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  • Wrestler aging

    I've seen the level 21 champions and they are 60 years old!! This is not realistic at all!!

    Some skills should have to decay over time. And also older players should be more prone to injuries.

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    Depending on the server, wrestler aging is in place. The places it isnt are Server 1, Server 2, and Server 3. The World and the International Servers are all using diminishing powers over a certain age. I would say what age, but honestly I don't really play on those servers, so I don't remember.
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      Only World server (the one without feds) gets a drop on skills because of wrestler's age (exactly 54 there). And that won't change in the near future.


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        Too bad, The secret of a successful MMORPG is give to new players the opportunity to win matches. Frequently in these type of games, you can see very experimented players facing weak newcomers. So, the new guys get bored and quit the game. TWG is very different in this sense, because you only can face wrestler with similar level to yours. Everyone has the chance to get a title, and that is an incentive for all players. Except for the 21st level, where the winners are usually the same very old players.

        Beside the more realistic scenario that this feature would provide. Aging wrestlers could help to change the titles winners in that level too.
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          Winning isn't all that important in TWG though. Especially with SA's, you have to lose matches otherwise your efficiency goes down.

          In fact, the Hall of Fame inductees have a wide range of win rates. Speaking for myself I retired with 59% winrate the 1st time and 37% winrate the 2nd time, but both times I was in the top 25.

          I think the mistake most people make with TWG is using winrate as a gauge of how well they're doing in the game. I see this a lot as a helper in S3. The only times you should really be focused on winning is when you're trying to meet DT's or other special circumstances (eg tournaments and storylines).

          I always prioritize executions first and foremost and see wins as a bonus.
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            Sorry Xenon, I wasn't talking about winning percentage. I was trying to talk about a complete different thing: 21st level 60 old years old eternal champions.

            Implementing Wrestler Aging you complete the winning rotation cycle of this game (which is an important key of this game IMHO). This means that champions at level 21st in some points start decaying and they must retire if they want to be champions at level 21 again.


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              Right, but the game was originally designed (over 8 years ago) without aging being an issue, and to tell people who hadn't dealt with aging before to suck it up and deal with it will leave a lot of the older and truly dedicated people in a painful place. That's why aging on the World server is the way it is. It's a NEW place to do all those things without dealing with the drama of telling people who've been here since '08 that now their characters are 70 months too old and they now only have 1% of their stats.
              It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.


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                That's the big decision that massive online games have to do! Either take care old (dedicated) players or constantly get new players. The most successful games make the second. Especially in TWG where 5 or let's say 25 wrestler can be the campions at level 21. Thousands of new players will get disappointed when they get level 21!! I think thousands are most important than 25 right?
                I hope developers change their mind if they want to build a popular game.


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                  Considering the default server is the World server where Wrestler Aging is default, they already made this decision. I also believe the International Servers have the same aging things too. It's not a hard decision, it's one that's already been made. It's a different game depending on the server, and when a new person shows up in Server 1 (i.e. the oldest and by far most stubborn) I will tell them the reality of the situation. It's a great server for federations, but if you want to be the absolute best in the entire game, you're about 8 years too late.
                  It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.