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  • Bleed Speed - Expansion Pack

    New engine made this build obsolete, as bleeding is not as effective as it was on the old one. I will publish the revised build for speeds in the coming days.

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m Clairvoyant and I play on s3. Everything written here will be from s3 perspective as I don’t play other servers and don’t know them at all. I have been approached recently with quite a few questions about my build so I decided to share it. And since the build itself is very simple and straightforward, I will also add a couple of tips that helped me reach my pace of development (hence the Expansion Pack).

    Before I get to the build itself, there are 2 files that I use when planning the move set and that I strongly recommend to use. First of all: moves table. Using the online version can be tiresome, that’s why I recommend the excel version, available in this topic:
    The second file that I recommend is made by me. It’s also an excel file that lets you easily keep track of how many points in each skill you still need to unlock desired moves. It also have all the moves in main position copied from the above file. What I have added is the “Average damage” column to get a better view on actual power of each move. I also added a tab where you can see AT cost and gain as well as Fin Damage calculator. You can find it here:

    First of all I believe that classes doesn’t really matter when it comes to skills. You should choose your class solely on the basis of moves that it lets you unlock. I am going for a bleed build so speed is a natural choice. Best bleeding moves are accessible from speed and strength skill trees but speed offers more in my opinion. If you look at the bleeding moves table sorted by average damage, you will see that most of the hardest hitting moves comes from speed tree. The only exception is grounded position but it doesn’t have many great bleeding moves anyway.

    Move Set
    This brings us to the move set. In my build there is only one rule: as much bleeding moves as possible. I pick bleeding over damage. Therefore my move set in main positions is as follows:

    Opening: Punch, Mongolian Chop, Knee on Head
    Standing: Elbow Smash, Hard Headbutt, Mule Kick
    Bent Down: Jumping Half Nelson Face Buster, Half Nelson Face Buster, Piledriver (Overdrive)
    Groggy: Jumping Twisting DDT, Springboard DDT, Twisting DDT
    Grounded: Fist Drop, Knee Drop (Spinning Leg Drop), Rocket Launcher (Springboard Moonsault)
    Stunned: Diving Knee Drop, Diamond Dust, Double Knee Drop From Turnbuckle (Diving Bulldog)

    There are several moves that comes from strength tree. Those are great moves and worth waiting for, but if you want to complete your move set faster, I have put speed equivalents in brackets next to those moves. Bear in mind that when going pure speed, you will have to go for not bleeding moves in grounded which is not what this build is all about, but can add some twist to it.
    I assume you go for speed/strength move set. To get them all your stats at minimum should look like that:

    Improved Reflexes 36
    Head Start 37
    Lightness 26
    Elasticity 37
    Frenzied Urge 37
    Quickness 37

    Might 33
    Rage 40
    Unstoppable Blow 40
    Stiff Blow 0
    Berserker 40

    It takes time. I’m still 15 days away from unlocking the final move and my wrestler is already 27 years old. Simply put, it takes around 9 months to get them all but it’s worth the wait.
    After you unlock the desired move set use your skill points only for following stats:
    In strength put everything you can in Berserker and rest whenever you like (I chose Rage to hit my finisher more often);
    In Speed everything you can in Lightness and Frenzied Urge, rest in Head Start;
    In Technique everything you can in Feint, rest in Escape Artist.
    In Resistance start by putting everything you can in Thick Skin and rest in Tireless. After Thick Skin gets to 30, start putting everything you can in Pacification and put rest in Tireless.
    What’s most important is to max out skills that you cannot upgrade through ATs, which are Attacks Allowed, Attacks Denied, bonuses for those and Lightness. Some people stop leveling Lightness after it gets around 90% as it is a cap for that skill but I will not do that. Why? Because stamina reducer, as every other modifier, is affected by stamina. If you want to keep it at maximum for longer, go over 90%.

    Advanced Techniques
    The beauty of my build is that you have very few ATs you have to invest in. That way you will gain upper hand over people that spread out their xp very thin. You must only invest in HP, Stamina, Direct Damage Increaser, Attack Bonus, Dodge/Block and Bleed Bonus. So let’s go over them one by one:

    HP – Your main line of defense when your dodge/block fails. I prefer hp instead of damage reducer for one simple reason. If I invest, for example, 105k xp in damage reducer, I will get 210 dr. It will be of any effect only against people with direct damage increaser of less than 300, against everyone else, it’s like you don’t have it at all. HP, on the other hand, is the same against anyone. Choosing to go without dr I accept the fact that everyone will hit me for 190% of their base damage and I compensate for that with more HP so I can withstand that.

    Stamina – your fuel, without it you’re no one. Keep your stamina at least 100 times your level, so e.g on level 15 don’t have less than 1500 stamina.

    Direct Damage Increaser – The second most important skill in this build. It is possible to reach the top of the game without any ddi, as long as you have enough attack bonus and block/dodge. However, high damage increases the chance of cutting your opponent, so I suggest heavy investment in it. Dropping ddi is an option but you would have to level your moves to increase the minimum damage that they always do (10% of base). That requires money that could instead be spent on entrances.

    Attack Bonus – Very important, but not the most from the perspective of this build. High block/dodge increases the number of attacks you do hence some of them have to land even with slightly lower Attack Bonus. I tend to keep my Ab a little behind DDI and Dodge/Block.

    Dodge/Block – Your main defense and your most important stat in game. Start with dodge, but there will be a point when you should switch to dodge to counter specializations. Speeds have a hard life because there are 10 specializations against them (balanced have only 8, which is confusing). One of them is Agile Counterattacks that takes away 6% of your dodge. The more you have, the more you lose. Once you reach the point that it takes away all dodge you have from your stats (40), switch to block. The line is 666 dodge. After that switch to block.

    Bleed Bonus – Hard to imagine bleeding build without it. Since there is no direct counter to it heavy investment is not necessary. I always level it up when I’m on the top of the level, so I don’t haste the leveling up. I stopped at around 300 bleed bonus and now will level it only if I notice significant decrease in number of cuts that I do.

    To sum it up, when you buy ATs keep DDI and Dodge/Block as first priority with rest close behind. For every 5 levels of DDI and Dodge/Block get 4 levels of HP, stamina and AB. Get BB to 300 and observe.

    I go by one trademark. I start with Knee Stomp (obviously) and then switch to Fist Drop as soon as possible. After unlocking al the moves and doing stat reset you can switch to Rocket Launcher. Basically, I stick to grounded TM, having fin in Groggy or Stunned, where it’s cheaper.

    Lastly, the finisher.
    There are two ways I recommend. Either go for groggy direct damage fin at around 25 x your ag, or stunned pin fin at around 30 x your ag. First one will not be very powerful but will provide additional cuts. Second will win you matches. Second means more points in finisher rankings (if you care about that) but also bigger risk of fluking the master. I tend to stick with weaker dd fin after fluking my way too high up the rankings. But either choice is good. Remember to first set up an early finisher that hits with ag at around 20 and after you get your ag to 40, switch to a final finisher. The only guidance I can give is: keep min and max damage the same, pin bonus/bleed bonus equals one and on early fin have ab set to 10, and on final one set it to 20. Forced position should be stunned on early finisher and You are running on final one.

    Also, I strongly recommend not putting any additional xp to increase adrenaline gain. If you do it, your stronger finisher will not fire off during storylines and global title matches and will increase your chances of fluking the master. It’s not worth it in my opinion.

    Early TPs
    At the beginning of the game you will get buckets full of TPs from storylines and Targets/achievements. After buying stat and xp trainer (wait with buying it until finishing first storyline and getting a bounty bag, you can get one of trainers or even both for free), there is always a question on how to use that amount of TPs. My advice depends on the fact if you’re supporter or not. If you are, invest in Private Gym. Private Gym gets you twice the amount of stats for invested xp at the cost of TPs. It’s good as long as you are unable to exchange 10 tps for 1000 xp through private leagues, after that it’s a waste. However, there is a way to eat a cookie and have a cookie with it. Erecting it to level 25 will get you 85 TPs from achievements. Get it to that level upgrading only HP and Stamina and then reset it for 20 TPs when you can easily trade 10 TPs for 1000 xp. You will be 65 TPs ahead and get back all the invested ones so you will be able to go wild on those private leagues.

    If you don’t have access to private gym, use your starting TPs for sparring partners. They speed up development. But use them only until you unlock specialization matches. After that there’s no rush, you have everything unlocked and can level up slower, winning some special tournaments in the process.

    Final word of advice. When you do a stat reset, don’t be greedy. Make sure your active moves will be at the same level as before the reset. High level moves are a real game changer, I don’t think it’s worth to weaken them to get few more entrances.

    That’s all. I hope to get some feedback on that one. Also, knowing my luck, few days after I post it the new engine will get introduced and everything will change. Oh well…
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    Hi Clair,

    Sorry to reply so late; but it feels real nice to read your guide. The spreadsheet you've prepared clearly demonstrate the efforts you've put into designing this build. If the new engine works I'm pretty sure you'll update your guide accordingly :)

    I remember having started to lose to you regularly when we met at level 20. I'm also a speed but just didn't understand where those cuts were coming from. In the chat too I've seen people talking about you in a dedicated manner. Especially techies saying how you're the only person who knocked them down in their preferred ulti-sub match. That's a clear indication of how successful your build is.

    If anyone wants to face Clair to realize what a true challenge means, I'd invite them to try play on S3 . Watch this Bleed-Speed Phenomenon in action.
    Cheers :)


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      Thanks for a good word Kaal :-) I have a feeling that on the new engine this build should work the same, probably the only thing that will require change is not switching to block at some point. Maybe recommending only pin fin? But we will see.

      As of now you raised an important issue of ultimate submission/iron man matches. It is worth to be noted that in those matches if you won't ko your opponent you will probably lose. Without any pin and sub moves you will score very few points in those matches. There are 2 possible ways to deal with that issue. First is to put more xp in stamina to be able to retailate even when you are already losing by few points and ko your opponent. Second is to activate fujiwara armbar as a fourth move in grounded to score some points with it without investment in sb and sdi. I am testing the first option now and will let you know how it works out.

      New engine made this build obsolete, as bleeding is not as effective as it was on the old one. I will publish the revised build for speeds in the coming days.

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