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  • Big Red Monster Technique Build

    I will share with you the build of a technical character I play in this regard. Full build I played my sub in the art. So have most of your movement submission movements in the main position. Of course, but these movements are difficult to open a little more so that the quality movement.

    The first important action you need to open whatever has been buildin Technical Ankle Lock. If your skills in the technical score from the moment you start the game you give equally ruthless grip and Mastery can turn 40 this movement is the technical statistics.

    Set in motion Full-sub techniques to turn what should these damages and writes the movement of movements;


    Abdominal Neck Wrench> Damage: 2-8> Tireless + Hardness = 34 (Hardness 0 will also have to do anyway because you leave for another move Tireless 34) (it is another act: Two Handed Choke Lift)

    Side Head Lock> Damage: 4-9> Reflex + Crazy Impulse = 33 (to open this movement also do not need to give reflex because it builds on the already ridiculous that we should not block also happens to escape)

    Octopus Holder> Damage: 5 - 8> Reflex + posture with agility = 44 (Here we just open this move for quite a few even give you just a reflex, because it will take time to be forced to do agility male 44)


    Full Nelson> Damage: 1-22> Survival Mastery Master + = 72

    Torture Rack> Damage: 3 - 15> Greed + Durdula not stroke = 67 (this movement while opening the advice ambition of 34 not Durdula kick open 33 do, is because of greed 34 to 35 to gain adrenaline and also added one from scratch, and this movement both opened with 35 adrenaline gain you make yourself a nice finisher)

    Two Handed Choke Lift> Damage: 3 - 15> Tireless + Thick Leather = 69 (That move this motion. Yorulmaz 34, regardless Thick Leather 35 and [color = # BF0000] you open the abdominal Neck Wrench, both 35x20 ' 700 health points you will also be clean, gleaming heads would first and foremost)

    On the ground

    Ankle Lock> Damage: 4 - 20> Brutal Clutch + Mastery = 80

    Figure 4> Damage: 7-16> Tight Grip + Mastery = 64 (after ankle lock is opened by 24 Tight Grip see whether Mastery to not give it a moment before opening movement)

    Fujiwara Armbar> Damage: 3 - 15> posture with agility + Crazy Impulse = 63 (the structure 30 agility 33 crazy impulse to open this movement. Because I need to be in the 5 and 5 floors to be able to influence the crazy impulse in. So " I take the same posture with agility to get 33 Crazy Impulse 32 "Do not say something, no one is useless. What is supposed to be 30 or 35 Crazy Impulse's)

    Now, for taking too long to open the Fujiwara Armbar position on the floor, you know, at least you also get motion completely Submission my actions in this position as I do, with the Ankle Lock and Figure 4 again after technical statistic that you score, you can open the Sharpshooter as a movement can easily open.

    He said the move;

    Sharpshooter> Damage: 1-16> Block + Mastery = 65 (it can open again, leaving the easy way to make 40 Mastery)

    High or damage to the wing in this position because it is not moving in the vulnerable position of Submission You can select high movements. I'm yet to decide more precisely what I will open, I write down the options, now which one you choose yourself if you want. First "technical" I wrote movement can open forecastle;


    Asai Moonsault> Damage: 12-60> Cruel Deception Clutch + = 74

    Frog Splash> Damage: 17-47> Cruel Master Clutch + Survival = 74

    Diving headbutt> Damage: 7-27 (the cross: 15)> Cruel Deception Clutch + = 39

    The following movements movements also can get a statistic forecastle vulnerable position outside Techniques;

    Double Knee Drop From turnbuckle> Damage: 12 - 60 (Wing Views: 25)> Unstoppable Stroke + Berserker = 80

    Spear> Damage: 10-63> Greed + Berserker = 73

    This movement among the famous motion upfront Ankle Lock and Full Nelson movements.

    After completing these movements build open, if you're going to turn 40 before you remove technical muscle movement and cruel clutch can disconnect the remaining 40 except Mastery talent. Benefits will be.

    Advanced techniques that you need to build on this first;

    Deadly Submission

    Advanced Block

    Advanced Exercise

    Then again, optionally;

    Advanced Submission

    Advanced Attack

    Advanced Health
    (I have not yet received all)

    Even in this detailed build me "you write that I should give to what other statistics?" asking people can be very strange. I have so much to our friends in the intelligence level, I still wrote;

    After opening this ambition and unstoppable movement should give a shot to the points earned in the Torture Rack Power Spear or if you decide to open Double Knee Drop From turnbuckle Give berserker. If you decide to give the Berserkers.

    Speed ​​already Fujiwara Armbar, the Octopus Holder, Side Head Lock until something opens only the capabilities you need to turn this movement (posture with agility crazy impulse). After opening this movement continue to provide the same agility and crazy impulse again.

    Again, as in many others in endurance Two Handed Choke Lift and abdominal Neckar until the Wrench will only tireless and thick skin. After this second act opened the Calming data.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

    World : Big Red Monster K a n e ( not active
    s1:Big Red Monster Kane ( regular )
    s2:The Big Red Monster K A N E ( mostly active )
    s3:Big Red Monster K a n e ( not active )