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  • Scoope45
    started a topic Speed Build - (Thanks to Sulmy)

    Speed Build - (Thanks to Sulmy)

    TM for speed:Jumping half nelson facebuster(bent down),jumping twisting DDT(groggy),springboard moonsault(grounded)
    first TM to go for:Springboard Moonsault
    first TM you should get:knee stomp(grounded),samoan drop(groggy)
    rage until you get enough AG for your final finisher and after that all your points in berserker(max it) and unstoppable blow
    First add skill points to quickness and improved reflexes total 54 to get standing moonsault and replace knee stomp, keep Standing Moonsault until you get springboard moonsault (quickness+lightness 72) and then replace Standing Moonsault to Springboard Moonsault. The last TM go for is jumping twisting DDT(head start and elasticity total 72)
    max thick skin and tireless,remaining points in pacification
    feint(max it) and escape artist
    Advanced Technique:-early(1-10):Increased Resistance
    Increased Atack
    Power Blow
    -mid-level(10-20):Increased Resistance +
    Increased Atack +
    Dodge +
    Power Blow +
    -late-level(20-31):Increased Resistance ++
    Dodge ++
    Power Blow ++
    Increased Atack ++
    Low Blow +
    Good moves for Speed(groggy,grounded,bent down,stunned)
    -Shooting Star Press(Quickness + Elasticity=54)
    -Split Legged Moonsault(Quickness + Frenzied Urge=54)
    -Standing Moonsault(Quickness + Improved Reflexes=54)
    -Diving Bulldog(Quickness + Head Start=57)
    -Springboard DDT(Quickness + Elasticity=61)
    -Springboard Rolling Elbow Smash(Quickness + Head Start=63)
    -Diving Spinning Leg Drop(Quickness + Frenzied Urge=63)
    -Springboard Moonsault(Quickness + Lightness=72)
    -Half Nelson Face Buster(Improved Reflexes + Frenzied Urge=73)
    -Overdrive(Head Start + Lightness=73)
    -Missile Dropkick(Improved Reflexes + Head Start=74)
    -Twisting DDT(Quickness + Head Start=74)
    -Springboard Senton Splash(Quickness + Elasticity=74)
    -Swanton Bomb(Improved Reflexes + Lightness=75)
    -Moonsault(Quickness + Improved Reflexes=76)
    -Jumping Twisting DDT(Head Start + Elasticity=74)
    -Jumping Half Nelson Face Buster(Head Start + Frenzied Urge=74)
    -Jumping Twisting DDT(Head Start + Elasticity=74)
    Here are some steps you have to follow for a basic temporary and final finisher:
    1.focus on 15 str(15 str/1 speed/1 resistance/1 technique) and put all your points in rage and unstoppable blow
    2.when you get 15 str make this finisher:
    required position:Groggy
    suffered position:Stunned
    atack bonus:10
    bleed bonus:1
    3.when you get your temporar finisher go for 15 other stats and 36 speed(put all your points in Lightness and Quickness for Springboard Moonsault)
    4.go for 25 str and put all your points on rage(max) and berserker and create this finisher:
    Direct Damage:
    required position:Groggy
    suffered position:Stunned
    atack bonus:15
    bleed bonus:1

  • Killer Dog
    commented on 's reply
    Cool. Thanks for the advice Madam. I will try for both the 2 DDTs after I get Spring then. I'm about halfway there at the time I'm writing this post. ^_^

  • Madam Snapshot
    commented on 's reply
    If you're working on a bleeding build, it's a good idea to work toward the DDT's. I will say for a LONG time that one of the most successful speed builds just had someone with Springboard Moonsault as the trademark and that's it.

    With enough activity, springboard as your only TM can be amazing. Landing three of them in a row is brutal.

  • Killer Dog
    Hi, as some of you know, I'm learning about speeds:

    So I should go for Springboard Moonsault first or the two DDTs? People in chat said the Springboard Moonsault was overrated compared to the 2 DDTs.

    Alta Grade: A++ for effort/ :)

    EDIT: Technically it only takes one well-placed kick to get beaten by a girl.

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  • Madam Snapshot
    While I'm glad to see you getting the ball rolling on the guides, I can't help but feel a little editing and clarification would have done wonders.

    In the very first line, you call out 3 TM's, but then under the speed section, you carry only two over. Which is the recommendation? While I don't think 3 TM's is ever a good idea, I'm not opposed to two.

    As I've noted in the Balanced Guide you clearly copy/pasted, the " + " don't make too much sense. I think breaking them down and putting some space between words would make this more readable.

    The notable moves section is fine, but I would recommend separating them by position. I do, however, think the X+Y=Z thing is a a useful reference.

    Also, I like spelling things correctly, and I notice quite a few mistakes here. However, since I still suspected you copy/pasted this, I suspect this was a previous author issue and not a you translating it for us issue.

    Snapshot Grade : C-
    If the Advance techniques were more poorly chosen, I would have dropped this down so fast. >_>

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