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  • Good Tech Build

    So basically i have done a not that long build im 22. But you should only do this if you are very active.
    Every time i increase my tech stat twice i improve all of the other stats. But when Speed Strength and resistance are ten max out your tech to forty to get ankle lock but if you want to get ankle lock you spend all the points on mastery and ruthless grasp.

    Speed: every time you increase it spend on lightness and initiative
    Resistance: Tireless with extra on hp health points
    Strength: Rage first blow second

    When you get tech to 40 do what u did at the begginning

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    I personally think this isnt enough to consider it a "Guide" when people look for guides most of the time they want explanations for why your doing this or why your doing that, I mean it just seems like this covers the absolute basics with no real "Guide" to it, yes you tell them what to spend points on but you dont explain why other than getting Ankle Lock.


    • Hida Kozan
      Hida Kozan commented
      Editing a comment
      I can't agree with you more. There's actually disinformation in this post, imo.

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    At minimum u could've added ankle lock is the strongest move inbox EA game


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      1. How to put trade mark for ankle lock

      2. What trade to use among the tieme ur gettin tech toforty

      3. Tech fins

      4.? More detail7

      5. Advanced , special techniques

      6. And I think the pwere grappling build isbetter