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  • Katana's Bleed Technique Guide


    MAX RAGE until your adrenalin gain is 20-30. Max out Stiff Blow.

    Put the rest into Unstoppable Blow and Berserker.

    Why you would want this?

    You would want to Max Rage until level 20-30, so you can make a decent finisher. The reason why you want to Max Stiff Blow is because as a Bleed Tech, you really need the bleed bonus so you can win in different ways.


    DO NOT spend any points into dodge (If you already started with Dodge don't upgrade Block) and pin bonus.

    MAX LIGHTNESS and put the rest of the points into Frenzy Urge and Head Start evenly.

    Why would you want this?

    You would want Lightness for more stamina. You'd want Head Start for a bigger initiative in the match.



    Put the remaining points into Feint and Ruthless Grasp (so by the end of your build its level is 30-35) and when Block, Power Grappling and Mastery are maxed, MAX FEINT to level 50. For every 15 levels upgrade Escape Submission by 5 points (By level 30 you should have 10 Escape Submission).

    Why you would want this?

    You would want Block to have the possibility to block more attacks from the opponent. You would want Power Grappling so you can get a 1% bonus (every time you level it) on damage dealt by submission moves and finishers. You'd want Ruthless Grasp so you can keep the submission holds locked in for longer. You need Feint to Block your opponent's attack sequence.


    MAX TIRELESS to level 50. Put the remaining points into Thick Skin. Every 5 levels upgrade Pacification by 5 levels.

    Why you would want it?

    You would want to Max Tireless to 50 for a great amount of Stamina (combined with Lightness). You would want Thick Skin for more health points.


    Power Blow, Low Blow, Increased Attack, Increased Block, Submission Defense (to level 5-8) and Increased Initiative (to level 7-9)

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    Helpful, good guide and thanks! :)


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      Katana once again your shooting hard


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        Any ideas for a finisher here? Pin? DD? Sub?