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  • An idea about early Move Specialization .. not related to Finishers

    I think it would be neat if a person could choose to allocate points to certain moves they already have to make them inflict more damage than standard ... for example if I was a fan of Rick Flair and I wanted my figure four leglock to do as much or more damage than the Ankle Lock I hear is one of the Most Powerful submission moves on the game? What if I wanted to upgrade my closeline to a "Steiner Line" a la Rick Steiner.. I think it would be nice to have some moves that while they are not finishers you could vamp them up and make them do a whole lot more damage than the standard listed amount.. Im not sure if or how much leveling up an move does this... I would like to see it where you don't have all the level one wrestlers having to pick certain moves as powerups just to stay competitive when they may or may not like that move.. what if they could choose instead to power up a move further that they already had? Then each wrestler would have a lot more individuality? Have their been thoughts about this before.. and just how much does leveling up a move increase it's damage? can a level 50 punch do more damage than level 1 samoan drop? Forgive if I am bringing up a topic that has already been addressed somewhere I'm new to the game

  • Xenon LX
    Hello Charles.

    You can already do this by training a move with FE's and Sparring Partner. Or turning a move into a TM so it levels up quicker.

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