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  • Cobalt's Basic Sub Build (Technique)

    Just decided to make a basic sub build adding some of my previous experiences with the class.

    First thing I want to talk about is the finisher, because people always have questions about submission fins.
    A temporary fin I'd advice to work for is around 400-500 ac. To make this kind of fin hit consistently you'll need about 20 adrenaline gain. So with that being said what I'd advice for you to do first is get your Adrenaline Gain to at least 15. You heard me right. First thing you get without increasing any other stat before it (including your class stat - Technique). Might seem like a bad move to some, but I think it's best if you get a working fin in there asap.

    Temporary Finisher:
    Type: Submission
    Required Position: Groggy
    Forced Position: Stunned
    Minimum Damage: 15
    Maximum Damage: 15
    Attack Bonus: 20
    Submission Bonus: 1
    Adrenaline Costs: 415

    Final Finisher:
    Type: Submission
    Required Position: Groggy
    Forced Position: Stunned
    Minimum Damage: 35
    Maximum Damage: 40
    Attack Bonus: 20
    Submission Bonus: 1
    Adrenaline Costs: 880

    Note: You'll need only one reset and not more, once you get your Adrenaline Gain around 40 or more you can go for the finisher that will stay with you.

    Now once you're done with the adrenaline gain, obviously you go to your class skill. I'd like to start off by setting out a moveset you will go for. It's always good if you have your moves planned out early. Makes it easier to distribute your skill points as the game goes along.
    Note: I will only be focusing on main positions. For me all the other positions that might not be as important work out themselves.

    European Uppercut (Rage + Berserker = 20)
    Knee On Head

    Note: If you follow my advice on getting Adrenaline Gain first European Uppercut shouldn't be a problem.

    Mule Kick (Head Start + Lightness = 25)
    Roundhouse Kick (Improved Reflexes + Lightness = 26)
    Standing Clothesline (Unstoppable Blow + Stiff Blow = 17)

    Note: These moves won't come along as soon as you would think, but by increasing some of your overall main stats they will come eventually. Each of the moves leads to one of the main positions in Groggy, Grounded and Bent Down and You will need 26 Lightness and 17 Unstoppable Blow to get them.

    Bent Down:
    Abdominal Neck Wrench (Tireless + Toughness = 34)
    Octopus Hold (Improved Reflexes + Lightness = 44)
    Side Head Lock (Improved Reflexes + Frenzied Urge 33)

    Note: Might not believe this, but the Bent Down submissions gave me the most trouble out of all the moves. I was forced to get a little Toughness (Damage Reducer) and Improved Reflexes (Dodge) in there. Not the traditional stats to get for a submission Technique, but I went for the best moves possible and got them eventually. I would advice to get some of Dr and Dodge for these moves to come quicker. A good thing to note out is that Side Head Lock and Octopus Hold will also help you get towards Fujiwara Armbar.

    Full Nelson (Escape Artist + Mastery = 72)
    Half Nelson (Ruthless Grasp + Feint = 67)
    Mandible Claw* (Ruthless Grasp + Mastery = 60)

    Note: Would like to note that for users in server 3 or world server players (because of the faster stat timers), that Mandible Claw can be replaced with Torture Rack (Rage + Unstoppable Blow = 67) or Two Handed Choke Lift (Tireless + Thick Skin = 69). They are a bit better then Mandible, but will take some time to get. Wouldn't recommend to focus on any of the two noted.

    Ankle Lock (Ruthless Grasp + Mastery = 80)
    Figure 4 (Power Grappling + Mastery = 64)
    Reverse Figure 4* ( Power Grappling + Mastery = 52)

    Note: Now we get to the crown jewel of submission moves and the "go to move" for any tech. I'm of course talking about Ankle Lock that will be your trademark for the game. Until you get the move I'd be just patient and work with Knee Stomp. No need to waste tps on an extra reset for trademark. Also I added a star to Reverse Figure 4, because before long you will get Fujiwara Armbar (Lightness + Frenzied Urge = 63) and Fujiwara is a slightly better move so feel free to replace it. Also some might say that Sharpshooter should be in the place of Reverse Figure 4, but I disagree because of the minimal damage differential.

    Frog Splash (Ruthless Grasp + Escape Artist = 61)
    Diving Headbutt (Ruthless Grasp + Feint = 39)
    Guillotine Leg Drop (Power Grappling + Feint = 72) or Asai Moonsault (Ruthless Grasp + Feint 74)

    Stat Point Distribution:

    If you follow my advice then you max out Rage every time and put rest into Unstoppable Blow. Nothing else for most of the time. Once you get your Rage to 15-20 you should have 10 or so Unstoppable Blow which isn't bad for start. Once you get to the Strenght stat later on do the same thing, just add some Berserker along with it.

    Main moves you'll go for will mainly request you getting Lightness and Frenzied Urge, so that's your only focus considering Speed. Max Lightness no matter what and rest goes into Frenzied Urge, you will need to get 8-10 Improved Reflexes along the way to support your Bent Down moves and get them faster. (if you want to get them faster)

    First move you go for is obviously your Trademark Ankle Lock, so max Ruthless Grasp and Mastery every time. Rest of the points until then go into Block. You will get to Sharpshooter along the way before getting to your end game moves so put it in your moveslist for the time being. Once you get your Ankle Lock, focus on Power Grappling and Escape Artist (get it to 32 and then stop). Once you get Escape Artist and unlock Full Nelson get Power Grappling to 40 and put rest into Block. Once Power Grappling is 40 and focus on Feint putting rest into Block and completing your moveset. Might seem a bit chaotic, but this is your main stat and you will mostly need all of it.

    This stat will only cover one of your moves, that being Abdominal Neck Wrench. What I would suggest for early on is maxing out Thick Skin. Yes Thick Skin. I think that Thick Skin beats Tireless all around, especially in early levels. So max Thick Skin and rest into Tireless. 8-10 Toughness will be needed to get Abdominal Neck Wrench. Later on consider getting a little Pacification (around 20) to put some of that Feint you got to good use.

    Advanced Techniques:
    I personally think that Submission builds have the hardest time covering all the necessary at's for the build to work. With that being said let me get into my preferred at's.

    Early levels (Until 10-14)
    Increased Block++
    Increased Resistance++
    Increased Attack++
    Mortal Submissions +

    Note: I've never had any problems running low Sdi in the early levels so would more recommend focusing on Block and Ab then on Sdi.

    Mid levels (15-25)
    Increased Block++
    Increased Resistance++
    Increased Attack++
    Mortal Submissions ++
    Increased Submissions+
    Power Body+

    Note: Seems pretty easy to work with, but this is where Submission Bonus and Health Points come into play. So how you know when you need some? It just comes down to you looking at your matches and seeing when you stop getting double holds or when you can't hit more then Ruthless against Resists and Similar with Health Points. There will come a time when Strenghts and Speeds could bully you with the bleed moves, if Block and Stamina can't hold everything on it own get some Health Points in there. It helps out a lot trust me.

    High Levels (29+)
    Increased Block+++
    Increased Attack+++
    Mortal Submissions +++
    Increased Resistance++
    Power Body++
    Increased Submissions+

    Note: Almost everything stays the same, but now your Ab,Block and Sdi at's are running ahead of Stamina. There will come a time when you won't need it as much, tho it's important to keep track of it and see if you need anymore by looking at your matches. Also your Hp comes into play even more. It will be a crucial stat later on in my opinion and Block won't be able to handle all you need in defense by itself. This is also where you exploit your Strenghts of the build. Some might say covering weaknesses is more important. Well not by my book.

    This is about it I think. Note that this is the first build I've ever made public in a forum, so if anyone has any questions and/or advice I'd love to hear it.

    Last edited by Rapper Cobalt; 02-07-2013, 03:02 PM.

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    Thank you this is very insightful and well written!


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      This guide is great. Very well explained. I hope topost a guide this good one day. Definitely one of the better guides i've seen on the forums. Good Stuff Rapper ;)


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        nice this is actually really good


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          I think This build is nice but is having a little problem with opening moves which could be Mongolian chop,throat thrust and Europe uppercut.