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  • Full Tech build + Move set + Finisher - Made by HP. Porigon30

    Full technical you ask? Simple, it consists of only having submissions in your move set. The ideal is to have 3 submissions per position.
    Here's how you should improve your skills:

    Block: Essential to not take many attacks during combat. The higher your block the less damage you're likely to take from your opponent
    Power Grappling: Main stat. All Technicians like to see their submissions hitting agonizing and destructive. To do this, you'll need it.
    Ruthless Grasp: Skill that will allow you to pick the Ankle Lock (your trademark) and it’s important to prevent your opponent from escaping your submissions.
    Escape Artist : Level" this stat only to unlock Full Nelson and a few other moves.
    Feint: Helps you to stop following attacks of the opponent. Block + feint + pacification will give you a great chance of your opponent failing to hit you.
    Mastery: Essential to a Tech for many reasons: It is the class skill. Gives you bonuses and power submission by the "price" of a skill. Required to have Ankle Lock and Full Nelson. Don’t rise it more than 40. it will be necessary to spend points in other skills.

    Tireless: Maximize! Stamina is critical to prevent you from getting tired from the attacks you do to your opponent.
    Thick skin: After you place points in relentless, put the rest here. Life points will allow you to take damage without losing the fight soon.
    Pacification: As I mentioned above, good for your defense.
    Toughness / Willpower: Do not spend points in these skills.

    Lightness: Maximize. Helps you to not lose so much stamina.
    Frenzied Urge (FU): 2nd skill to level in speed. Increase to 35/45.
    Initiative: Increase to 35 after FU. Do not forget that you have to put lightness = the speed level
    Improved Reflexes: Zero.
    Elasticity: Zero.

    Rage: (Explained below)
    Attack Bonus: Attack bonus will be essential to prevent your opponent from blocking or dodging your attacks. The higher you level this skill, the harder it will become for your opponent to block your moves.
    Strength: Zero.
    Berserker: Excellent in combination with UF. (rise along with BA)
    Strike Hard: Zero

    Increase your Rage until 15 and make a submission finisher in stunned-stunned, damage:20-20 10 AB and SB 1.
    Soon as possible to have rage at 25 and switch to 30-30 15 AB and SB 1.

    Advanced Techniques (only need 5 AT):

    Initial (1-5) Stamina, Block, Sub mortal
    Intermediate (5-10) Stamina ++ Block ++, Sub mortal +
    Advanced (10-21) + Stamina. ++ Bloc ++, Sub deadly +, Bonus Attack, Sub mortal

    Move Set

    Opening move -
    • European Uppercut
    • Throat Thrust
    • Mongolian Chop

    Standing -
    • Mule Kick
    • 3 Point Stance Charge
    • Roundhouse Kick

    Bent Down -
    • octo hold (Lightness 44)
    • side head lock (FU 33)
    • canadian back breaker (berserker 16)

    • full nelson (mastery + escape = 72)
    • torture rack (rage + unstoppable blow = 67)
    • two handed choke lift (tireless+ thick skin = 69)

    Grounded -
    • ankle lock (mastery + relentless grasp = 80)
    • figure 4 (power grap + mastery = 64)
    • fujiwara armbar (lightness + FU = 63)

    You are running -
    • Flapjack (light + FU = 56)
    • Clothesline to Back
    • Running Swinging neckbreaker (light+ head start = 42)

    Running Opponent -
    • High Back Body Drop
    • Running Armg Drag
    • Monkey Flip

    Out of the ring (Grounded) -
    • Flying headbutt Outside the Ring
    • Suicide Dive (mastery + block = 80)
    • Knee Drop from Apron Ring (mastery + escape = 60)

    Out of the ring (Standing) -
    • Snap DDT on the Concrete (mastery + Ruthless Grasp= 70)
    • Full Nelson Suplex on the Table (mastery + block = 80)
    • Snap Suplex on the Table ( feint + mastery = 50)

    To the ropes (Grounded) -
    • Choke At Ropes
    • Fish (Ruthless Grasp+ escape = 44)
    • Rear Naked Choke

    To the ropes (Standing) -
    • Eye Rake on Ropes
    • Springboard Kick Enziguiri (power sub+ Ruthless Grasp= 69)
    • Walk on The Rope

    To The Turnbuckle (Grounded)-
    • Rolling Wheel Kick (lightness + FU = 61)
    • Foot Choke
    • At Stomping Turnbuckle (lightness = 44)

    To The Turnbuckle (Standing)
    • Jumping Armbar Takedown (UF 19)
    • Super Full Nelson Suplex (block + feint = 77)
    • Super German Suplex (block + Ruthless Grasp= 71)

    Stunned -
    • Diving Thrust Kick (lightness + UF = 47)
    • Guillotine Leg Drop (power sub+ feint = 72)
    • Asai Moonsault (Ruthless Grasp + feint = 74)