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  • Formula's Guide to your first Strength Build.

    Hey guys, Formula Here. Today i bring to you one of the most unique strength builds, the out of ring build.
    So you may be thinking, how does that work? Im going to show you! Btw I would only keep this as a starter build, keep it until around the levels 14/15.

    First I'm going to show you the points to put in each stat.

    Levels 1-5


    Strength : At first I'd say to put your points into Rage(AG) and Unstoppable Blow(AB). Max It. You may ask why not to stock up on the DDI at the low levels, but with a strength you need to make a really good finisher, and fast you should be able to put your enemy to sleep. The sooner you get your finisher, the better. ( I will put a brief summary on how to make a good finisher at the bottom). The reason you should get Unstoppable Blow is because at the low levels, if you get alot of Ab, the opposition wont be able to block/dodge anything, and thats good. With the rest of you points you get train the class skill. Train strength to 40, You will get leg drop, the best grounded move in most peoples eyes, this wont get your opponent out the ring, but it does the damage. You will also get Rocket launcher, This is the Best bleed move for grounded, and it leads out of the ring. You will fall in love with the rocket launcher.

    Speed : This one is Easy, max dodge and lightness. Train to about 15-20

    Tech : This stat is optional for the build, but if you do decide to train it, max feint, then the rest of the points into esc sub. Train to about 10-15 if willing.

    Resis : In the resis stat for the low levels you should max hp, and put the rest into stamina. You have like no health points at the start of the game so you should train hp, and stamina is like your health bar. its needed. focus on these two stats. Once your Thick skin level is around 15 (hp), Max Tireless and put the remaining points into ab. Train to around 20-25

    AT's : Dodge, Stamina , Ddi , Ab.


    Levels 5-15

    Strength : Once you get the Class skill to 40, you should start thinking about the moves to lead out of the ring ; List Below

    Open:Knee on Head/Throat Thrust/Euro Uppercut
    Standing:Roundhouse Kick/Overhead Kick/Hard Headbutt
    Bent Down: Released Powerbomb/Pump Handle Suplex/Powerbomb to Facebuster
    Groggy: Chokeslam(TM)/Double Chokelift Slam/Full Nelson Slam
    Ground: (Finisher)/Rocket Launcher/Firespin/Leg Drop
    Stunned: Spear/Diamond Dust/Double Knee Drop from Turnbuckle

    You should use the Move's Table to Find the stats needed for these moves, Link will be at the bottom.
    The Outside of Ring TM's should be the highest damage ones you've got.

    Speed : max dodge and lightness. Train to about 25-30

    Tech : If you do decide to train it, max feint, then the rest of the points into esc sub. Train to about 20-25 if willing.

    Resis : In the resis stat max stamina, remaining points into hp, some into DR if you choose. Train to 30.

    AT's : Keep leveling the same four, dr if needed.



    we are going to have a temp fin, at around 20 ag. To find the Ac, you do your AG (20) x 25 = 25AG (500).
    the main finisher, when we make it, will have 41 Ag.

    Temp fin, levels one to five.

    Min and Max damage should be 70.
    The Positions should both be stunned.
    20 attack bonus.
    1 bleed bonus.

    Final Finisher.

    Min and Max Damage should be 100
    Both Positions to be Grounded
    10 attack bonus
    1 bleed.


    Thanks guys for reading, I hope you can give me tips on how to improve my wording or the build in itself, as im not the best at wording, but if you do decide to keep this build, only keep it until you are around levels 14-15-16ish.

    Credits to ; Doppelganger ( he's the master of this build, i just put my spin on it). And The Deadpool, (He helped me with the Leveling of stats to the level, like 25 str 10 resis and 11 speed at level 3 etc). They both have been big Helps :).

    Moves Table [URL=""][/URL=""]"][/URL="[/URL=""][/URL=""]

    Thanks for reading, Formula (world server). Blinq (S2).
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    Looks like a fun build. Do most of the moves actually work at getting your opponent out of the ring? Also if this is an Out of Ring build, why not list the moves you'd use for that position?
    How do you max a skill if you only level it to a certain point?


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      ok but how do you rasie strenght ?


      • Madam Snapshot
        Madam Snapshot commented
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        When you go to your profile page, you can click on the stat you wish to raise (Strength, Speed, Resistance, Technique) and assuming you have the FE's (money) to pay for it, you will begin training that stat. Different servers have different costs and timers on their stat, so it varies.

        After you've successfully raised a stat though, if you go into your Gym section and go to Skills, you will be able to choose where to put the points you got for training up that stat once it's completed.

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      maybe I am missing something ,but how do you raise skill piont to get more str, speed etc...exp, move trainging what is the big secret ex cept nighthawk I have gotten the bigest run AROUND and I lot rude messages sent. I see peopl who started after me and they got 8 speed 12 str. HOW and if nowants me i WILL LEAVE , pLAYING mmo'S SINCE 87 I never seen a group Of un freind people.


      • Hida Kozan
        Hida Kozan commented
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        No need to be rude yourself. Madam Snapshot replied and told you how to raise your stats. If you've been playing MMO's since 87', I'm pretty sure that figuring out this game should be easy. You should have 20+ yrs of experience. The format and structure of this game are pretty easy to learn.

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      sorry Hida, but I been trying to learn been very stuck.But over 8 rude messages because i ask a question.
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      • Hida Kozan
        Hida Kozan commented
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        No worries man. Next time, hit your server's chat and look for a Helper or Mod. Watch them help people and when you find a Helper or Mod that you like: ask them questions.
        Feel free to PM me on server 1 for help if you ever need it.