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  • Basics: Strength

    The idea of my posts is helping newbies who are starting the game and need help. They want to know how to level in a fast way, so I make these proposals to let them know why I recommend leveling these things with some explanations. This won't help advanced players, but I hope it becomes useful. Of course, I accept all suggestions it can be made about these things, it is only my personal likes about builds. References are from World and Merged server, so there can be differences of levels in the others.

    Strength. This class is great to make offensive builds. They can hit more damage than other classes on your opponents, so they are great to break dr guys. Besides, their bleed skills allow them to cut your opponents, making defenses even weaker. However, they usually end hurting themselves because of their lack of Stamina, and they are more exposed to get hit by their opponents.


    Easier things are the best ones to start. Strength guys can hit really hard hits easily. However, their defense skills are low, and they usually lack of stamina. I would level mostly Strength and Speed, as these are the stats which allow me to attack.

    - Strength:

    This is your class, so you get reduced timer and more skill points here, so it must be leveled more than your other skills. You will need points of everything here, at least to unlock all your strength moveset, which has really interesting Bleed moves like Rocket Launcher, Double Knee Drop from Turnbuckle and some Piledrivers combined with high damage moves like Chokeslam or Leg Drop.

    - Might: This stat increases your Direct Damage Increaser, which is used to make your moves hit more damage on your opponents. I wouldn't level it more than 40, because you will be over level 5, and Advanced Techniques will give you more points than stats, so you can spend skill points on other things.

    - Rage: This stat increases your Adrenaline Gain, which is used to make your finishers execute. As a Strength, you should level this stat to 40 as soon as you can, to unlock moves like Leg Drop (which I personally don't like, but it works really well on low levels) and go for the final finisher as soon as you can.

    - Unstoppable Blow: This gives you Attack Bonus, which prevents your moves from being blocked/dodged by your opponents. This is one of the most important skills Strength has, because the time they are attacking they don't receive so many hits. As it happens with Might, it will be increased in the future using Advanced Techniques.

    - Stiff Blow: This stat increases your Bleeding bonus, which helps you increasing the chance of cutting your opponent during the matches, draining their help each turn.

    - Berseker: One of the stats you can't level using Advanced Techniques, so you will need to give a good amount of skill points to this stat. It's effect (it increases in a 2% the chance of completing your attack sequences) combines with Frenzied Urge. So this stat is necessary to attack as much as possible.

    - Fury: Strength class skill. It combines the effect of Might and Unstoppable Blow so you can level this skill first, and after your other stats get to 40, increase them separately. Effective on low levels, but it loses importance in the long run.

    - Speed:

    Speed stats give you other offensive skills which will really help your build's development. These ones are really important because skill points are the only way to upgrade them.

    - Lightness: You can make any build you want. Anything. But you need Lightness. It is the stat every guy needs. It gives you Stamina reducer, which helps you to make your stamina waste lower. If your Stamina runs out, all your stats drop, and you will be like a piece of cake for your opponent. So you need to avoid this, and this stats helps you to do it. So you must get as much as you can. Its effect ends at 90%, so if you want to get as Stamina reducer effect in matches, you must get 96, because there is a Specializacion which decreases in a 6% its effect. This is really important for Strength users, because the Stamina waste increases with Damage done, so Strength guys tend to run out their Stamina faster than other guys.

    - Frenzied Urge: Another skill which can't get upgraded by Advanced Techniques. 5 points on this skill, your allowed attacks increase by one. This is used to make long attacks sequences, and it goes against the opponent's Pacification and Its effect combines with Berseker. It's absolutely necessary to attack as much as possible.

    - Head Start: You can spend your leftovers from Lightness and Frenzied Urge here. This stat increases your Initiative bonus, that is used to attack first when the bell rings, it also lets you counter the opponent's taunts and attack back after pin or submission attempts (even from your opponent). If you want to attack, you must take the initiative!

    - Technique:

    First of all, ignore the submission skills (Ruthless Grasp and Power Grappling), they aren't too interesting on Strength guys, at least at low levels. If you are planning a submission build in the future, you will need to spend some points there. At the beggining, I would get Block from here, this stat lets you avoid your opponent attacks. In the future you will increase it using Advanced Techniques, so skill points won't be too interesting. Same happens with Escape Artist, which helps you avoiding Submission holds from your opponents. Feint is the counter for Berseker, and consequently, its objetive is cutting your opponent attack sequences, so it means extra defense. As it happens with Berseker, you can't use Advanced Techniques to upgrade this stat, so you will need to spend your skill points here.

    - Resistance:

    I would mostly level Pacification, Thick Skin and Tireless here. You get Health Points and Stamina from the two last ones, but they don't give big amounts, so they are just a help at the beggining. Pacification is the counter of Frenzied Urge and reduces the amount of allowed attacks your opponents can hit you. It is an extra defense that you can only level with skill points.


    As said, simple things, the best ones. I prefer to build first and then get the moves. There will be time to get a full moveset. At the beggining I would get all the bleed moves as I can (cuts are a great way to get your opponent) and damage moves which improve the current ones. I don't recommend training moves because that can carry you to debts, which you will need to get rid of them after unlocking Personal Trainer (Level 3 supporter, Level 4 non-supporter) On Strength guys moves like Leg Drop, or Chokeslam, work pretty well on low levels, but I prefer bleed moves. Besides, you can get some really interesting achievements doing cuts and knockouts on your opponents.


    I consider Groggy and Grounded the best positions to make a finisher. For Strength guys I recommend both of them, but I would choose Groggy as a temporary finisher and Grounded as the final finisher, as it gets a lot of executions. I recommend Groggy for a temporary finisher because this Required position lets you make quite big damage finishers without a big Adrenaline Gain cost, so it works pretty well. It combines really nice with a Grounded trademark like Rocket Launcher (easy to get as well). I recommend getting 20 Adrenaline Gain as soon as possible, and make a finisher like this.

    - Required Position: Groggy

    - Forced Position: Stunned. Just to reduce the adrenaline cost.

    - Damage: 50-50. Same damage to avoid random damage hits.

    - Attack Bonus: 15. It should be enough to get hit.

    - Bleeding Bonus: 1. It is enough to get a cut chance.


    To make a Trademark you need to level a normal move to level 5 (Training moves is a good idea to do this). As I recommended a Groggy finisher at the beggining, here I recommend Knee Stomp. This is a Grounded move that you already have at the beggining, so you don't need to pay for it (just the training). If your finisher is a Grounded one, then Samoan Drop is a great option.

    Knee Stomp can be changed for Rocket Launcher (40 between Unstoppable Blow and Stiff Blow), which is really fast to get, and it can even be your final Trademark, if you stick to a Groggy finisher. It is a Grounded move which leads your opponent to Groggy again, so it can be combined with the Groggy finisher. Besides, it has the cut chance, so it fits in a great way with the bleed build. Other options can be Bent down moves like Double Underhook Piledriver, or Piledriver. Groggy moves for Strength aren't Bleed ones, so they need other skill moves like Jumping Twisting DDT (Speed move) or TKO (Technique move), which are hard to get for Strength guys. That's the reason I recommend a Grounded as a final finisher.

    Advanced Techniques:

    You will unlock them at level 5 (level 4 if you are a supporter). Advanced Techniques use your experience points to upgrade your skills. At the beggining I recommend using less ats as possible. I usually like to equal Dodge and Attack Bonus, but I level what I see I need. If I get hit a lot, I need Dodge, If my attacks doesn't hit, I need Attack Bonus. If my hits doesn't do Damage, I need Direct Damage Increaser, and if I drop colours when I attack, I need Stamina. And these are the Advanced Techniques I recommend.

    Increased Dodge: Its name says what improves. More Dodge, more chances of avoid getting hit.

    Increased Attack: It increases your Attack Bonus, so it prevents you to get your attacks Blocked/Dodged.

    Power Blow: It improves your Direct Damage Increaser, which increases your hits' damage.

    Increased Resistance: It gets more Stamina points for you. It prevents you to drop your overall stats.

    I hope you find all of this useful, but I repeat this is mostly for new players. Veterans know all of this, so they won't find it interesting. Thanks for the reading, I know it is a bit long.
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