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  • Sidious D's Pure Dodge Tech build

    Hello! I'm Sidious D from S2. I appreciate all the build guides. Especially the Kiromori Screamer build. I decided to follow that build when I was a young Tech. As time went on thru trial and error my build took a different route. That's why I decided to write this article.

    I decided not to use Block. Instead I am using Improved Reflexes (Dodge). 1 reason is because 2/3 submissions in the Bent Down position are obtained from Dodge. The 2nd reason is because Dodge gets bonuses from achievements. Block doesn't. Below are my Statistics and Skills.

    Statistics and Skills

    Technique lvl 64

    Mastery- 61
    Block- 0
    Everything else- 40

    Speed lvl 50

    Lightness- 50
    Frenzied Urge- 25
    Improved Reflexes/Head Start- 17/16

    Strength lvl 38

    Berserker- 30
    Rage- 25
    Might/Unstoppable Blow/Stiff Blow- 19/10/10

    Resistance lvl 38

    Pacification- 30
    Thick Skin- 26
    Tireless/Toughness- 20/10

    Now onto the moves. In my opinion, a key position for my moveset is the Standing position. It works very well for me to have all 3 moves "obtained position" go to the same position. Below I have a moveset for the Groggy and Grounded "obtained position" for the Standing position. Don't get me wrong. I know the moves won't always go Opening- Standing- Groggy/Grounded. Roughly 25% of the time it does. As for the replacement for Mandible Claw Ilike Bear Hug. Below are 2 more options.

    Moves per position

    European Uppercut: Berserker/Rage- 20
    Knee on Head: Might Unstoppable Blow- 2
    Punch: Might/Rage- 2

    Standing Groggy

    Fist Butt: Escape Artist/Ruthless Grasp- 8
    Hard Headbutt: Pacification/Toughness- 10
    Knees Lift: Thick Skin/Toughness- 7

    Standing Grounded

    Club to Neck: Pacification/Thick Skin- 12
    Standing Clothesline: Unstoppable Blow/Stiff Blow- 17
    Fireman Carry: Block/Escape Artist- 8 or Arm Drag: Unstoppable Blow/Stiff Blow- 4
    *I have Fireman Carry without block. If it doesn't come thru for you use Arm Drag.

    Bent Down

    Octopus Hold: Improved Reflexes/Lightness- 44
    Rolling Leg Lock: Frenzied Urge/Head Start- 41
    Side Head Lock: Frenzied Urge/Improved Reflexes- 33


    Full Nelson: Mastery/Escape Artist- 72
    Half Nelson: Ruthless Grasp/Feint- 67
    *Mandible Claw: Mastery/Ruthless Grasp- 60

    *Replacements for Mandible Claw

    Bear Hug: Berserker/Might- 62
    Torture Rack: Rage/Unstoppable Blow- 67
    Two Handed Choke Lift: Thick Skin/Tireless- 69


    Ankle Lock: Mastery/Ruthless Grasp- 80
    Figure 4: Mastery/Power Grappling- 64
    Fujiwara Armbar: Frenzied Urge/Lightness- 63


    Asai Moonsault: Feint/Ruthless Grasp- 74
    Diving Headbutt: Feint/Ruthless Grasp- 39
    Double Axehandle: Might/Stiff Blow- 0
    Frog Splash: Escape Artist/Ruthless Grasp- 61
    Guillotine Leg Drop: Feint/Power Grappling- 72

    Finisher, Taunt, and Trademark (1 each)

    I have my Finisher and Trademark in the same position according to my Standing moves. If it's Standing w/ Groggy "obtained position" I would use Full Nelson TM and Groggy Finisher.

    Finisher- Get Rage to lvl 25-30 ASAP. Make a submission AG 500-600 in the Groggy or Grounded position.
    Taunt- Use the 10 second Taunt.
    Trademark- Use either Ankle Lock or Full Nelson according to the Standing "obtained position".

    Advanced Techniques

    *Mortal Submission
    *Increased Resistance
    *Damage Resistance
    *Increased Submission
    Increased Attack
    Increased Dodging
    Power Body
    *most important imo.

    This is a very fun build to play. I've had hours of fun making people tap out and forfeit matches due to injury. Now it's your turn. Good luck and let the screaming begin.

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    Looks pretty good! Thanks for it Sid. Stucked. :)
    S2 Head Helper - September 2016


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      Well it's time to retire. It's been fun being a Tech on s2. I'm going to go Speed/Strength Hybrid. Since I made this post I figured everyone would like to see how it ended so here we go... enjoy...
      Name: Sidious D
      Popularity: 3. Beginner (212)
      Fans: 554
      Age: 37
      Fought matches: 37167 (W:30669 | L:5954| N/C:544)
      Wrestler's score: 79.540
      Level Ranking: 62nd
      Money: 41.791 Fantaeuros
      Wrestler's level: 21
      Tag Team: Unlimited Power
      Stable: Æ
      Tournament points: 569

      • Class: technique
      • Exp Points: 6.516
      • Health Points:3.450
      • Stamina: 2037
      • Allowed Attacks: 11 (bonus 80%)
      • Attacks Denied: 6 (bonus 80%)
      • Attack Bonus: 880+7
      • Initiative bonus: 260
      • Submission Bonus: 341+17
      • Adrenalin Gain: 26+4
      • Bleeding Bonus: 12+2
      • Pinning Bonus: 0+1

      • Direct Damage Increaser: 30+5%
      • Submission Damage Increaser: 1093+20%
      • Damage Reducer: 430%
      • Stamina reducer: 60 +2%
      • Block: 0
      • Dodge: 890 +2
      • Escape Submissions: 40%
      • Pin Opposition: 0

      • Dark Side Lock
      • Taking The D
      • Unlimited Power
      Advanced Techniques
      • Damage Resistance : 20. Rising Star
      • Power Body : 15. Beginner
      • Increased Dodging : 29. Champion
      • Increased Attack : 29. Champion
      • Increased Submission : 15. Beginner
      • Increase Initiative : 15. Beginner
      • Mortal Submission : 31. Portent
      • Increased Resistance : 25. Ace

      • Ultimate survival: Level 14
      • Punching bag: 85.927
      • Quick silver: 36 Minutes and 30 Seconds
      • Single match damage: 86.393 Damage
      • Latest matches: WWWWDWDWWW
      Last edited by sidious; 03-25-2015, 08:54 AM.