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    Language: The official written language of TWG is English. Therefore all posts in the forums should be made in English. If you have poor English skills, it is recommended that you use a translator (such as Google Babelfish) to get your point across. This is for ease of communication, since the official language of TWG is English.

    Swearing: Any words that are considered swear words in the English language will not be tolerated.
    What is swearing? Anything that would not be allowed on a TV14 rated Television show in the US is considered swearing. Swearing in other languages is also not tolerated and violates the first rule above.

    Masked Swearing: Attempting to bypass the internal filter, or using acronyms that would contain swear words when written out is also considered swearing, and will be enforced in the same fashion.


    Flaming other users: Intentionally insulting other members of the forum for any reason whatsoever is prohibited, even if they insulted you first.

    Instigation: Trying to bait other users into breaking the rules in any form is instigation, be it trying to cause someone to flame you or any other rule violations. Please refrain from this behaviour, and PM a moderator if you notice this going on.

    Flaming and Instigating Staff Members: The staff volunteer their time to help make TWG run smoothly as a whole. Therefore it is counterproductive to the flow of the entire forums to insult them or try to cause them to break any rules. This offence can result in an instant ban at the moderator's discretion.

    Topic Content

    Links: Links will be allowed, if it is something relevant to the conversation at hand. For example, a topic about Wrestlemania and someone then posting a link to the wikipedia page of Wrestlemania 20 would be allowed. Posting links for the sake of posting them will not be tolerated.

    Pictures: Pictures are fine if they again are relevant to the conversation. However pictures of an adult or disturbing nature will be removed and the offending party will receive a ban from the forums. This also includes pictures with swearing in them, or any other subject matter that is against the forum rules.

    Discussions: Discussions/debates are fine as long as they are kept civil and do not break any rules and do not decline into an all out dispute. If this happens warnings could be issued and the thread will most likely be locked. Any users purposely found trying to turn civil topics into disputes however will be dealt with individually.

    Illegal Discussions: Talk and/or links to anything illegal or offensive will be immediately removed and the offending party will receive a ban from the forums. This includes pornography, drugs, streaming sites, warez, torrents etc.

    Recruiting / Phising: Any posts that are considered advertising, recruitment links for other online games or phising scams will result in an instant ban and possible deletion of accounts.

    New Topics: When creating a new topic, make sure that there isnt one allready posted of what you would like to discuss. Also please post in the correct section. Members who are found constantly posting in the wrong area will have their posts removed and will be dealt with accordingly (for example, posting topics about anything other than recruitment in the recruitment section)

    Reviving Old Topics: Normally any topic that hasnt had any activity in it for over ONE MONTH will be locked and moved to the "Dead Zone". Members that are found posting in any topics that have been inactive for over a month will usually receive a warning. However, some discretion will be shown in certain topics (ie: the Art thread, the Podcast thread etc)

    Bumping Topics: Bumping topics will not be tolerated. This is when someone will reply to a topic for the only reason of moving it to the top of the thread list and/or to get more attention to their topic.

    Spamming: This is becoming a major problem again recently. The majority of the spam is people posting small posts like "Thank you", "I agree" and other small posts that add nothing to the topic at hand.
    The only time it is allowed is if the Opening Poster is thanking people for any advice given.
    Any others will be deleted at the Forum Moderators discretion. Members who continuously spam the forums with such posts will receive warnings and eventually be banned.


    Multiple Accounts are not allowed. If you have multiple accounts on the same server and you want to cash on the forum target for them, contact Abdel or Joose2001 on your server and they shall confirm your target manually.

    Also anyone found creating accounts to circumvent a ban will have the new account(s) deleted. Repeat offenders may also receive an IP ban from the forums.

    Do NOT ever give out your account log-in information to anyone on the forums.
    Even TWG staff will not ask for your log-in information, so anyone claiming to be staff and needing your information is trying to scam you.


    Also be sure to read each sections individual rules as some sections have differing rules/guidelines to others.

    The above rules will also count in users avatars and signatures.
    In this instance, the offending item will be removed by myself, if it appears then disciplinary action will take place.

    We would like for all users to be civil and polite to each other. Above all else we would like to provide you with fun, friendly, easily accessible forums for all. If you follow the above rules we should be able to achieve that.

    Breaking any of these rules can result in the following actions being taken.

    Warning & Banning

    A warning where you will be made aware of your rule breach and any offending posts edited and topics locked if need be. Warnings are shown on your personal record, but do not add points.

    An official infraction where you will be made aware of your rule breach and any offending posts edited and topics locked if need be. Infractions are recorded on your personal record that all Mods and Admins can see. 3 warnings will result in an instant ban at which time your warning count is reset.

    A ban is where you will be removed from the forums for a set period of time. The levels of bans are as follows:
    1st ban from 3 warnings = 1 week
    5 bans = Permanent ban.

    Instant bans can be handed out if a mod decides it is necessary.
    Members that are banned via spamming for the target will also be banned for 1 week.
    Instant permanent bans may also be handed out in cases that deserve to be treated as such.