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  • HIDA's Strength only moveset

    So, I did a reset recently and decided to only use moves from within the Strength stat. Every move in this moveset comes from the Strength stat, or it was a standard move from the generic moveset.
    *** Update 10th Dec. 13. You need at least lvl59 Strength to make this moveset work. Thanks to Lilith for letting me know!***

    Here's the moveset. I'll expand on reasons for moves later.

    Opening: Ear Slap, Knee on Head
    Standing: Forearm Smash, Head Butt
    Bent: Double UH Piledriver, Piledriver, Reverse Powerslam
    Groggy: Chokeslam, Jumping Piledriver, Torture Rack
    Ground: Camel Clutch, Leg Drop, Rocket Launcher
    Stunned: Diving Big Boot, Double Knee Drop, Super DDT

    Sooo... There are subs. I used some reset time to make my subs a decent level, and that has been an amazing thing. If you do use subs: LEVEL THEM UP.
    There's a combination of wounding/bleeding moves, and of course some big damage moves.
    ALL of the moves come from the Strength stat.
    I used the maximum amount of stat points in Speed and Resistance in Frenzied Urge and Pacification. Berserker and Feint were brought to equal values. And that's about it.
    This is a super simple moveset.
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    Really helped


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      why use sub moves?


      • Hida Kozan
        Hida Kozan commented
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        Why not use Sub moves? It's an extra win condition, and combos well with bleeders. Why do most of the top Techs have movesets that look like they're actually Strengths? Give this moveset a shot and see how it works for you. As long as the subs are actually leveled high enough, they work out well.

      • tstemdju
        tstemdju commented
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        People always get out of the hold in their first try and gain initiative on me. Any tips on that?

      • Darkstar
        Darkstar commented
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        Get submission bonus then tstemdju it helps to maintain holds

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      started a strength on s2,this helped,thx