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  • Show archives per fed

    I was wondering if there's going to be a show archive again, where we can sort by promotion. I mean: if I want to look up something from my first show of the year, or even before that, I'll have to scroll past like 15 shows per week. So that's already becoming a lengthy scroll and it's only going to get longer.
    So what I would like to see is a show archive similar to the old one, where you can simply select a roster and get all the shows from it.

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    While it is difficult to view other feds past shows (Likely the meaning of this suggestion). For my own fed shows, I keep all the show links on the forum (in the same post I put the match results in).

    Which I am also very happy that old engine shows are still viewable

    So thanks TWG


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      I don't particularly care for other promotions' old shows. I want to be able to get a full list of my own shows, without having to keep track of them myself.

      It's a simple feature, that already existed before. And even if they can't simply copy-paste it, it should take less than an hour to make something new. And, yes, as a web developer myself, I know this.
      In fact, it's a single query that rolls out all the shows on the "Shows" page right now. Give one variable of the fed you want to look at and it should filter all the results of said fed. When I think about it, it should probably be even less than 5 minutes. So I honestly can't see why there's no such page available yet.


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        Bump. It's going to get impossible to find a certain show on S3 as well (even though there are 3 feds) so this feature would be very welcome.


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          They already know how to do it (since it was there on the old skin), so all they need to do is copy-paste it.
          Maybe a tweak here or there, if there's been a change to the database. But still, it shouldn't be too hard.

          In addition: I'd suggest the list of old shows being below the roster at the fed page.