I planned out this build some time ago and wanted to play it, but can't do it now for a couple of reasons so I decided to share this build, mybe it'll help some of You:

The main thing is getting big pin finisher and moves leading to groggy where I'd put it, also dumping stiff blow and bleeding bonus, but keeping some bleed moves to cut sometimes. Ok lets go into details:

Oppening Moves: European Uppercut, Throat Thrust, Knee on Head

Standing: Roundhouse Kick, 3 Pont Stance Charge, Elbow Smash (all lead to groggy plus bleed move)

Bent Down: Released Powerbomb, Double Underhook Piledriver, Piledriver (some bleeding and high damage with only str stats)

Groggy: Chokeslam, Olympic Slam, Full Nelson Bomb, earlier Double Chokelift Slam to use for some time (high damage, moves hard to obtain but in the endgame they will work very well, no need to use dump stats to bleed moves like TKO, pure damage build will work great with finisher that kills and pins same time)

Grounded: Leg Drop, Groin Knee Drop, Rocket Launcher (high damage and bleed plus leading to groggy)

Stunned: Double Knee Drop From Turnbuckle, Spear, Diving Spear


Str: everything to 40 except stiff blow which should be left at 0-10, later on berserker to the max, 65 or 70 but thats after obtaining moveset and other base stats... base obtained at around lvl 60 strength, limit to 70 with berserker and after that only raising speed stat

Speed: 13 headstart to get elbow smash, all the rest goes to lightness with spare poins to frenzied urge, base I'd do to 40 speed and max it out after obtaining other stats to the limit

Tech: put points only to block with spare points to escape subs, limit it when the sum gives 80 and Olympic Slam, propably 48lvl tech and no more lvling... Why no feint? because it works after 3 hits taken so no use raising it, u need to kill before u die, so block is much more important and matches has to be extremely fast, so block, hit hit, fin and its done.

Resistance : No pacification and no willpower, 24 to tireless, 50 to thick skin, 28 to toughness to unlock Groin Knee Drop and Full Nelson Bomb, limit at 51lvl Resistance... Why no Pacification? read above, same as with feint...

Overall You have to set base stats to 60, 40, 48, 51 and moveset is done, then evenly raise speed and str (only lightness, berserker and frenzied urge), after getting 70 berserker no use raising it more, then just the speed aiming to 90 lightness, always rest to frenzied urge, endgame should look like 70, 70+, 48, 51, so, full attack, only block as a defence and kill fast strategy

Finisher: groggy, 1200 req adrenaline, 1 pin bonus, 1 attack bonus, all the rest to damage with equal min and max damage, it will be around 170-170 at start and grow fast because of planned 60 adr gain (40 rage + 4lvl Inner rage), get it as fast as possible, so with lvling str always lvl up Rage and all the exp put into inner rage untill it hits 4lvl.

no SA's, in AT's put it equally into DDI, Block, AB and keep stamina AT 2 lvls below other, raise in this order so in example , u have it at lvls: 5,5,5,3 then raise DDI next, then Block and AB to 6,6,6,3, then stamina to 6,6,6,4 and DDI again, its all needed to hit, hit hard and block if opponent has an attack string

TM, I'd use only Leg Drop, matches will end fast so using more TM's wont lvl them up very high... some might use Rocket Launcher as a TM to get more fin chances, but Leg Drop will hit hard too and I choose the damage over one or two groggy positions more.

Other positions will have good moves too, check the movestable with those stats, a lot of usefull bleeders there and great out of ring setup (which will work with Knee On Head and Rocket Launcher)

Thats quite it, enjoy ;)