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  • Ryken's Pure Tech Build

    Hullo! My name's Ryken and I'm here to share my experience with a Pure Tech Build. Well...I guess i'm here to more or less guide you through what my thought process was in regards to the build I ended upmaking. Is it a good build? I'd like to think so. With the right investment and proper planning this build has the ability to reck a lot of face. I also, however, think that it requires a lot more attention than something like, say, Resistance. Well...that's how I feel anyways. But if you think seeing your opponent tap out is beyond satisfying or injuring them so they're unable to continue is just the bee's knees, then you're in the right place. This is my Pure Tech Build, and it's brought me tons of joy. :D

    Note; I will end up doing a Hybrid Version sometime in the future inthe event that I hit the Hall of Fame. Will it ever happen? I honestly don't know. But! The possibilities are endless with Techs. Will it be a Bleed Version with Strength? A Tanky Version with Resistance? Or maybe some oddball Submission/Pin Version with Speed? Who knows! If the day comes we'll see what happens.

    Opening Move:
    [] Punch: Might/Rage -- 2 (2 - 5, 1% Bleed)
    [] European Uppercut: Rage/Berserker -- 20 (1 - 15)
    [] Knee on Head: Might/Unstoppable Blow -- 2 (3 - 5, 2% Bleed)

    Kind of basic here, though I only included Punch and Knee on Head because they are the only Opening Moves that can make your opponent Bleed. Will it make that much of a difference? Probably not, but the option is there and it's always nice. European Uppercut is a solid damage move with the highest Attack Bonus, so less missing.

    [] Fireman Carry: Block/Escape Artist -- 8 (3 - 8)
    [] Forearm on Leg: Head Start/Elasticity -- 12 (3 - 15)
    [] Standing Clothesline: Unstoppable Blow/Stiff Blow -- 17 (1 - 15)

    For Standing Moves my thought was to pick moves that brought them down to the level where we would be strongest; the Grounded Position. Susprisingly there are only four moves to choose from that will do this but they're good enough for the job.

    Bent Down:
    [] Rolling Leg Lock: Head Start/Frenzied Urge -- 41 (2 - 6, Submission)
    [] Octopus Hold: Improved Reflexes/Lightness -- 44 (5 - 8, Submission)
    [] Side Head Lock: Improved Reflexes/Frenzied Urge -- 33 (4 - 9, Submission)

    Again, a short list to choose from with only five moves. Honestly the difference in damage really is negligible so pick whatever you need. Rolling Leg Lock can be replaced with Abdominal Neck Wrench if you really wanted to but other than that Octopus Hold and Side Head Lock are the biggest damaging Submission Holds in this position.

    Alternate Bent Down Moves:
    [] Abdominal Neck Wrench : Tireless/Toughness -- 34 (2 - 8, Submission)

    [] Half Nelson: Ruthless Grasp/Feint -- 67 (3 -15, Submission)
    [] Full Nelson: Escape Artist/Mastery -- 72 (1 - 22 Submission)
    [] Mandible Claw: Ruthless Grasp/Mastery -- 60 (2 - 13 Submission)

    Here's where your selection of Submissions Moves starts to get a bit more beefy. However, I keep my move set to the three move minimum and have therefore picked the best of the best submissions to level up. It should be noted that Torture Rack is an impressive submission but it requires 67 points into Rage/Unstoppable Blow, but I didn't want to invest that much into it. Two Handed Choke Lift is another good one, only requiring 69 points into Tireless/Thick Skin, points you should be putting in there anyway. If you stick to the three move mimimum as I do, then picking up either of those moves would require to you give up Mandible Claw, as I believe Half Nelson and Full Nelson are the best submissions to pick up in this position.

    Alternate Groggy Moves:
    [] Torture Rack : Rage/Unstoppable Blow -- 67 (3 - 15, Submission)
    [] Two Handed Choke Lift : Tireless/Thick Skin -- 34 (3 - 15, Submission)

    [] Sharpshooter: Block/Mastery -- 65 (1 - 16 Submission)
    [] Figure 4: Power Grappling/Mastery -- 64 (7 - 16 Submission)
    [] Ankle Lock: Ruthless Grasp/Mastery -- 80 (4 - 20 Submission)

    Your bread and butter. This is where the magic happens. I'll admit this on this particular moveset; I picked up Sharpshooter because Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler of all time and had been since I was knee high. Otherwise, Fujiwara Armbar is a decent replacement at 63 points into Lightness/Frenzified Urge. Other than that, Ankle Lock and Figure 4 are the hardest hitting, most ligament tearing submissions you have available at this position and I believe have no equal.

    Alternate Grounded Moves:
    [] Fujiwara Armbar : Lightness/Frenzified Urge -- 63 (3 - 15 Submission)

    [] Double Axe Handle: Might/Stiff Blow -- 1 (3 - 18 1% Bleed)

    Starting Move with no investment nessassary. Why only one Stunned Move when there are a plethora of moves you could add that could make your opponent hurt and, more importantly, bleed? Well, because the submission finisher I created was in the stunned position, and I didn't want it to compete with the other moves in this position. Therefore I left it at the default move. If you're not going to use a finisher in the stunned position then I would suggest moves with high bleed chance, as making someone bleed helps against higher health point opponents.

    Other Moves:
    The rest of your moveset should be focused on one thing; Bleeding. Any move you can pick up should focus on that, with Damage coming in second. These moves will level up slowly as they don't happen often, but if you can get a cut on your opponent using one of those moves than that's all you need. Remember to keep it at the Three Move Minimum.

    Trademark Move:
    I only have one Trademark Move active. Why? So that move can level up faster and do more damage. Having any more active would, in my opinion, be a waste. However, having a Trademark Move in both Grounded and Groggy wouldn't be bad either, so you do have plenty of choices. Mine was Ankle Lock, and with just one active you can turn it into a beast of a move. That being said, two Trademarks probably wouldn't hurt and would, in fact, probably help more than hinder. Three, however, I would say no.

    Ah, the finisher. One of the best parts of TWG if you ask me. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do with my finisher and decided I wanted a low adrenaline cost move that my wrestler could spam out. I picked the Stunned Position because of the minus cost on it's requirement. In hindsight this might not have been the best position to go for but I really didn't want to invest in a lot of Rage to fuel my finisher. So, my Stunned Position Submission Finisher ended up looking like this when I first created it;

    Min-Max Damage: 15 - 15
    Attack Bonus: 5
    Submission Bonus: 15
    Adrenaline Required: 380

    It doesn't look like much but I liked it. However, knowing what I know now I think I might have upped the Damage and Submission Bonus by quite a bit and invested a ton more into my Rage. But it is what it is and TWG is a lot more forgiving now in 2015 than it was back in 2008. But here's how my Finisher looks as of 10-22-2015;

    So, really, not too shabby.

    Required Advanced Techniques:
    Inner Rage
    Power Body
    Increased Block
    Mortal Submission
    Damage Resistance
    Increased Resistance
    Increased Submission

    These are, without a doubt, your required Advanced Techniques for a Tech. I would say keep everything equal and only raise your Inner Rage until you believe it's a good fit for your finisher. I raised mine to 15 and left it there as my finisher only requires 380 Adrenaline but again, youe mileage may vary. Everything on this list is self explaintory, though I should mention that focusing on Increased Resistance should be a priority as Stamina is something Techs eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. To make it easier on myself, however, I got Increased Resistance to level 15 and the rest to level 10 before I put any points into anything in the Defensive Advanced Techniques category, and then kept that Advanced Technique five levels below the Required ones.

    Please note that I am basing this information on what I knew way back in the day. If things have changed then I would suggest leveling all of the Required Advanced Techniques equally. The only case in which this should be different is if your Finisher requires a huge amount of adrenaline. If that is your situation than I would recommend pumping that Advanced Technique up before any others. Play around with it and see what works. If you see your Finisher hit at least twice in a match, I would think you've hit the sweet spot.

    Defensive Advanced Techniques:
    Pinning Resistance
    Increased Submission Defence

    I personally think you should focus on one of these and pump it up as much as you can. Other Techs are annoying as balls and Speedsters can be a real pain as well. I personally picked up Increased Submission Defence, though it's up to you. However I suggest focusing on Required Advanced Techniques before investing any EXP into Defensive Advanced Techniques.

    Questionable Advanced Techniques:
    Low Blow
    Increased Initiative

    I honestly don't know how much Increased Initiative would help us as I really don't have a lot of infomration on it. If someone could educate me more on it then we could figure out if it's something to invest points into. Low Blow is also questionable as you DO have moves that can make your opponent Bleed but any investment into Low Blow could probably be better used elsewhere. Simply put, making your opponent Bleed is a mere secondary objective. If it happens, it happens.