus which helps you get the first attack after pins, very good for speeds to help with high attacks.
    Lightness - adds 1% to your stamina reducer cost, this reduces the stamina drain of your attacking moves, the best advantage for speed, very important as we attack a lot. cannot be obtained through advanced techniques
    Elasticity - adds 1 point to your pin bonus, however it is currently broken but is getting fixed. also very good for moves.
    Frenzied Urge - every 5 levels of this stat increases your allowed attack sequence, works wonders when partnered with high berserker. Cannot be obtained through advanced techniques.
    Quickness - the class skill of speed, gives 1 point in both initiative and pin bonus, very good for moves.

    Tech Stat:
    Block - adds 1 point to block skill, do not bother with this as a speed as we have dodge.
    Power Grappling - adds 1% to your submission damage increase (SDI), this again is not needed for the build i am explaining unless for moves.
    Ruthless Grasp - adds 1 submission bonus (SB), yet again another stat that is not used for the bleed build.
    Escape Artist - adds 1 point to your submission escape, this will enable you to escape those damn subs from techs! also good for moves.
    Feint - adds 2% on your chances to interrupt your opponents attack sequence.

    Resistance Stat:
    Tireless - increases 2% of your base stamina, and as we all know, stamina is our life source.
    Toughness - adds 1% damage reducer (DR), this reduces the impact that moves have on you. Again not needed for this build as we aim to dodge most moves.
    Thick Skin - adds 20 health points, this is essential for speed so you can take more than just a few hits.
    Willpower - adds 1 point of pin opposition, this counters pin bonus, but like i previously stated, neither work to well.
    Pacification - every 5 levels adds 1 point onto your denied attacks, this is the counter to Frenzied Urge.

    early levels are sometimes difficult for speeds as you will not have many good moves until later in game. first off i always decided to keep strength, resistance and tech roughly around half of what my speed level is e.g. level 20 speed - level 10 resistance, level 10 strength and level 10 tech.

    how to spend points?
    strength - max rage, this will help you get a half decent finisher in early levels. its worth getting strength to 10-12 as fast as possible to enable you to make and hit a temp finisher of roughly 200ac (more info see finisher section). after rage, dump all points into ab, whats the point of having moves if you can't hit them right? you should aim for 40 rage so you can hit your finisher nice and quick.

    speed - always keep quickness maxed until it hits 40, after that it is down to you what other stat you will max. As for my build, i aim for moves with my stats, so i maxed out lightness so that i can get springboard moonsault quick for my final TM. all stats to 40 will unlock all moves you need, after that just max out lightness as you want your attacks to drain you as little as possible, the spare points into frenzied urge.

    Tech - keep escape artist maxes to help with the tech matches, then go for feint as this may help stop opponents attack strings. Getting these two stats will also unlock very good bleed moves such as TKO in groggy.

    Resistance - max thick skin so that you have decent health points and can survive a match, then dump the rest into tireless as we need stamina to fuel our attacks.

    The final move-set is very important for any build, these moves can be the combination of number of the two stats required e.g. 20 rage and stiff blow could be done via 2 rage and 18 stiff blow, or 10 in each, anyways lets see the moves!!

    Opening move:
    Punch - Might + Unstoppable Blow = 2
    Knee on Head - Might + Unstoppable Blow = 2
    Throat Thrust - rage + stiff blow = 20

    Elbow Smash - Head Start + Elasticity = 13
    Knee Lift - Toughness + Thick Skin = 7
    Fist But - Ruthless Grasp + Escape Artist = 8

    Bent Down:
    Jumping Half Nelson Face Buster - Head Start + Frenzied Urge = 74
    Half Nelson Face Buster - Improved Reflexes + Frenzied Urge = 73
    Overdrive - Head Start + Lightness = 73

    Groggy : TKO is not gained through speed, so it is a personal choice you can make, if you choose to have it then swap complete show for TKO.
    Jumping Twisting DDT - Head Start + Elasticity = 74
    Twisting DDT - Quickness + Head Start = 74
    TKO - Escape Artist + Feint = 79
    Complete Show DDT - Lightness + Elasticity = 62

    Grounded: Again Rocket Launcher not gained through speed, so its a choice of whether you want to aim for it, i recommend it as its a good bleed and it increases your groggy % which means more likely chance for finisher hit.
    Spring Board Moonsault - Quickness + Lightness = 72
    Spinning Leg Drop - Head Start + Elasticity = 76
    Spring Board Senton Splash - Quickness + Elasticity = 74
    Rocket Launcher - Unstoppable Blow + Stiff Blow = 40

    Diving Knee Drop - Lightness + Elasticity = 63
    Diamond Dust - Improved Reflexes + Frenzied Urge = 69
    Diving Bulldog - Quickness + Head Start = 57

    if you are wondering about the other positions and the moves to go in them, don't. this is due to the fact that the other positions do not occur enough for the moves to have a huge impact.

    TM and Finishers!
    temporary finisher to get when you have around 10-15 rage is:
    25-50 damage
    20 attack bonus
    1 Pin/Bleed Bonus (depends on your choice)
    position should be Stunned, and forced position should be stunned.

    temporary TM should always be knee stomp until you unlock your final Tm.

    Final finisher is set in groggy, with a forced position of stunned.
    85-85 damage
    20 attack bonus.
    1 pin bonus
    for this finisher, you can make it when you have around 25 AG as speeds get a lot of attacks per match.

    Final TM
    Spring Board Moonsault, hitting 2-3 of these in a row will take anyone down a peg or two.

    Advanced Techniques!
    Advanced techniques (ATS) are bought with experience points which are gained through targets, but mainly matches.
    the first few ATS you should focus on are Stamina, in order to fuel your attacks and defenses. Dodge ATS are important to evade the opponents attacks. And Attack Bonus so you can hit your moves.
    later in Game you should still be adding these three ATS, but also add some DDI so you can deal with any DR users, and also some HP so you don't die after a few of the opponents attacks leak through your dodge.

    ‚Äčentrances are extremely important as they increase your xp gain per match. these cost 20.000 Fes on world, you can buy these but only once you are sure you have enough to keep your stats trained. i always keep roughly 40k Fes so i can train a few moves and train stats.

    Even though speeds are fast, still go for a 10 second taunt to ensure they are not interrupted. this means they will level quickly and give you good adrenaline boosts.

    ‚ÄčThere it is, the build! a few other tips are to get a trade partner as soon as possible to improve match count, xp, executions and overall performance. i prefer to save for the top sparring partner, but if you don't have the patience then go for level 15 sparing. great way to get fast xp and executions.

    hope it helps someone, Anti Mage,
    Last edited by Anti Mage; 02-21-2013, 02:38 PM.