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  • Shana's Sub Build

    Let's start with the moves and stats that you need.

    Strength: with strength we get our opening moves, Rocket Launcher and adrenaline for our fin.
    20 Rage (until you hit Lv20 ~30-40), 20 ab, 20 bleed and rest in berserker

    Speed: speed has 2 skills you can't get from ats, so we will increase them as much as possible.
    7 Head Start, 6 Elasticity, max Lightness, rest in Frenzied Urge

    Technique: as a tech we will get most moves from technique.
    33 Block, 33 sdi, 38 sb, 33 esc, 46 Feint, 42 mastery

    Resistance: we basically don't need this except in the very beginning to have some hp and dr. If you already have ats, max pacification, rest hp

    Opening: European Uppercut, Punch, Knee on Head
    Standing: Elbow Smash, Hard Headbutt, Mule Kick
    Bent Down: Brainbuster, Octopus Hold, Side Head Lock
    Groggy: TKO, Full Nelson, Half Nelson
    Grounded: Rocket Launcher, Ankle Lock, Figure 4

    TM: Choose either Ankle Lock or Figure 4.
    Ankle Lock has higher average and max damage, Figure 4 more min damage.


    Make one with 1000 adrenaline cost
    Submission, required Groggy, forced stunned, 40-40 damage, 20 ab, 7 sb

    If you level it, improve damage

    For ATs:

    Your highest ats should be Ab and Dodge. After it comes sb and sdi, followed by dr and hp. Also get some stam and Initiative.
    Until Lv20 you should have a bit higher dr, hp and stam.

    If you have any questions, just ask here or on s2
    Last edited by Komachi; 10-31-2017, 11:49 AM.