Trying this out on World atm.
This is a total GIMMICK move set. I'll let y'all know how it works out. I'm honestly thinking about trying out on my S1 account too.
There A LOT of holes in this moveset. For the most part, you're limited to X moves in 6 positions (Bent/Groggy/Grounded/OutsideRing/TurnbuckleGrounded/Stunned)
Keeping this moveset "pure" may be a little much for some. "Pure" meaning ONLY Fury based move, which is why this is very risky option.

Here's what I thought about using/trying out. I opted for as many Bleeders as possible (Go figure, lol). There are also 2 Subs, YAY!

Open: Ear Slap
Standing: Forearm Smash
Bent: Double Underhook Piledriver (MF 75), Powerbomb to Facebuster (BF 53), Reverse Powerslam (MF 58)
Groggy: Face Slam (MF 39), Body Press to Front Slam (SF 80), *either/or* Onverted Atomic Drop (BF 62) / Oklahoma Slam (SF 67)
Grounded: Head Pound (SF 26), Surfboard Stretch (RF 28), Two Handed Facebuster (BF 33)

The rest of the moves are also pretty easy to pick out.
For something like this I was thinking of TM'ing 2 moves. Possibly Double Underhook Piledriver, and either Diving Big Boot (Stunned), or Surfboard Stretch(!!!). I've never ever EVAR seen anyone TM Surfboard Stretch before.

This gimmick may work out much better in the lower to mid levels. But in the upper levels I'm not sure. There are just way too many holes in the move set, i.e. the lack of moves in the main positions and lack of power of said moves.