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  • Submission Speed

    First of all, what is a Submission Speed (aka. Sub Speed). A Sub Speed is a normal Speed who also has the ability to make his/her opponent tap/forfeit. This build is very dangerous because you mainly have two move types, Bleed and Submission. The Bleed moves (which you get from your normal Speed build) will help wear down your opponent, which'll then set up for your Submission move - which'll finish it off. This can happen the same both ways, but the main way is the one listed. BEWARE: This build will take time, as it'll require a lot of XP.

    Strength - third priority (first priority at the start)
    Go for 32 Rage - first, so you can have a good finisher.
    Put the remaining points into Unstoppable Blow & Berserker - after level 35 of Unstoppable Blow, put Berserker at a higher priority; so that you can have a longer attack chain.
    Might - we do not touch Might, because it's not needed and does not help us.
    Bleed - it is not needed, but if you wish you can put remaining points from Unstoppable Blow & Berserker to here.

    Speed - all stats don't need to be over 37. Speeds unlock in-ring moves at level 37.
    Put Lightness & Frenzied Urge as first priority - both of these will help you a lot. It'll help you survive for longer. Frenzied Urge allows us to increase the number of attacks in a row we have.
    Put any remaining points into Quickness - this does nothing but provide us with some moves.
    Put the remaining points into Head Start & Elasticity & Dodge. - we need Head Start so we have more initiative. Whereas, we need Elasticity for our moves. We get Jumping Twisting DDT, Jumping Half Nelson Buster from Elasticity, which are one of our main moves. The Dodge will help protect your Health Points, meaning you'll survive longer.
    Put any remaining points into Quickness - this does nothing but provide us with some moves.

    Technique - last priority because we will be using ats to help our submissions.
    Put all points into Ruthless Grasp & Feint - we use Ruthless Grasp to keep our submission holds on. We also use Feint so we get a better chance at interrupting our opponent's attack sequence.
    Put remaining points into Escape Submission - so we can get out of those submission holds.

    Resistance - this should be in second priority after Speed.
    Put all points into Thick Skin & Tireless - so we can survive longer. Tireless should add onto our Stamina (Lightness) and the Thick Skin should give us Health Points, and create a Brick Wall for us.
    Put the remaining points into Pacification - so we have another layer of defence (dodge, feint, pacification).

    The reason why some positions have more than 3 moves is because it helped me and several overs with our builds.
    If you do follow, the above you should be able to get these moves - which are good and important for the build:

    European Uppercut - 0 Bleed Bonus - Rage + Berserker = 20
    Knee on Head - 3 Bleed Bonus - Tireless + Thick Skin = 5
    Punch - 1 Bleed Bonus - Might + Rage = 2

    Elbow Smash - 3 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Elasticity = 13
    Mule Kick - 0 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Elasticity = 25
    Knee Lift - 3 Bleed Bonus - Toughness + Thick Skin = 7

    Bent Down
    Jumping Half Nelson Facebuster - 20 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Frenzied Urge = 74
    Half Nelson Facebuster - 15 Bleed Bonus - Improved Reflexes + Frenzied Urge = 73
    Octopus Hold - Submission - Improved Reflexes + Lightness = 44
    Overdrive - 0 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Lightness = 73
    Twist of Fate - 0 Bleed Bonus - Ruthless Grasp & Escape Artist = 71 OR Sit Down Powerbomb - 0 Bleed Bonus - Tireless + Toughness = 71

    Twisting DDT - 15 Bleed Bonus - Quickness + Headstart = 74
    Jumping Twisting DDT - 20 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Elasticity = 74
    Torture Rack - Submission - Rage + Unstoppable Blow = 67
    TKO - 15 Bleed Bonus - Escape Artist + Feint = 79
    Full Nelson Bomb - 0 Bleed Bonus - Thickness + Tireless = 74

    Fujiwara Armbar - Submission - Lightness + Frenzied Urge = 63
    Rocket Launcher - 10 Bleed Bonus - Unstoppable Blow + Stiff Blow = 40
    Wish Bone - Submission - Tireless + Pacification = 45
    Springboard Senton Splash - 0 Bleed Bonus - Quickness + Elasticity = 74
    Leg Drop - 0 Bleed Bonus - Rage + Unstoppable Blow = 80

    Super DDT - 20 Bleed Bonus - Stiff Blow + Berserker = 65
    Diving Knee Drop - 20 Bleed Bonus - Lightness + Elasticity = 63
    Double Knee Drop From Turnbuckle - 25 Bleed Bonus - Unstoppable Blow + Berserker = 80

    You should go for either one or two trademarks. I would personally go for 1 Trademark so it can get more executions. The TM, I'd go for is Jumping Twisting DDT. If you decide to go for a Grounded TM, you should get the Fujiwara Armbar. And should get a Groggy finisher instead. The finisher below is a Grounded finisher to link with the JTDDT.

    Due to the lack of submission moves, we will be using our finisher as a submission. The submission finisher will be in Grounded, because we Speeds get to Stunned a lot more and faster than other classes. Meaning, we get to fire this finisher a lot more than other classes.
    Our temporary finisher will be using only 21AG, you can upgrade later after you get 32AG. This'll mean we will lose 20% when we reset it to make the final, but its fine.

    Damage: 8-8
    Attack Bonus: 25
    Submission Bonus: 10

    32AG Finisher:
    Damage 22-22
    Attack Bonus: 15
    Submission Bonus: 15

    You need to upgrade the Damage and the Submission Bonus simultaeneously, because when the Submission Bonus from your Build begins to fade, I'm going to need backup. So, if I keep increasing it, it'll help me keep the holds in.

    These are the Advanced Techniques you should get: Stamina, Dodge, Attack Bonus, Direct Damage Increaser, Submission Damage, Submission Damage Increaser, Low Blow and Increased Initiative.. You should prioritise the Submission ATs, as well as the Stamina and Dodge ATs.The Low Blow will help with the Bleed.

    Thanks for Reading,
    Last edited by Anne; 03-20-2015, 07:00 PM.

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    Nice write up and good read here. Time was taken to write something that really works.
    The only thing I'd change would be the non-Bleed moves in the build. I personally feel like all your non-Sub moves should be Bleeders so that there isn't any dilution in your moveset. If all of your moves have the chance to cut your opponent you'll have a much better chance at a KO. Just my 2 cents.
    Good job Anne.


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      I like how you distribuite the skills points , but i don't like some other thing :

      5 moves ... ok you explain why but i still don't agree

      In a sub build i expect more than a sub for position , look more a mixed build

      imho u will never have the exp to rise all this ats ,need to be more selective (1 kind of damage only even if is a mixed build)

      unlock all the moves u nominate will take something like a couple of year , if u play a cuople of year i expect u will be level 21 . Is hard to play at level 21 without rising life point or Dr as At.

      All i write is only imho


      J.M. Drago - ​Rayne (italian server)
      W. Addams (world)