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  • Bleed Scream Technique

    First of all, what is a Bleed Scream Technique. A Bleed and Scream Technique is a normal Technique who has the ability to make the opponent tap out and make them bleed. This build drains your opponent's stamina (using submission moves) and their health points (using the bleed moves).This build is very dangerous because you mainly have two move types, Bleed and Submission.

    Strength - third priority (first priority at the start)
    Go for 32 Rage - first, so you can have a good finisher.
    Put the remaining points into Unstoppable Blow, Stiff Blow & Berserker - Unstoppable Blow is used to make sure our attacks hit and we will need Berserker so that you can have a longer attack chain. We need the Stiff Blow so we can increase the chance of triggering bleeding during matches.
    Might - we do not touch Might, because it's not needed and does not help us. For it to be effective, we would have to have to have alot of it.

    Speed - last priority
    Put Lightness & Frenzied Urge as first priority - both of these will help you a lot. It'll help you survive for longer. Frenzied Urge allows us to increase the number of attacks in a row we have. We also cannot invest in ATs, SAs and Private Gym.
    Put the remaining points into Head Start & Elasticity - so we have more initiative. We also need Elasticity so we can unlock some good bleeding moves.

    Technique - first priority. try to get this to 63 as soon as possible.
    It doesn't matter in which order everything is in, but I'll give an example of what I'd do.
    Prioritise Mastery & Ruthless Grasp - to get Ankle Lock the fastest way. Mastery will help you get some SB and some SDI which'll be useful. Ruthless Grasp will get you some SDI.
    Give second priority Block & Power Grappling - we need the Block to obviously block our opponent's hits and we need Power Grappling for some SB. We need the
    Put the remaining points into Feint & Escape Artist - we need the Feint to get a 2% increase in interrupting our opponent's attack sequence. We need the Escape Artist to escape other submissions. This'll help us alot versus techniques who run alot of submissions.
    All you need to focus on is getting everything to 40 (get Technique to 63 to do this). After getting everything to 40, MAX Feint. Any remainders go into Block or Escape Artist - the Feint we use will destroy our opponent's attack sequence.

    Resistance - this should be in second priority after Technique.
    Put all points into Thick Skin & Tireless - so we can survive longer. Tireless should add onto our Stamina (Lightness) and the Thick Skin should give us Health Points, and create a Brick Wall for us.
    Put the remaining points into Pacification & Toughness- so we have another layer of defence (block, feint, pacification). We need the Toughness to reduce the damage of each move, trademark or finisher that our opponents hit.

    The reason why some positions have more than 3 moves is because it helped me and several overs with our builds.
    If you do follow, the above you should be able to get these moves - which are good and important for the build:

    European Uppercut - 0 Bleed Bonus - Rage + Berserker = 20
    Knee on Head - 3 Bleed Bonus - Tireless + Thick Skin = 5
    Punch - 1 Bleed Bonus - Might + Rage = 2

    Elbow Smash - 3 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Elasticity = 13
    Hard Headbutt - 5 Bleed Bonus - Toughness + Pacification = 10
    Knee Lift - 3 Bleed Bonus - Toughness + Thick Skin = 7

    Bent Down
    Jumping Half Nelson Facebuster - 20 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Frenzied Urge = 74
    Brainbuster - 10 Bleed Bonus - Block + Power Grappling = 66
    One Arm DDT - 10 Bleed Bonus - Berserker = 37 (NOTE: I didn't add Might + Berserker because for this build we will not use Might, as we'll have to have alot of it for it to work)

    Jumping Twisting DDT - 20 Bleed Bonus - Head Start + Elasticity = 74
    Torture Rack - Submission - Rage + Unstoppable Blow = 67
    TKO - 15 Bleed Bonus - Escape Artist + Feint = 79
    Complete Shot DDT - 15 Bleed Bonus - Lightness + Elasticity = 62

    Death Valley Driver - 5 Bleed Bonus - Block + Feint = 63

    Fujiwara Armbar - Submission - Lightness + Frenzied Urge = 63
    Rocket Launcher - 10 Bleed Bonus - Unstoppable Blow + Stiff Blow = 40
    Ankle Lock - Submission - Mastery + Ruthless Grasp = 80
    Figure 4 - Submission - Power Grappling + Mastery = 64

    Super DDT - 20 Bleed Bonus - Stiff Blow + Berserker = 65
    Diving Knee Drop - 20 Bleed Bonus - Lightness + Elasticity = 63
    Double Knee Drop From Turnbuckle - 25 Bleed Bonus - Unstoppable Blow + Berserker = 80

    You should go for either one or two trademarks. I would personally go for 2 Trademarks so I can hit a good combo. The TM, I'd go for is Jumping Twisting DDT or TKO. I'd do this in combination with Fujiwara Armbar or Ankle Lock. Because our TMs are in Groggy and Grounded, our finisher needs to be in Bent Down. Its up to you whether you use a Submission or Direct Damage for your finisher.

    It doesn't matter whether our finisher is a Submission or Bleed (Direct Damage). The finisher will be in Bent Down (I'll give you two finishers below, you only have to choose one), because our TMs are in the main positions, Groggy & Grounded. I'll be using a Submission finisher, although it doesn't matter what you use.
    Our temporary finisher will be using only 21AG (630AC), you can upgrade later after you get 32AG (960AG). This'll mean we will lose 20% when we reset it to make the final, but its fine. Unless you use 20TPs to reset it.

    21 AG Finisher (Submission; Bent Down)
    Bent Down, Stunned.
    Damage: 18-18
    Attack Bonus: 20
    Submission Bonus: 10

    32AG Finisher (Submission; Bent Down):
    Damage 33-33
    Attack Bonus: 21
    Submission Bonus: 12

    You need to upgrade the Damage and the Submission Bonus simultaeneously, because when the Submission Bonus from your Build begins to fade, I'm going to need backup. So, if I keep increasing it, it'll help me keep the holds in.

    These are the Advanced Techniques you should get (in order of importance): Damage Reducer, Health Points, Attack Bonus, Dodge*, Stamina, Submission Bonus, Initiative, Escape Submission.

    *Dodge. You must be wondering why I used Dodge and not Block. This is because towards end-game, people use Specialisations. One of the Specialisations include decreasing a Technique's Block by 6%. By using Dodge you can increase your Avoidance skill, this is because in Anti-Technique Specialisations, Dodge cannot be removed. 500 Block, would be reduced to 470, whereas 500 Dodge will remain 500 Dodge. As the total avoidance total increases, Dodge gets a higher avoidance percentage against those with the Specialisation.

    Thanks to: Sadness, GermanAinor, Johnnie Zero, Wicked Sick, Rated RS, Super Mod, The Paranoid Freak - for helping me out with my Trademark and Finisher!
    Thanks for Reading,