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  • A quick tip for hitting your two Win Streak achievements

    If you plan on going for your "Win 10 Matches in a Row X Times" and your "Win Y*10 Matches in a Row" (10, 20, 30, 40, then 50) Achievements in what should hopefully be a single sitting, here's a quick tip for you:
    If you plan on doing your Daily Challenges while you do it, Quick Silver is a guaranteed LOSS, Ultimate Survival is also a guaranteed LOSS if you're not ridiculously overpowered at level 20 and beyond, Punching Bag is a guaranteed DRAW (which means it thankfully WON'T affect your Win Streak), and Storyline (depending on which chapter you play) is either a guaranteed win OR a guaranteed loss.

    So basically, don't do Quick Silver and Ultimate Survival until you've finished, and don't do any Storyline chapters that you know you can't win yet.

    Another bonus tip: if you're going for your Win Streaks, fight opponents with low winrate percentages -- 50% and under, and preferably in the level below yours -- with under 10 ranking points as your win reward. Once you find one or a set of opponents that you can use as your designated jobbers, you should be able to hit your win streaks in the time it takes for your energy to recharge enough for it.

    The "Win 10 Matches in a Row 50 Times" achievement at the end of that line WILL take you a LONG time, but luckily, you can do it in batches of 10, so after every 10th win, you won't need to worry about taking a loss here and there.
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