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  • heroecl
    started a topic Feds Rules

    Feds Rules

    A boss from the International Server with feds in Spanish is punishing the feds that negotiate with players from other feds. I think this should be allowed, in order to give more realisms to feds.

    On the other hand, the same guy put players from his fed as a Manager of another fed, without moving the player to the new fed. This mean that this player is a wrestler in one fed, and at the same time is the GM of the other fed.

    What do you think abut this? I think this should be illegal, in order to keep the independence of the feds.

    Are there official rules about feds different from the wiki ones?

  • SM HeartBreaker
    Poaching talent signed to another fed is already a fed rule (this fed in question should be closed down in my opinion). We haven't had an update of fed rules for a long time, however, I still follow the rules set in 2010 and have never been changed (they are also the rules that were used on the old skin)

    I can try to find the old rules on poaching and GMs being on other rosters, as I currently only have the "content rules" on my own forum

    As a GM myself, who works with other feds, I disagree with making at last part illegal. Think of small feds in real life, GMs of said feds work elsewhere e.g Jerry Lawler, Ethan Page, Antonio Inoki

    So in fairness, the current system is being realistic enough

    As my thoughts on the poaching, I 100% disagree and think they should be punished. In real life, companies can't poach talent without consequence (mainly law suits and finance)

    So yeah, I think feds are realistic already in that aspect, you just have to think that WWE is not the only Real Life fed in the world

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