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  • Triple Threat issues

    I think triple thread reward points system should be different than those of the one-to-one matches. Every time that I have to fight in this match type I lose both points and winning rate.

    The first reason is that you can only select one opponent.
    So if I select a weak opponent (+0), the second opponent can be very strong and win the match making me lose 200 points.

    The second reason is that winning rate in this match type is lower (near to 1/3) than a one-to-one fight (higher than 1/2) . Because even if you are fighting against two weaker players, One of them can take advantage of the other is weak to cover him and win the fight.

    Every time that a triple threat appears in my daily targets list I lose a lot of game before to reach this goal.

    Thus, both triple threat reward points should be estimate in a different way. Maybe we could select opponents 2 level below to increase the winning rate..

    Please fix it!

    Best regards.

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    The intention behind triple threat was never to allow all three users to be chosen. Also, we don't want a way to 'increase the winning rate' because then people would only use this to pad their records. Personally, I find being the weaker person in those match types with a suitable finisher will have the 'big two' fight each other until you can hop in and sneak out a victory.

    I'm not opposed to looking at how the WS is determined from a triple threat/3 way dance match. Personally, I'd prefer it if the winner of the match took points from both losers, but only a pinned/submitted/KO'ed individual lost points. A 3 Way Dance, everyone's points are changing, but a Triple threat (in my opinion) should only suffer a point loss from the winner of the match.

    Now, do I think they plan on changing that? Pretty doubtful.
    It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.


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      Supposedly the new engine will consider choosing the 3rd wrestler. But I would be great if we can get points from two losers.


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        The new engine will allow for GM's for fed shows to choose the three participants. However, the game as normal has no such plans.
        It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.


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          rrrr... It doesn't seem that point V.4 is talking about feds.
          We are happy to present you a lot of updates, which will arrive on the new engine. For a better overview you can also find the full update list here: