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  • The Scorpion Speed Build

    This is my first ever build on TWG, I've created it myself and since I've kept restarting because of builds, I've decided to build my own.

    (Insert Name)
    Minimum Damage: 100
    Maximum Damage: 100
    Attack Bonus: 20
    Bleed/Pin Bonus: 1
    Adrenaline Cost: 800

    You may be thinking, "Where is the starter finisher??" Well, this is your permanent finisher, This finisher can be applied for all builds apart from technique. You will need 15-25 ag, but once you can hit it, It'll be worth it. By the time it is level 30 it will be hitting over 1000 damage. At first It should hit incredible.

    Why 100-100 and not 1-300 Damage?

    Consistency, people have said tome in the past, why don't you have a 1-200 damage finisher, This is why: say you had the 1-300 damage finisher, and you were facing me in a match were I had the 100 -100 damage finisher. Whereas yours can hit devastating or mortal, you could hit your finisher dealing about 5 damage. Plus your finisher would cost 900+ , mine costs 800 and would hit consistently and it has the big possibility to hit much harder than yours. Look at it this way:

    Your a resistance wrestler, at about level 1/2

    I'm a speed at the same level. (With the finisher)

    I'm in the orange health area and you have finally got the adrenaline to hit your pin finisher (depending on your build)

    You hit a light on my wrestler and I kick out, If I had hit my finisher in the same situation I would've put you in the red health section therefore giving me the upper hand.

    I will go into why there is a choice of Bleed/Pin later on.

    Trade Mark Move:

    Springboard Moonsault.
    The quickest way to get the Springboard Moonsault is to get your speed stat to level 40 . Next you'll have to put 40 points in quickness and 40 points into lightness. Hitting three of these in a row will leave the opponent downed for quite a while.

    Or here is where I've thought about a different TM to the usual:

    The Leg Drop which is gained through the strength stat. Costing 40 points in both Rage and Unstoppable Blow. This will take longer to be able to TM than The Moonsault, but will allow you the same damage and be able to hit your finisher relatively early on in the match.(The one I displayed) This can be both a god thing or a bad thing depending how you interpretate the events of the match. Thanks to your rage stat.

    Move Set:

    I willnot do the move set as it is your choice depending if you are a Bleed Speed or another type of Speed.

    But I highly recommend Led Drop and The Springboard Moonsault. Both are in grounded.

    Keep to 3 moves per position!

    This shall be updated later on along with the advanced techniques. I'm going for a different type of speed, not unique. So if you want a bleed Speed, go to the moves table and pick out your moveset as this is probably not for you. So later on I shall update this section to show my moveset.

    How to Spend points:


    Might - Dump you're spare points in. At Early levels save a few points so later on you can upgrade a chosen stat by a bigger margin that just leveling your strength stat and putting points in, It isn't as effective in my eyes.

    Rage- Max out until level 25, unless you want the leg drop in your moveset.

    Unstoppable Blow- This is you're second most important stat in the strength section, as it allows you to hit moves more often without it being reversed and gives a little bonus in terms of damage if combined with Might later on in the build.

    Stiff Blow- If your a Bleed Speed this is just as important as UB, so level them equally.

    Beserker- Not necessary, but some may argue.


    Improved Reflexes- Again, depends on your chosen moveset, although I don't recommend it, It can be useful, it can be replaced by block in the technique section.

    Head Start- Put points in after Frenzied Urge.(The stat to upgrade after Lightness and Quickness)

    Frenzied Urge- Put remaining points in after maxing out Lightness and Quickness)

    Lightness & Quickness- Max out! This is so you can gain the move Springboard Moonsault. Stop with Quickness once it is at level 40 along with Lightness, don't stop with lightness, this is so you can gain the required skill to finish of your moveset. Lightness is Stamina and so Is Tireless, they are Speeds life source!


    Block- Level this up equally along with feint, this is after spending points in Escape Artist

    Ruthless Grasp and Power Grappling- Again depends if your a Sub Speed, but this is not advised.

    Escape Artist- Max Out

    Feint- Level up along with block, this is after spending points in Escape Artist


    Tireless- Level equally along with Pacification after Thick Skin

    Toughness- Not as effective as Thick Skin (Health Points) so don't bother with it.

    Thick Skin- Max Out, as this is Health Points, at around level 40+ of Thick Skin change to Maxing Tireless, this can be done at level 30 if you but the correct AT's(AT's shall be updated, as I haven't gone into detail or seen them as a matter of fact yet) I advise level 30 for this but this is you and not me. I'm giving you the base of a speed build, this build can branch off at anytime into many other Sub- Categories.

    Willpower- Don't Bother as it is useless, again some may argue.

    Pacification- Level up equally with Tireless after maxing Thick skin, at your chosen time to max Tireless do this with Thick Skin.

    I hope this is a good read and a good base outline, I haven't gone into very fine detail as I'm no expert, but I do have a good Idea of the speed category.
    Most of all I hope it is a good outline.
    Later on, when my wrestler is a higher level I will post MY build in very fine detail. With the moveset, At's but with the same finisher ;)

    Hope you like it,

    Last edited by Johnnie Zero; 04-09-2015, 05:13 PM.

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    Fyi Fin's forced to Stunned can be a real killer late in the game. Imo you're better off sending your fin to You Are Running as most people won't hit harder than Devastating or Mortal there. The +20 AC is a drop in the bucket. Also, the 1 BB is killer too. If you plan on leveling your Stiff Blow for extra BB then why not go with at least a 10 value for your Fin's BB? You'll get a more consistency that way, and if you ever level your Fin's BB it'll level much faster as a 1 value would take forever to level up.
    Your use of the term "max" is also suspicious. How do you "MAX" something to 25, and/or max out a Class stat? It doesn't make any sense.