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  • Boxing with Shadows: A Tank-Strength Guide

    Before you go off and spend 70 Tournament Points to reset your Advanced Techniques and your Move Set, I must warn you that this build is VERY GIMMICKY. I would recommend looking at a different guide if you would prefer doing what the majority of players are doing.

    To begin with, I am Lilith and am a level 8 strength wrestler on Server 1. No I am not Lilynette. She writes technique builds, such as the Kimori Screamer. However, I will format my guide like her guide for accessibility and a much nicer read. After much theory-crafting and failed builds, I have created 'Boxing with Shadows' which is a full-tank build that utilizes the strong base stats that the strength character gives in order to deal out massive damage while being able to take a tremendous amount of hits. Generally, this build will either wear out your opponent to the point where they are a sitting-duck for your high powered moves OR allow you to stall the match out until you can trigger your finisher.

    (insert name here)
    Type: Direct Damage
    Required Position: Groggy
    Forced Position: Stunned
    Minimum Damage: 100
    Maximum Damage: 100
    Attack Bonus: 20
    Bleeding Bonus: 1
    Required Wrestler Status: Always
    Adrenaline Cost: 800

    Other than the 800 Adrenaline Cost, a direct damage finisher with these stats is pretty vanilla. Many people, in regard to the range between the minimum and maximum damage, ask "Why don't you just make the range 1-232 or 10-220? You would totally do SO much more damage!" Well, yes, the maximum damage of your finisher is double mine at level 1, but this finisher is much more effective for two reasons. One, my finisher will reach maximum damage much faster than yours (99,999-99,999), allowing me to consistently hit high. Two, again, my finisher is much more consistent with its damage than one with 1-232 or 10-220. It's all about consistency.

    For example, if you were to trigger your 1-232 finisher, theoretically, you could hit a 17, 89, 175, etc., while with a 100-100 finisher, you would theoretically be hitting 100s every time. Many people make the mistake of seeing a higher number at maximum damage and automatically assuming that their finisher will hit that high. No.

    This finisher will be hitting at the 1000-1000 range when it is level 30, and paired with your base Direct Damage stats, it will also be hitting ULTIMATE, the highest tier of direct damage. Here is mine for reference:

    Broom Bashing (Level 31)
    Points: 356 - Winning: 7%
    Damage: 1086,75-1086,75 - Attack Bonus: 20
    Bleeding Bonus: 1
    Required Adrenaline: 800
    Required Wrestler Status: Always
    Required Position: Groggy
    Level Progress: 4,15%

    The great thing about this finisher is that the adrenaline cost directly correlates with your trademark. Like many, I opted to trademarking the Leg Drop because it is the highest damage Grounded move obtainable through the Strength stat. Leg Drop requires you to have 40 points in Rage (Adrenaline Gain) and 40 Unstoppable Blow (Attack Bonus) for a total of 80 stat points, meaning you can buy this move when your Strength stat is 40. The 40 Adrenaline Gain points that are obtained through the acquisition of Leg Drop gives you enough Adrenaline Gain for you to pull trigger your finisher after successfully executed moves. If you don't like Leg Drop (but who doesn't?), Double Underhook Piledriver and Chokeslam are viable trademarks. Double Underhook Piledriver requires a total of 75 skill points in Might (Direct Damage) and the class skill Fury (Attack Bonus and Direct Damage), while Chokeslam requires a total of 80 points in Might (Direct Damage) and Unstoppable Blow (Attack Bonus). However, trademarking these moves early on makes it so that it will be very hard to hit your finisher early one unless you buy the Adrenaline Gain advanced technique (highly recommend against buying it).


    At the moment, all of my moves are strictly obtainable through the Strength stat. You will need 59 points of the Strength stat to unlock all of these moves. Thank you to Hida Kozan for providing this moveset!

    Ear Slap
    Knee on Head

    Forearm Smash
    Head Butt

    Double Underhook Piledriver - 75 points in Might/Fury
    Piledriver - 73 points in Might/Rage
    Reverse Powerslam - 58 points in Might/Fury

    Chokeslam - 80 points in Might/Unstoppable Blow
    Jumping Piledriver - 52 points in Might/Berserker
    Torture Rack - 67 points in Rage/Unstoppable Blow

    Camel Clutch - 63 points in Rage/Stiff Blow
    Leg Drop - 80 points in Rage/Unstoppable Blow
    *Rocket Launcher - 40 points in Unstoppable Blow/Stiff Blow

    Diving Big Boot - 60 points in Stiff Blow/Fury
    Double Knee Drop From Turnbuckle - 80 points in Unstoppable Blow/Berserker
    Super DDT - 65 points in Stiff Blow/Berserker

    *For this move, be sure to complement it with moves that occur out of the ring! This move allows you to bring the fight outside of the ring, and strength wrestlers have high damage moves that occur outside of the ring!

    Note that I did not list moves such as Diving Spear, which caps at the same damage as Leg Drop. The moveset is totally up to you, and you can substitute moves that you enjoy and believe will add body to your build.

    The core of 'Boxing with Shadows'. Advanced Techniques allows you to gain stats much quicker using experience that you gain from fighting in matches. BEING ACTIVE IS KEY! Just because you use these AT's does not mean you are automatically going to be the best wrestler in your level, or in the game.

    At the moment, I only have three advanced techniques, because again, I'm banking on my base strength stats to do all of my dirty work.
    Power Body : 7. Beginner
    Increased Resistance : 10. Inexperienced
    Damage Resistance : 15. Beginner

    Here, I will address the controversy between Damage Resistance and Health Points (Power Body). After much experimentation, I've come to the conclusion that spending TONS of experience in health points is very ineffective. For example, take a look at my advanced techniques above. I have put fifteen levels, 120,000 experience points, into Power Body at one point in time, which gives about 2,000 health points. The rest of my experience points were then put into block and stamina (Increased Resistance). What I realized is that I wasn't able to take one Legendary - Ultimate finisher, which defeats the purpose of a tank build. Relying on the Power Body advanced technique forces you to allocate some of your experience into block to defend your health pool. This to me is a waste of experience. Why spend so many points on something that doesn't even work? I have less than half of that health with Damage Resistance, and it it MUCH more effective. By putting fifteen levels into Damage Resistance, I obtained about 200% Damage Reducer. To my understanding, Damage Reducer cuts into the opponent's Direct Damage. For example, if someone were to hit me with a 1,000 damage finisher while I had 200% Damage Reducer their finisher would do about 250 damage to me, which is what I have interpreted DR to be. Let's look at this realistically. Would you rather take 1,000 damage or 250 damage? However, Damage Reducer fades over the course of the match, which is why I have put a lot of points into stamina.

    Stamina is a very tricky stat, but it is extremely important for a strength character. Hitting high damage moves requires you to have a lot of stamina. Let's think of it this way. You're an athlete in a long marathon, where you need to run for a long duration. To get by people and to maintain your lead, you need bursts of speed. To have these bursts of speed, you need to have energy left over. This is exactly how stamina works. To hit big moves, you need energy to do it. What use is a big move if it brings you from black to red? Your opponent will have a much easier time beating you because you're technically beating yourself.

    As you get further and further into the game, your base strength stats will not be as reliable, therefore you'll need to spend some of your experience into offensive stats. If you find yourself not being able to get past your opponent's block, it is best that you begin investing some of your experience into Attack Bonus and Direct Damage Increaser. However, I personally have yet to have this happen.

    To begin, I'll give you what level I have my stats at, as well as my point allocation, so you can connect the stat points and my overall stats

    Strength: 56
    Speed: 25
    Technique: 25
    Resistance: 25

    Might: 40
    Rage: 40
    Unstoppable Blow: 40
    Stiff Blow: 0
    Berserker: 36
    Fury: 40

    Improved Reflexes: 0
    Head Start: 8
    Lightness: 25
    Elasticity: 0
    Frenzied Urge: 15

    Block: 25
    Power Grappling: 0
    Ruthless Grasp: 0
    Escape Artist: 2
    Feint: 17

    Tireless: 13
    Toughness: 0
    Thick Skin: 25
    Will Power: 0
    Pacification: 10

    Now, onto the stats.

    Health Points:1.250 - As I had explained before, I find it not as effective as Damage Reducer, but it never hurts to have health; just don't rely on it purely as your only defensive stat.

    Stamina: 774 - No surprise here. If I want to last a long time, I need to have the 'energy' to do so. If I want to hit hard, I also need the 'energy' to do so.

    Allowed Attacks: 8 (bonus 72%) - Having such high allowed attacks (Frenzied Urge) and bonus percentage (Berserker) allows me to pull off a wide string of attacks before the opponent can stop me.

    Attacks Denied: 2 (bonus 34%) - Self explanatory. Denying attacks (Pacification) and bonus percentage (Feint) allows me to stop the opponent before he/she begins to chew at my Damage Reducer.

    Attack Bonus: 80+5 - Attack Bonus adds on to your moves and allows you to have a higher chance of hitting your moves. If you can't hit your opponents, you're a meat shield and are going to rack up a hefty string of losses.

    Initiative bonus: 8 - Not too important in my eyes, but it is quite helpful as it determines who gains the upper hand whenever there is a stalemate. One of those stats where it doesn't hurt to have much.

    Submission Bonus: 0+5 - No.

    Adrenalin Gain: 41 - As mentioned earlier, Adrenaline Gain allows you to execute your finisher. Typically, people multiple their adrenaline gain by 25 to gain the Adrenaline Cost for their finisher because it is typically the amount of moves that you execute during a match. I, however, prefer multiplying by 20, as it lets you hit your finisher first. This is usually the difference between winning and losing.

    Bleeding Bonus: 0+2 - For this build, bleeding bonus isn't really needed, and buying bulk of it doesn't do too much for your build. Although it makes your opponent bleed, giving you a higher chance of knocking your opponent out, I advise against it.

    Pinning Bonus: 0 - Not necessary.

    DAMAGE MODIFIERS: Direct Damage Increaser: 80+5% - Direct Damage Increaser determines how hard you hit. Generally, strengths highly value this stat, but I don't really care for adding any extra points in it for this build. There are many people that have reached the upper tier of the World Rankings with very little DDI, but again, if you find yourself losing after buying your defensive advanced techniques, this is a good stat to invest in.

    Submission Damage Increaser: 0% - Not relevant for a strength character.

    Damage Reducer: 240% - Reduces the amount of damage that the opponent does to you/how much you take from the opponent. If you've gotten this far and don't realize why this stat is so high, I recommend scrolling up and reading my input on it.

    Stamina reducer: 25 +2% - Incredibly important for a Strength character, and is the sole reason as to why I picked block over dodge. Picking block over dodge allows you to max Stamina Reducer, in turn making your moves cost less to execute. Remember how I said that it will cost a lot of 'energy' to execute big moves. This stat reduces the amount of 'energy' needed.

    SKILLS: Block: 25 - As explained earlier, maxing block allows you to put more points into stamina reducer. Specifically for this build, only good things come out of getting block. Getting block allows you to protect your Damage Reducer, thus making it nearly impossible for the opponent to do anything to do. I don't have experience invested into it, but I highly recommend it.

    Dodge: 0 +2 - Only need one defense stat, and in this build, that stat is block.

    Escape Submissions: 2% - Another incredibly useful stat that I have yet to invest in. Techniques are notorious for being tank killers because they suck all of our stamina. By investing experience into the Escape Submissions advanced technique, you prevent them from getting all of their damage off, leaving you a free win served on a golden platter!

    Pin Opposition: 0 - lol. Don't do invest into this stat, as it is, in most peoples' opinion worthless.

    I recommend one finisher, one taunt, and one trademark? Why? With the new reset, you are only able to execute each three times a match. By having only one of each allows them to grow much quicker and gain more executions. There's no such thing as divide and conquer in this category.

    A 10 second taunt should suffice. I feel that a 5 second taunt is too short to be effective, and the 15, 20, and 25 second taunts makes you prone to being interrupted and losing your momentum in the match.


    Thanks for reading! I will chronicle any perks, tricks, and tips that I find below as I continue on with the build!

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    Great read here. I like how you took the whole build apart and explained how and why things have worked and not worked for you.
    Seeing a couple of subs and noticing that 99% of your move set is from the Strength stat also makes me happy. The Strength stat gives some AMAZING moves.
    I can' wait to see how this build evolves if you take it into the higher levels.