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  • Scoope45
    started a topic Scoope's Strength Build

    Scoope's Strength Build


    - Max Out Fury

    - Max out rage until 40

    - Once got 40 rage, spend points into Might, but continue maxing fury ~

    - Put about 30 points into Berserker

    - If wanting a bleed build, Spend points in stiff blow (higher chance of hitting bleed moves)


    - Max Out Lightness

    - Remaining points into Frienzied Urge


    - Max Block

    - Remaining points into Escape Artist

    - Ruthless Grasp (If your going for str sub)


    - Max Tireless

    - Equally spend remaining points into Toughness and Thick Skin.

    Spend bout 30 points in Pacification


    - Increased Block

    - Increased Attack

    - Increased Resistance

    - Power Blow

    - Add DR later on, once you have levelled up sometime. (DR drains your opponents moves and gives you the upper hand)

    - Low Blow if your going for a bleed build

    - Mortal Submission (Str Sub)

    - Increased Sub (Str Sub)

    SA's - I Wouldn't advise getting these.

    Perm Finisher

    around 30-41 AG,

    Required position: Groggy.

    Suffered Postion: Stunned.

    Minimum/Maximum Damage: 100/100.

    Attack Bonus: 20.

    Bleed Bonus: 1

    Status: Always 100%

    Adrenaline Cost: 800

    Perm TM

    Start with TMing Knee Stomp, then train your Strength and increase Rage and Unstoppable Blow to lvl 40 in order to get Leg Drop ASAP. Once you get it, use 20 TP and remake Knee Stomp into Leg Drop without loosing executions. You could have two TM's if you wish, your second TM could be, Diving Spear, Chokeslam or double handed piledriver


    Use only one, either 5s or 10s but no longer. Your own preference here :)

    Make sure with your fantaeuro's you spend on entrances, the more entrances you get, the more exp you will gain per match which then it will be easier to achieve the AT's you have set out for your build.

    You gain fantaeuro's easily, You can get them from Stables, Tag team, Tournements, Elimination Chamber, Leagues, Invitationals etc.

    The more active you are, the easier it will be to find a active tag partner, Stable and a trade partner.

  • El Magico
    Thank You Too Much For That Lesson Now I am Too Strong

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  • Scoope45
    Oh dang, Missed crucial parts in this build. Looks like I'm going to have to revise this build. Thanks Hida!

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  • Hida Kozan
    I have a question. In the Tech stat you don't mention Feint at all. Are you suggesting to not out any points into Feint?
    Another question. You say to max out Rage until you get 40. Doesn't maxing out mean putting all your points there? The same goes for Fury. Why max that one stat as well. What if there are moves you want to get where your need Unstoppable Blow like Leg Drop. You didn't bring Unstoppable Blow up either.
    I feel like your stat points aren't fleshed out enough, and lack direction towards unlocking moves for your moveset. Without a good moveset all of the stats in the world can't help you win.

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