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  • Borok from Europe

    Hi Everybody ! Good to be playing the game. Thought it may be good to be part of the forum as well :-)

    Something wrong with this forum. I tried to post some topics in different sections trying to introduce my wrestler. None of them are working.
    So I've decided to post things here.

    About me:
    I'm playing this game for the third time. Last one was around 5 years ago so I guess a lot has changed. Anyway I play because of the feds and the fun that comes from this. In game my wrestlers have pretty much mediocre but what can you do, right ? ;-)

    I'm looking to join some young fed that will allow to alter the endings of matches. I would prefer if the guys that RP a lot get credit instead of those that just have huge amount of entrances.
    Second thing is that I'm looking for a fed where I can fight and RP against wrestlers and not super heros that can finish me with their laser beem or whatever :-)
    Hope you know what I mean :-) I like to play realistic.

    About Borok:
    Build: 6'2" ; 230 LBS
    Type of character: Tweener
    Person: Dark, doesn't talk too much, uses mainly power moves
    Origin: Parts unknown

    Sample of the RP:

    The camera fades in.

    You can barely see anything but there appears to be a road ahead and the camera is moving through it.
    In the speakers you can hear sound of the wind.

    The picture shows unpleasant, grey surroundings.
    On the side of the road there are old trees with no leafs on them.

    After couple of seconds you can hear a female voice.

    VOICE: Although a lot have passed there is still so much in front, a long road that has become a burden. Don’t know where it leads and will it ever end. All that is here is the feeling that forces to keep going, run like there would be something chasing, something right behind the back. Is there ?

    For a brief moment you can hear like someone would be running and trying to catch his breath.

    VOICE: So afraid to look back. There is no time for that. This feeling of urgency is eating alive everything that has left. Don’t stop running, don’t stop. Need to find some salvation, some help. Can anybody help ? Is someone there ? Please.

    Suddenly you can see one of the trees falling down right on the camera.
    The screen is black and shattered.
    Different voices are quietly crying one over another.

    Silence takes place.

    So who is it running ? Us or You ?

    Hysterical laugh comes out of the speakers.
    Action goes back to the ring.

    Last edited by Borok; 08-07-2015, 05:31 PM.

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    Welcome back to TWG! Third times the charm?! ;P


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      It just may be ;-)