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  • Hawk
    started a topic Something Different - A speed guide

    Something Different - A speed guide

    Welcome to my first ever guide here in TWG. As you may or may not know, I am an experienced speed on Server 1. This guide offers an alternative from the common 'Bleed Speed' which is what most speeds go by in the game. Now don't get me wrong, a 'Bleed Speed' is a fantastic build when put together correctly however it's common. So this guide is for those who want to try out a different type of speed.


    Now to begin with, I shall tell you which skills you spend your skill points in.

    In Strength:

    Until about level 25 strength, max out Rage. This allows you to gain enough Adrenaline Gain points to execute your fin. Then dump the remaining points in the following order Unstoppable Blow and then Might and then Beserker.

    **NOTE: After achieving level 25 in Rage, you can continue to spend points in it in order to get Leg Drop. Also as this isn't a bleed build, Stiff Blow isn't required.**

    In Speed:

    The cool thing about Speeds is that we don't have to wait until level 40 in skills to unlock our 'End Game' moves. We unlock our best moves at 38. So focus on getting all of the skills to level 38 before spending the rest of your points in these skills (again in order of importance) Lightness, Improved Reflexes and Frenzied Urge.

    **NOTE: I feel that Quickness, Elasticity and Head Start are not needed after level 38. However, with 'talk' of powering up the Pin Bonus, Elasticity may become favourable for many players.**

    In Technique:

    Now this is truly down to preference. Some Speeds like to increase Technique, others leave it at Level 1. It's honestly down to how you feel about it. If you choose to upgrade your Technique stat, then spend your points in these two skills: Feint and Escape Artist.

    In Resistance:

    Here is our defensive stats. Here is what you should spend your points on, once again in order of importance. Thick Skin, Tireless and then Pacification.

    **Note: Again with talk of powering up the Pin and Pin Opposition bonuses, Willpower will become favourable. Also you've noticed that I've left out Toughness. Why is this? DR on Speeds is disgusting in my eyes. It's a cheap defence item and I just generally do not like it.**

    Stats Summary

    While stats are great and all, they primarily serve one purpose early in the game, and another entirely late game.

    Early game, they define you as a wrestler. Whether you keep up and dominate your levels or fall behind and lose, depends on how well you distribute your stat points.

    Late game, however, they become the opposite. Your stat points should then be used to level up those skills that cannot be upgraded through ATs. Look towards unlocking all your moves, and then working on the stats that cannot be upgraded. Lightness, Berserker, Frenzied Urge, Pacification, and Feint... In that order.


    So there's what you should spend on. Now I shall give you a moveset to go with those skill points. Now this moveset doesn't mix well with a Bleed moveset (Which I've unfortunately discovered :/ ) I'm also only going to give you the main positions. You can explore and decide upon the other positions for yourself!

    Opening Move: European Uppercut, Throat Thrust and Mongolian Chop

    Standing: Mule Kick, Roundhouse Kick and Elbow Smash (OR DISCUS CLOTHESLINE)

    Bent Down: Jumping Half Nelson Face Buster, Half Nelson Face Buster and Overdrive

    **Non-Speed Alternatives: Piledriver, Super Snap Powerbomb, Super Powerbomb and Triple Powerbomb Pin**

    Groggy: Jumping Twisting DDT, Twisting DDT and Springboard DDT/Complete Shot DDT

    **Non-Speed Alternatives: Chokeslam, Sleeper Drop, Full Nelson Bomb, Clinching Slam and Double Choke Lift Slam**

    Grounded: Springboard Moonsault, Spinning Leg Drop and Springboard Senton Splash

    **Non-Speed Alternatives: Leg Drop, Groin Knee Drop and Fire Spin**

    Stunned: Moonsault, Swantom Bomb, Spinning Leg Drop/Missile Dropkick

    **Non-Speed Alternatives: Spear and Double Knee Drop from Turnbuckle**

    Trademarking Springboard Moonsault or Jumping Twisting DDT would be wise. Of course you can Trademark both moves which would be fine, but I personally like only having one TM.


    Now onto the Finisher! This is your key to your success and it is important that you build it correctly from the beginning! You can decide whether to use a Direct Damage finisher or a Pin finisher. A good finisher what I use is like this:

    Position Required: Stunned/Stunned

    Damage: 50-60

    Attack Bonus: 10

    Pin/Bleed Bonus: 1

    Adrenaline Cost: 330

    If you're just starting out with a new character and are using this guide then use this finisher. However if you retire then you'd want to make a better finisher with a MUCH higher Adrenaline cost.

    Advanced Techniques

    Now finally onto the ATs. These play a huge part in TWG and you cannot succeed without them. For this build you will need 5 core ATs they are:

    Increased Attack

    Increased Dodging

    Increased Resistance

    Power Body

    Power Blow

    Now when should I implement these ATs? I hear you cry. You're first AT should be Increased Attack. It also should be your only AT until you have it at level 10. Why? Because this will make your finisher almost impossible to dodge/block in the early levels, making it more powerful early on. It is then down to you on how you distribute your exp into the remaining 4 ATs.

    **UPDATE: Now there are additional ATs required as the 'meta' has changed since I last wrote this guide. Often in level 21 you'll find players with more ATs spread out in their builds. Here are the ATs you should consider:

    Inner Rage - Maxing out your finisher as early as possible is incredibly useful and allows you to compete with the massive exp users in the late game. Bigger finishers = bigger Adrenaline required.

    Increased Submission Defence - Submissions are the key to wearing down wrestlers and drain their stamina. Escaping those subs will render them useless.

    Increased Initiative - Making sure that you come up ahead in clashes and tie ups speaks for itself. You win those clashes, you get more moves in.

    Increased Pinning - Pin Bonus is ABSURDLY good on the new engine and Speeds benefit greatly from it.

    Final Tips

    Before I conclude this guide, I'd like to give a few more tips:

    In order to make this build a success, great activity IS A MUST! This build relies on how much you prepare in the early levels so do as much as you can during the early levels.

    Find an active and equally skilled tag partner. If you are tagging with someone that is dominant in the levels that you are in, make it a priority to tag with them. Because the tag achievements are easy to gain and they help significantly in the early levels with the amount of exp they give out.

    Hire the Level 32 Master as a sparring partner as often as you can. He gives out the most exp and executions and these help immensely in the early levels.

    Find active traders. Around 4-5 active traders can give you a lot of matches per day and that turns into a lot of exp which is fundamental.

    Buy the Statistic and EXP Trainer. Less time to train statistics? Great! More exp? Even better!


    So that concludes my first guide on TWG. I hope you enjoyed reading my guide and I hope that you experience success with this build. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to pm me on Server 1. My name is Hawk and I thank you for taking the time to read this guide.
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  • Hida Kozan
    Good thinking on all of that Hawk. I've always been a big proponent of Berserker so I always ask people why they don't include it in their Strength stat priorities.

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  • Hawk
    It's more of a personal preference.

    I prioritize Unstoppable Blow for two reasons:

    1. Getting enough early AB to almost guarantee that my finishers are executed as early as possible.
    2. If I want the best non-speed alternative moves (Chokeslam and Leg Drop) then I need to get Unstoppable Blow as high as possible.

    Once I get enough AB to get those two moves then of course those priorities can change and I can level Beserker. I'm not sure on the overall strength of Beserker on the new engine as of now but from what I heard it could definitely be a strong priority.

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  • Hida Kozan
    Hawk, why do you prioritize AB over Berserker in the Strength stat? You can always buy more AB via Xp/AT's, but you can't get more Berserker that way. Just curious...

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  • Hawk
    Updated 7th of August 2015
    Last edited by Hawk; 08-07-2015, 06:19 PM.

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  • markjosol
    My name is Hawk and I thank you for taking the time to read this guide.

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