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  • Speed-bleed build guide

    Alright, so you’ve chosen speed as your build... Excellent! Personally, I think that speed is the best build to work around, you can basically choose any kind of build and still do pretty well as long as you have a good exp points amount.

    But you’re here because you want to have a speed-bleed build, I LOVE bleed builds, they can be the toughest ones if you build them correctly; however, not that hard of a build in my opinion, still, awesome!

    As a speed, you’ll have an advantage when it comes to choosing the move set; most of the speed stats moves have good wounding and damage. And of course, you’ll be able to rise up faster one of the most important stats of TWG: stamina reducer.

    First of all, lets talk about the finisher. I’ve tried all ‘suitable’ positions, and without any doubt, the best position to have a finisher is definitely GROUNDED. All the moves, except opening moves & standing, lead to the ground. Oh, without mentioning the versatility standing moves, of course. Anyway, GROUNDED fins can become very op as fast as they can level up… You can even hit, lets say, ULTIMATE fins three times in a row, which is awesome!

    You’d need a good adrenaline amount as the grounded fins require more adrenaline to hit, so, I’d say around 50~65 adrenaline is excellent. The fin’s required adrenaline should be 1000.

    - Required position: Grounded
    - Forced position: Stunned (you can also switch to bent down, but you’ll have a required adrenaline increase)
    - Minimum and maximum damage: 100/100
    - Attack bonus: 20
    - Bleeding bonus: 1 (Yep, you don’t need that much, you can rely in your bleeding bonus stat, the one point here is just to have a minimum chance to cut the opponent)

    Alright, finisher decided, time to talk about the move set and the trademark move(s), like I said before, you have an advantage as a speed wrestler, choose 3 moves per position and all of them (or at least 80%) should have % Wounding.

    Opening moves:

    - Punch (Might + Rage = 2)
    - Knee on head (Might + Unstoppable blow = 2)
    - European uppercut (Rage + Berserker = 40)

    These are the basic moves for a bleed build, Punch & Knee on head don’t have high damage, still, they have wounding, which is the key.

    Standing moves:

    - Elbow smash (Head Start + Elasticity = 13)
    - Hard headbutt (Toughness + Pacification = 10)
    - Mule kick (Head Start + Lightness = 25)

    Elbow smash & Hard headbutt are both bleed moves that lead to groggy position when they hit, good moves and easy to be able to buy. Now, the Mule kick is not a bleed move; however, I’d advise choose a move that also lead to the bent down position, especially because the bent down position moves are excellent bleed moves! You can also switch Mule kick to Forearm on leg if you want to lead directly to the ground position, it’s not that recommended, though, as the bent down moves will hit less.

    Bent down moves:

    - Jumping half nelson face buster (Head Start + Frenzied Urge = 74)
    - Half nelson face buster (Improved Reflexes + Frenzied Urge = 73)
    - Piledriver (Might + Rage = 73)

    C’mon, these moves are killers! They all have great damage and % wounding; however, the Piledriver would require you some patience to keep leveling up strength, it might take a while depending on the server that you’re signed. Still, it’s worth it, because like said before, it has a good damage and % wounding just as the other ones. If you’re going for 2 Trademarks, I’d advise Jumping half nelson face buster as a Trademark move.

    Groggy moves:

    - Jumping twisting DDT (Head Start + Elasticity = 74)
    - Twisting DDT (Quickness + Head Start = 74)
    - Complete shot DDT (Lightness + Elasticity = 62)

    All bleed and strong moves, Jumping twisting DDT should be the Trademark move, as it is the best move of the speed-bleed move set in my opinion. The Complete shot DDT can be switched to TKO later on if you feel like so, TKO is similar to Twisting DDT and a bit better than Complete shot DDT.

    Grounded moves:

    - Rocket launcher (Unstoppable Blow + Stiff Blow = 40)
    - Knee drop (Stiff Blow + Berserker = 36)
    - Spinning leg drop (Head Start + Elasticity = 76)

    Ok, we can notice that the grounded moves are not the strongest of all, even though it’s the most important position of all. Well, you still have 2 bleed moves there, Knee drop doesn’t have that much of damage; however, it has a decent % wounding. Rocket launcher is excellent, not only a decent damage and % wounding, it also leads to groggy which is great for combo chains! The Spinning leg drop is not a bleed move; still, it has beast damage. Just for your information, Spinning leg drop is better than Leg drop, even though Leg drop has more max damage, the Spinning leg drop has more min damage, which gives it an advantage for later levels, as it’ll have a closer damage difference gap.

    Stunned moves:

    - Diving knee drop (Lightness + Elasticity = 63)
    - Diamond dust (Improved Reflexes + Frenzied Urge = 69)
    - Double knee drop from turnbuckle (Unstoppable Blow + Berserker = 80)

    The stunned moves are also excellent moves, you’ll be able to buy the first 2 ones easily due to the speed stat; however, the Double knee drop from turnbuckle might take a while. Still, it’s worth the wait, because it has a lot of damage and % wounding. Notice that all the moves are bleed moves. You’ll definitely have a good chance to cut the opponent.

    Other moves: I’m not going to list the other moves like Out of ring, to the ropes, etc. All moves here are optional; my only advice is choosing the ones with higher damage and decent % wounding.

    Now lets talk about the most important subject, the one that makes the build actually work: Exp points.

    Bleed builds are not complex builds to deal with; therefore, you’ll not need a huge amount of exp points to start it. See, I’ll list the most important advanced techniques that should be bought, also, the optional ones; however, I’ll not tell you how much you should invest on each one as it is my secret, also, I don’t want to make it too easy…

    Main Advanced Techniques:

    - Increased Resistance
    - Increased Attack
    - Increased Dodging

    Good Advanced Techniques:

    - Power Blow
    - Low Blow
    - Increased Initiative

    Optional Advanced Techniques:

    - Inner Rage
    - Damage Resistance
    - Increased Submission Defense
    - Power Body

    Basically, this is it, remember, the main key of TWG is to have fun and be patient with the build, builds are not hard to create, you just need good eyes to notice how the game stats work and once again, PATIENCE.

    - Fern

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    crap build


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      Vara xD Ferny nice build buddy.


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        This build is no longer effective due to the new engine mechanics.