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    Originally posted by Madam Snapshot View Post
    not ever GM is interested in getting first place
    This means they do not follows the idea of the developers, which is to give more importance to the players with more fans, this implies give more importance to the active players in TWG, which is of course the most important issue for TWG developers I guess

    Originally posted by Madam Snapshot View Post
    They know what they are doing
    Yeah, they are corrupting the system by treating feds as a different game from TWG, which is not the idea of the feds.

    Originally posted by Madam Snapshot View Post
    I wouldn't want to remove the agency from a GM (who already may have a difficult time getting people to RP for them) to make the show they desire.
    Again, this a corrupt way to think. RPs is not important for TWG, so, a good GMs should make that TWG wants because they are participating in TWG feds. They are not participating in isolated RPs feds.
    If they are wasting their time making RPs is not important for TWG goals and it is happening because GMs want to. So they should be removed.


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      If GM's were mindless robots without thoughts or feelings about how they wish to run *their* federation, with the SOLE goal of having the highest ranking, then sure your thoughts would be absolutely correct. However, people with egos and thoughts of their own put their time, effort, and energy into federations. At no point am I going to tell a GM they shouldn't run their federations as they see fit; the very thing they've placed their name and soul with.

      Fans are great for the mechanics of federation shows. However, the mechanics of the shows don't give you the heart or spirit of them, and you can't rank excellent writing without the pain of human bias attached. It's too subjective. That's why the writing isn't (and shouldn't be) the sole judge of show rankings. That's where the fans come in. It USED to be that fans were only granted by appearing in federation matches, but the powers that be felt that they wanted to reward the players for playing a game. I mostly agree with that, although I wish there were a way for GM's to grant fans (sparingly, like, 25-50 total to be dispersed per show) to deserving candidates.

      If they are "wasting their time making RP's"? RP's make the shows. Without RP's, there is no federation to watch. GM's need high contracts to recruit talented RP'ers, otherwise shows suffer and die. If shows suffer and die, then there's no federations whatsoever. On this point, I am absolute and resolute.
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        Originally posted by Madam Snapshot View Post
        GM's need high contracts to recruit talented RP'ers.
        This is a very hilarious argument!. Players with a few fans (non-active ones) doesn't need TWG. They really don't care about TWG but they only care about feds.
        So, this argument is completely ridiculous by it self. Just active players (in TWG) need TWG money, and TWG developers need to encourage active players giving them money (which is the idea of the feds according to TWG's wiki).

        I beg you stop giving pointless arguments.

        I think GMs right now have kidnapped feds. They don't want to accept TWG universe as RPs backgrounds. So, active players can't earn big money from feds unless that they obey GMs. This implies losing time making RPs rather than playing TWG. I think this is not the TWG developers' goal. Besides, that players need to login in unofficial forums, and sometimes they are forced to give their skypes, which is dangerous from the privacy point of view.

        So, if GMs do not manage in the same line than TWG, I think feds should be eliminated.


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          Ok, explain to me what a fed show would look like if a GM hired only people who didn't write RP's. No, you know what? I'll SHOW you. Are there people who have high fan counts AND RP? Sure! There just isn't that many (at least, on Server 1. I can't speak for the other servers because my time is pretty focused on S1 as I'm the last mod standing)

          fight without context
          fight without context
          fight without context
          end of show.

          OR, you can have something finely crafted and put together with spirit and purpose and looks good for ANYONE to read. There's more than one reason to come to TWG, and maybe the fighting system isn't it. Maybe its friends that you've been around for years who take pride in their work and putting on a great show. You're simply bitter that you won't RP and still want all the money. At least my bias isn't completely salt based.
          It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.


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            I think you are over an over constructing a corrupted justification about why fed works like they are working right now.

            Your argument s don't consider the following main points:

            the current managing of the feds without considering two points:
            1. This feds are part of TWG. This implies feds were created to satisfies TWG's devs interest.
            2. TWG's wiki is the official document about feds.

            TWG says:

            "Federations allow general managers to write their own matches and add commentary, images and other things to it, create titles for their members to compete for, create teams that they can pit against each others, and use this mix to put on entertaining shows for everyone on their server to watch."

            A contract is an agreement between you and the general manager of a particular roster to allow the GM to use your wrestler whichever way he wants instead of a payment everytime you appear in his shows."

            According to this TWG players give the rights to the GM to use his character whichever way GM wants. And GMs and VGMs have to write the shows.
            Actually, even in the official TWG forum, there is no room for RPs. If TWG were interested in RPs they would create official forum to do that.

            On the other hand, TWG encourages GMs and VGMs to attract popular wrestlers into their feds, because they want to encourage active TWG players.

            Nowadays, if you want to join a fed to get TWG money, the GMs force you to login in their own forums, which may not be safe. And GMs force you to spend considerable time making images, videos and RPs, intead of playing TWG.
            So, I don't think that forcing TWG players to spend time making RPs instead of playing TWG is the idea of TWG. This is not worthy at all for TWG devs.

            If you want to make some finely crafted as you stated, you have two options:
            1. Make your own role-play feds apart from TWG, because now feds are parasites of TWG.
            2. Become GMs or VGM to hire popular wrestlers and made their storylines. lines. So you can control the storylines of the wrestlers that you hire, and make very good RPs with these characters.

            The second option is on the very same page of TWG wiki (people making shows, and people getting money for giving money and benefits to the feds)